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Little Bunnies Term 4 Newsletter


Dear Parents/Carers,

News time again! We hope that those of you who were lucky enough to get away this Easter break had a lovely time – we hope the Easter bunny was good to you all J


Staffing within the Little Bunnies is as follows:

Suzanne (Room Leader and Assistant Manager – day off is a Thursday)

Susan (Nursery Nurse – day off is a Tuesday)

Emma (Nursery Nurse – works a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)

Joanne (Nursery Nurse – has a Friday afternoon off)

Sarah (Nursery Assistant – day off is a Monday)

We have a photo displayed on the door of the ladies in the Little Bunnies room to help put a face to the names for all new parents J

Since our last newsletter we have been very busy covering several topics:-

Christmas Holiday theme:

We chose to do this topic as all the children came back into nursery with new interests and were keen to tell us about all their new toys they received.

We learnt that several of the girls received new dolls, prams and role play toys, so we focused on having the dolls, buggy, bath etc out which was a great hit with all the children, even the boys JThey loved to take turns, pretending to wash, dress and feed them, showing great social skills and a caring nature (Rights of the child 5 – To be treated as individuals and have their individual needs/preferences met)

Because the boys and girls were pretending to wash the babies, we took out the water tray so they could do this for real, adding bubble bath and cloths. Some of the children took the cups from the house corner in and used them for washing the heads, copying what they do at home. J(Responsive care 7 – To feel connected to their home environment and wider community)

We had the dressing up clothes out all week, and for those who chose to dress up it helped show independence when doing so themselves.  Several of the children liked the thought of dressing up, although some of them liked to just go around with them on their heads like hats (Responsive care 3 – To become independent and  practice new skills)

We also took out the small world cars and diggers, which again was a success with all of the children. There were lots of zooming noises around the room, so we decided to clear the room and take in all the ride on cars and coupe cars from the shed outside - this was very exciting! J(Responsive care 4 – To explore, experiment and try out new things both indoors and out)

We also did the 'Sticky kids' dance cd, learning to follow instructions and build the children's confidence as a group.  This was a new experience for some of our children who had just started with us. (Responsive care 3 - To become independent and practice new skills)

The musical instruments were out as a group activity. Most of the children were confident working as part of a team and were able to understand simple instructions i.e. play softly, play loudly. (Respect 3 – To have the opportunities to participate and enjoy a range of experiences)

We used the soft shapes to build towers, and the best part was knocking them down again though.

In the messy tray there was slime, cotton wool and water. There was also play dough with some sparkly glitter through it, along with all the cutters.

There were various craft activities going on daily, using a wide variety of resources such as

 paint, glitter, and stick & glue materials.  We used spray bottle painting to make a firework

effect. Some of the older children managed well, but most needed support to pull the trigger.


The boys and girls showed a great interest in the role play kitchen area, so we decided to swap our kitchen over with the Cheeky Monkeys so the area was slightly different for them. They loved this, enjoying the wider variety of foods. There was even a cash register and super market trolley. (Respect 3 – To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a wide range of experiences)

The children also enjoyed fruit and vegetable insert puzzles so these were out a lot to increase their fine motor skills. (Rights of the child 4 – To be nurtured by loving adults who promote their learning and development)

The children all had a chance to make their own fruit smoothie, adding various healthy fruits in to the bowl provided. The ladies then blended it up and served it in cups for them all to try - this activity went well (Responsive care 4 – To explore, experiment and try new things indoors and out)

We made hard boiled eggs for them all, and the children managed to decorate them, choosing between a choice of pens, and stick & glue materials.  They all did very well and managed to hold the egg with one hand and decorate it with the other (Respect 3 – To have the opportunities to participate and enjoy a range of activities)

People who help us:

For 'People who help us', we did a lot of art and craft.  We made ambulance drawings with the crayons and also stick @ glue police cars. We also painted fire engines, and each child enjoyed expressing themselves throughout.  We made a big car track painting where we had a roll of paper along the floor and let the children run the fire engine trucks through paint and up and down the length of the paper. This was a very fun and messy activity for the children to do!

We did a stick and gluing toothbrush activity, and we discussed where our teeth were and counted them. (Respect 3 – To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences)

For baking, the children decorated digestive biscuits in yellow icing sugar to resemble a lolly pop lady stick.

We also took the ride on cars inside again and had a few races with them - this was lots of fun.

In the messy tray the children washed all the fire engines in soapy water, also adding in cars from the small world box.

In the sea:

With the children having lots of fun in the water tray we decided to do an 'In the Sea' topic.

We got a lot of parents' ideas for this one – Thank you!

For music and movement we used a bed sheet as the sea, and the children held it like a parachute and waved it up and down as they pretended to wiggle like fish underneath, swapping roles around. (Respect 3 – To  have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a new range of activities) As this proved to be fun and exciting, we then took the parachute out another day which always gets the kids giggling. (Responsive care 5 – To develop an awareness of what they know and can do through play)

Some of the ladies had been at the beach at the weekend and they brought in some shells, so we played with them in the sand tray and the water tray. The children were interested in listening to the big sea shell to hear the sea.

We had the sea creature puzzles out, helping the children learn about concentration and problem solving. (Rights of the child 5 – To be treated as individuals and have their individual needs/preferences met)

We got the 'Finding Nemo' cd story book from the Busy Bees. The children sat very well for the majority of the story, even although it was quite long. They found it interesting hearing the story through the cd player and seeing the pictures in the book.

We turned our house corner into a 'cave' and hung sheets up and across to make a little hideaway. Inside we had the sea horse rocking horse and various sea creatures.

We did 'Sticky kids' which went with the music and movement theme. All the children enjoyed this. (Responsive care 3 – To become independent and practice new skills)

We are just finishing off our 'Spring' topic.

Please remember planning is displayed in the hall for you to look at to see what your child will be doing for the week ahead, and also what we hope to achieve. If you have any questions please just ask! There is also a parent's mind map for you to add any ideas you may have for the week's topic! All ideas are greatly appreciated and very welcome.


Can I ask that all children have indoor and outdoor shoes - slippers/soft shoes are perfect for indoor shoes.

Just a quick reminder that breakfast club is from 7.30am until 8.15am. Children must be in nursery by 8:15am at the latest to have breakfast. Snack is provided at 9:30am if you cannot make it on time for Breakfast club. We supply the breakfast for children over 12 months of age, so you do not need to bring any food into nursery.

We have new individual pockets situated outside our Little Bunnies Room door. Every child has their own pocket and it is the responsibility of the parents to check and empty these each day/week.

Thank You

Suzanne Stephen (Assistant Manager and  Room Leader)        

Susan Gerrie (Nursery Nurse – CCLD Level 3)

Emma Davidson (Nursery Nurse – HNC Level 3)                                         

Joanne Noble (Nursery Nurse – CCLD Level 3)

Sarah Lawson (Nursery Assistant)