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Cheeky Monkeys Term 4 News

Term 4 April Newsletter 2014

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you enjoyed your Easter break. Lots of chocolate was involved, and for those of you who went away, we hope you had a nice time! J


Since our last newsletter we have been learning a lot of new things throughout our various topics-

My Body:

This was a busy topic and all the children enjoyed getting creative through art activities. One of the children suggested we "body painted" so we did hand and feet painting which was very messy but really fun. The children chose which colour they wanted to make their hands and feet. (Respect 4-To have their individual needs, feeling and preferences acknowledged and respected.) We have also been developing our fine motor skills as we were drawing around our hands which was quite difficult, but the children had good determination and were super proud of themselves when they completed their hand drawings! (Relationships 3-To develop a positive sense of self and feel good about themselves.)

We also had out the scissors to practice our cutting skills again. Several of the children achieved this goal! They were able to cut out eyes, ears, a mouth and a nose to create a glue & stick face picture. The children really enjoyed doing this activity. You will see all their hard work on our wall display in the room. (Rights of the child 2-To have the opportunity to be actively involved in decision making)

We also practiced some more counting to develop our numeracy skills further, counting our fingers. The children really enjoyed doing this, but they got a bit confused continuing to count onto the other hand! We will continue to practice this with the children through using blocks etc. (Responsive Care 3-To become independent and practice new skills)

Throughout the day the children are washing their hands at the toilet, and also before snack and lunch. We have been practicing doing this properly by putting the water on our hands first, then the soap and rubbing our hands together not forgetting the back of our hands! The children then rinse all the soap off. They all understand that we must wash our hands to get rid of the germs! (Rights of the child 4- To thrive and be nurtured by loving adults who promote their learning and development.)

The children were developing their colour recognition when we were learning our eye colour. This was good fun finding out what colour everyone's eyes were, and some children even managed to recognise their hair colour! J(Responsive Care 3- To become independent and practice new skills.)

My Senses:

The children really enjoyed learning about our senses. We asked the children "what do we use our eyes for?" etc and the children liked answering the questions and were very proud of themselves when they got it right! Throughout the topic the children built on their confidence answering these questions and speaking in front of their friends. (Rights of the child 7-To feel respected, valued and begin to know their place in the world.)

During craft activities we made a 'feely' box and we put different resources in that had a funny texture - such as a sponge, a ball, some tissue paper, a rubber and much more! The children showed a lot of excitement during this activity. They were building their multi-tasking skills while trying to cover their eyes and put their hand into the box to pick out an object, trying to guess what it was by touch only. They were all very good at taking turns with their friends throughout the activity. (Responsive Care 4-To explore experiment and try out new things indoors and out.)

We made pizzas with the children, and they all said they were really yummy when they had them for their tea. The children got to put cheese and ham on their pizzas several of the children liked to put on lots of cheese! J

During music time for our sense of 'hearing', we put on our animal sounds CD and had little boards with counters. When the children heard an animal they would look on their board and if the animal was there they would put on one of the counters. It was good fun and the children really enjoyed identifying the animals. They also did really well working together in a group taking turns with the counters!

We had a tasting session which was very good. The children were very confident in trying new foods. We had lemon, orange, marshmallow, peach and tomato! The lemon was the least favourite and some funny faces were pulled, however there were a couple of children who really enjoyed the lemon! Marshmallow was definitely the favourite overall! J

Out in the garden we had a checklist of an aeroplane, helicopter, birds and a cloud, and the children had to tick when we saw one in the sky. The children really enjoyed this activity, working well with each other to look and hear for these objects!

In the messy tray we had different messy resources each day to use our sense of smell. We had out beans, shaving foam, water and bubble bath. The favourite one was definitely the cloud dough we used with strawberry conditioner!


The children really enjoyed learning about shapes, learning new skills and developing their recognision skills. We have Velcro shapes up for the children to identify each one with either a member of staff or with their friends. The children even brought their colour recognition into it at the same time which was good fun, identifying the yellow star etc (Rights of the Child 4-To thrive and be nurtured by loving adults who promote their learning and development)

We had the large floor puzzles out during different group times to develop our fine motor skills and working together in a group. Several of the children managed this really well, completing these with no adult help! (Rights of the Child 2-To have the opportunities to be actively involved in decision making.)

On the mat we had out the thread, beads and cotton reels, where the children developed their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Everyone liked creating necklaces for each other, putting on beads and cotton reels with support and some managed this unaided! The children were also learning their colours through this by telling their friends which colour of necklace they had made. J(Respect 4- To have their individual needs, feeling and preferences acknowledged and respected.)

We also potato printed different shapes, and this was really fun and something different to try out. The children used their shape recognition throughout and enjoyed looking at the prints they had made.


This has been a very interesting topic and the children have loved learning about astronauts, planets and rockets. They were very excited and proud to tell you about space! We had group discussions throughout each day about the planets, a rocket, an astronaut, and the moon and the sun. The children really enjoyed learning the names of the planets and they learnt that a person who goes in space is called an astronaut! On the puzzle table we had out pictures of all the planets, the rocket, moon, sun, and an astronaut. The children were able to identify these very well, managing to give us a bit of information about them, which showed great knowledge and understanding of the topic. (Relationships 5- To grow in confidence and be supported to work through new experiences, challenges and conflict.) We had a big floor puzzle out that the children enjoyed doing as a group, learning to work together to solve problems when trying to find the correct piece. (Rights of the Child 2-To have the opportunities to be actively involved in decision making.)

Thank you to the parents who brought in recycled goods to do our construction modelling of a space rocket. The children really enjoyed getting creative and choosing what to use. They enjoyed gluing the rocket together and then decorating it with feathers and tissue paper to make it all colourful. (Respect 3- To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences.)

We were also busy at the drawing table with the pencils - drawing rockets, and the children were super proud showing us their finished products. A few of the children drew astronauts beside the space rocket too - good fine motor skills using the pencils throughout!

We are now away to move onto 'In the garden' as our next topic, where the children will be planting different plants and they will learn to look after the plants by watering them on a daily basis if needed. We will be taking photos of things in the garden and then drawing pictures of them! JSince the weather is getting nicer, if you are doing any gardening at home, we would love to see some photos to share with everyone at group discussions!

After this, we will then go onto the topic 'Minibeasts'. If you have any ideas, then please feel free to put them onto our planning sheet next to the signing in and out sheet. We would really like to involve the parents in our planning!!


Can you please remember to check your child's coloured pocket which is situated just outside the room. Each child has their own one.

It is important that you remember to provide indoor shoes/slippers for your child.

Please also remember to sign your child both in and out from nursery. J

Can you make sure you read all notices on boards and any important information written in your child's book eg more nappies required as parenting time can be very busy on certain days!

Thank you. J

Gemma Gove (Room Leader)

Kayleigh Clark (Nursery Nurse)

Becca Smith (Nursery Nurse)

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