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                                         Term 4 Newsletter – May 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to all the new families who have joined us this term.

Staff Changes

It is with regret that Deborah Laird has decided to step down from the Manager's position. She will however continue to be part of the senior team.

I, Claire Drennan, Operations Director and Nursery Manager of our Victoria Street Nursery, also in the West End of Aberdeen, will be joining as Manager. I will be present at the nursery on a Monday full day, and a Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays half day. I have worked for Summers for ten years and have many years of nursery managerial experience, being a constant face since Summers started in St Swithin Street, so I know the staff and children well, and have even managed to meet some of the parents also.

James Young, one of the nursery owners will be assisting with the management, and will be based in the office, usually Tuesday afternoon and a Friday morning.

Staff Training

Staff are required to continue with their professional development as part of their agreements with both Summers Nurseries and the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

Erin Barnes, pre-school Room Leader and Assistant Manager is currently studying for a BA in Childhood Practices. She has moved onto studying the area of Children in Society. This looks at children and their families and how they live in various communities.

Other training which staff have taken part in this term includes:

  • Infection Control
  • Behaviour Management 
  • Child Development
  • Star Catchers – Creative skills, music and movement

Trips & Outings

The pre-school room have recently visited the local Zoology museum. The museum is highly interactive, allowing the children to touch a variety of taxidermist animals, eggs, snake skins and much more. We also had fun in the gardens and the children enjoyed looking at the precious animals such as the huge tiger.

A trip is currently being organised for the two's room and a summer trip for the pre-school children. All parental and children's suggestions would be welcomed.

The pre-school children have a Graduation planned for Thursday 6th July at 4pm in the nursery garden (weather depending). A detailed letter will be provided in the near future.

All pre-school children will now have been provided with a "Wee Green Space letter". It is our intention to share the use of a small green area on Carden Place on a weekly basis with Victoria Street. The learning that the Wee Green Space has brought has been invaluable. We learn about keeping ourselves safe, about our local environment, changes to the world around us throughout seasons and much, much more.  The trips will begin by the middle of May once all parents have returned permission slips. Please note your children will get messy so if it's their turn to go, they must be provided with weather appropriate clothing. The trip will go ahead in all weathers.

Angela from Abricabeats has been visiting the children on a Monday and Friday alternatively to allow for most children to have an opportunity in the valuable dance class. Abricabeats has recently been voted top three most popular activity groups in Aberdeen/ Aberdeenshire for "Best Baby and Toddler class". You can vote for Angela at http://smartsurvey.co.uk/s/r2govote

A water fight is being held in the nursery garden for all 3-5 children as part of our summer fun activities. Children should have a towel, a change of clothes and swimwear. This will be on the 23rd of June.


Please continue to check our Facebook page for 'show and tell' dates, daily menus, dates for your diary and much more.

Improvement Plan

The improvement plans of 2016-17 are still ongoing. There are four planned improvements which should be completed by the summer holidays.

Plan 1:

Plan one was to create healthy menus. We have used lots of the parent's suggestions to create menus, and have used national legislation to ensure the children are being provided with nutritional meals, looking at documents which include "Setting the Table".

Improved menus have included more vegetables and less sugar. We are also focused on desserts which include more fruits and less sugar.

Plan 2:

We have focused on our new Interactive Learning Diaries (ILD's). The ILD's allow staff to maintain children's development files to a high standard, ensuring that children are constantly being stimulated and educated according to their own individual needs in accordance with identified next steps.

Parents are encouraged to contribute to their child's ILD to ensure it provides a holistic view of each individual child.

Plan 3:

The development of numeracy is plan 3. This is going well and we have introduced more numeracy throughout the room in a variety of areas. We have encouraged numeracy throughout play by providing measuring and weighing materials in the sand and water play, providing rulers at the drawing table, encouraging rote counting throughout the day, developing simple addition and subtraction skills for the older children through the use of blocks, games etc.

The improvement of numeracy can be seen on children's individual ILD's.

Plan 4:

Plan 4 focuses on developing independence, particularly with the children who are in the pre-school room and in connection with the use of the toilet. Children are encouraged to use the toilet independently and will continue to do so with the required staff supervision.


This year our annual charity will be supporting Barnardo's. Barnardo's is the oldest and largest children's charity in the UK. They offer over 900 services with 8000 staff and at least 15000 volunteers who are aiding thousands of vulnerable children all over the world. To find out more information, please contact https://www.barnardos.org.uk.

Our annual sports day will be held on 3rd June 10:30am – 12:00pm at Westburn Park. The morning is always fun filled with a snack stall, face painting, tattoos and lucky dip. All proceeds are for Barnado's, so come along and have some fun for charity. Sponsor forms will be going out in due course, so please give generously.

Policies of the Term

Our policies of the term this term are;

·         Child Protection

·         Child Exclusion

·         Baby Feeding

These policies are displayed in the front vestibule for parents to read and comment on if required.

Please note all policies have been part of the annual review so any comments will be gratefully received.


We ask that all parents provide weather appropriate clothing for outdoor play. Fresh air is an essential part of growth for all children. Parents should now be providing named sun hats whilst remembering that the weather can change very quickly. Children should also take along appropriate footwear and jackets to ensure outdoor play every day.

The nursery uses children's Nivea sun cream, factor 50, and all parents are asked to agree to the use of sun cream. Any parents who have declined should provide sun cream that they deem appropriate for their child.


The nursery follows the NHS Grampian Guidelines for infectious diseases, so your child will only be allowed to return to nursery after any required exclusion period. Please also inform us of any illness your child has. Information is displayed on the front door advising parents of the actual confirmed (or suspected) illness when present in the nursery. Please be aware that if your child has been prescribed an antibiotic, then we require he/she to stay at home for a minimum of 24 hours after the first dosage. If your child has vomiting/diarrhoea, then he/she can come back to nursery 48 hours after the last episode.

Changes to Personal Details

Please can you make sure that the nursery is made aware of any changes to your personal details so that you are always contactable. Forms are available from the office if you require to change any of the information we hold. Please note all parents should have confirmed and signed off their contact details form as part of our bi-annual check.

Car Parking

We have been asked by some parents to point out that it is inappropriate to park on the corner of the junction, (at the top of the lane and main road). When cars are parked on the corner, parents are having to step onto the road with their child, and are finding it difficult to see properly, and this may cause an accident. Please also remember that no cars should be parked directly opposite any garage/car entry point of houses on the lane.


The outdoor gates in the garden should not be used by parents. We must stress that all parents access and leave the nursery only through the front door. It is also very important that all indoor gates are closed on the stairs for the safety of the children.

Children's Play & Development

As always, we have continued to offer the children a wide variety of activities throughout the term:

All children have taken part in various arts and crafts regarding Easter and many have shown a good understanding of the Easter Story.

The babies have been busy as always this term. We have had lots of different painting techniques to take part in, including painting with the spikey ball, finger painting and even painting with tea bags. These activities exercise different small muscle groups, whilst encouraging the children to explore a variety of materials.
We have enjoyed a few walks around our local community whilst the sun was out, and hopefully as summer approaches, there will be lots more trips to enjoy.
The peg puzzles as always have proved to be highly popular, with the children often working together to complete them. Some of the children are using jigsaw puzzles, and this will be supported and developed by staff.

The children have enjoyed learning about Pancake Day, where they collaged small pretend pancakes.  

We have enjoyed learning a variety of both stories and songs, and the children's language is continuously developing as they join in with these activities, conversing with staff and peers throughout their time at nursery.
The children have really enjoyed the story "What the Ladybird Heard", so we
plan to do a small project with this theme, and will be making a large wall display involving various craft techniques.

We will also continue to use a variety of construction toys such as Duplo to develop problem solving and fine motor skills, as well as teach colour recognition.

There have been lots of celebrations in the two's room this term. We have celebrated Mother's Day, Easter, St Patricks Day and Valentine's Day. We have celebrated many of these events with a variety of arts and craft activities, including making cards with the children, sponge painting, collage.
We have been practicing all our ball skills, with many children now managing to not just throw the ball, but also to catch it, which also develops social and gross motor skills.
As always, we have continued developing colours, shapes and numbers. Children have taken part in activities, which include cutting shapes, as well as number and colour books, and coloured playdough.
Going forwards, we will be continuing with a massive variety of arts and crafts, continuing to improve our cutting skills and take part in lots of outdoor play as the summer months approach.


Pre-school have been very busy learning all about mini beasts. The children have been observing our caterpillars as they transform into butterflies. They have all been very enthusiastic about our topic, and have particularly enjoyed mini beast hunts in the garden.

Everyone really enjoyed our previous topic about " People who help us", particularly the doctors/ nurse's topic where we had our house corner transformed into a doctors surgery. We had lots of books and researched lots of information on the computer.

We are currently introducing a new calendar time in pre-school where we will be learning the days of the weeks etc. and some of the children are already very interested in time, so we will continue to support the children's interests by introducing more clocks into everyday play.

We will be going onto a mini topic about "Getting ready for school" and inviting the school teachers into the nursery for a visit.

Kind regards

Claire Drennan

Nursery Manager

Tel - 01224 209966



Dates for your Diary

Graduation Photographs – Wednesday 31st May

Sports Day – Saturday 3rd June at Westburn Park

Water Fight – Friday 23rd June

Graduation Ceremony – 6th July at 4pm St Swithin Street

Parents Evening – Letter to follow with confirmation date  

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