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Victoria Street Photos

Have a look around Victoria Street.

Note: To stop at a particular photo, simply move the cursor over the image.
  • 1 "Fruit Printing
    Hamish is using fruit to create a colourful picture".
  • 1 Creating Tartan for Robbie Burns Day
    Abigayle created tartan for Robbie Burns Day using lots of different colours.
  • 1 Rest Time for Tara and Ethan
    Snuggled up!
  • 1 Investigation Time
    Sean checks out what materials are magnetic.
  • 1 Building Time
    Allie might become a builder just like her daddy.
  • 1 Let's get arty!
    Issac paints a canvas for Christmas.
  • 1 We baked these lovely cakes
    Kyla decorates cakes for snack
  • 1 Satrosphere Trip
    Ethan was in a bubble at Satrosphere