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Sports Day 2018

Our annual sports day was held on Saturday 30th June and what a fabulous turn out we had! The sun was shining and the children done brilliant.

As you are all aware we hold the day to raise money for our chosen charity which this year is "Befriend a Child" and you have helped us raise a fantasic amount! On the day between ourselves and Wee Rascals Too we raised an impressive £211.25. We also asked for the children to try and get sponsored for taking part and wow you done good!! We have collected in £503 worth of sponsors here alone! So in total we have raised £714.25!!! Your generosity continues to blow me away every time we hold an event so thank you so much once again!

We got such amazing feedback on our evaluation forms for the day, It's lovely to hear you all think the team do such a fab job!†

81% of you said the day was excellent, 13% rated it as Very good and 6% rated it Good. It's always such a fun morning and we are always looking to improve each year so thank you to those that also gave us some suggestions for improvement. Here are just some of the comments we received:†

"The staff kept the races going so the kids didnt lose interest. really well ran"

"It was great for the children to get togther out of nursery. The races were very well chosen for the different age ranges and it was really well organised"

"I like that for such young ones there was no 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. I'm all for healthy compatition but they don't need it this young - so good job!"

"Loved all of it, the races were great especially the parents and staff races"

" The whee barrow races was so funny to watch"

"Make the parents run up the hill, would be much safer and less falls"

" We had a wonderful time, just the right length of time for the event. And not long between racesfor each room"

"Maybe suggest announcing the races from the finish line as well so everyone can hear?"

"Much better for the adult races to be in smaller groups"

We are looking forward to next year already!!

Rachael and the Big Rascals†

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