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Busy Bees Term 4 News

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back! We hope you all had a great Easter break and got lots of chocolate eggs from the Easter bunny. J

Here is what the Busy Bees have been doing in Term 4:

Chinese New Year:

The children were learning and celebrating Chinese New year. We watched a small DVD on the Cbeebies website about how people celebrate it, and we also investigated the different types of food which they eat. The children took part in a food tasting session where they tried duck spring rolls, plain noodles and prawn crackers. Some of the children enjoyed the duck spring rolls, especially those who had eaten them before. The noodles and the prawn crackers were enjoyed by most of the children, with some of them saying that the noodles looked like worms.

The children showed great cutting skills when making their own lanterns, showing excitement when they were placed on the roof in our room.

All of the children enjoyed learning about the Chinese zodiac animals for the different years. They learned which animal they had for the year they were born. Thanks to Shameera who brought in her Chinese clothes and tried them on to show her friends. The children also had lots of fun trying to use chop sticks.

As the children had been learning about the different zodiac animals, the Busy Bees helped make a huge dragon to take part in a dragon dance. They helped make the dragon head and painted a bed sheet for the body. We all had a turn at being part of the dragon and Lisa offered to be the dragons head. We had lots of fun going around the nursery showing the Cheeky Monkeys and Little Bunnies our dragon.

Doctors and Hospitals:

The children had fun learning about doctors and the roles they play within the hospital. They gave us lots of good ideas on what they would like to learn, for example they wanted to learn about the different types of clothes they wear and the different roles doctors do.

The children learnt about some of the organs that are in our body. They found out how our lungs work by watching Lisa blow a balloon into a jar, explaining that when we are breathing this is what our lungs do. The children looked at a picture of a heart and Becca explained how the Atriums and the Ventricles are similar to four rooms in a house. Amy was very kind, offering to show the children how a doctor listens to our heart beat.

The children looked at a picture of a brain. Lisa then explained how different parts of our brain help us. The children then shared their opinions on how they think the brain helps us and they gave lots of great suggestions. They went onto cut out small pictures of the heart, lungs and brain which they then placed in the correct order onto a picture of a person. Most of the children were very good at placing them in the correct order.

As a group activity, the children took part in a role play activity where they played being in a hospital. We had roles for the injured person, the paramedic and we also had an emergency phone operator.

The children made a skeleton picture using cotton buds. They also took part in a cutting activity where they cut up each bone of a skeleton and then stuck it in the correct place. The Busy Bees were good at naming the correct bones. As we were learning about the correct names of the bones, the children learnt the bone song and showed a lot of excitement pointing to the correct bones.

The children showed a lot of interest with Becca's baby in her tummy. Becca was very kind and brought in her baby scan pictures to show the children. The children became midwifes for the day. They helped measure and weigh a baby. The pre-school children also practised their writing skills by writing the numbers down, and the ante pre-school children were able to recognise some of the numbers on the measuring tape and scales.

The children had a group discussion about the different types of food that can keep us healthy. They had lots of fun making their favourite healthy food onto a plate using tissue paper.

The staff and children would like to say a big thank you to Iona's mum Julie who came in to discuss her role as a doctor. She also brought in some of her equipment which she uses, explaining to the children how to use them and how they work, allowing the children to have a turn of them. We think the favourite part was when the children tried to find their reflexes on their knees.


The boys were very excited about our topic about transport, with the girls also getting excited when they started talking about fire engines and police cars. J

We turned our role play corner into a fire station and a fire engine. The children helped paint cardboard to make a fire engine and they also made paper mache helmets. It was lots of fun getting sticky with the paper mache!

As we were talking about fire fighters, the children were asked if they knew the number they should phone if there was an emergency. A few of the children knew which number to phone. To help all the children remember the numbers, they practised writing 999 and 112. Following the dots, the children could match up the numbers.

We looked at the first car model - the Ford T. We all tried looking for similarities and differences, comparing the first car with our parents' car. We also looked at the I pad for information about how cars work and what makes them move. The children had great fun using the toy cars to make tyre tracks with paint.

The Busy Bees tried their hand at being chefs. They made their own pizza, choosing their favourite toppings such as ham and sweetcorn. We also made sails and put them on to our pizzas to make them into boats.

The children enjoyed learning about the different types of helicopters. They painted pictures of their favourite helicopter which they had learnt about.

When learning about buses, the children were interested in the size of a bus. So, using the computer we found out in meters how long a bus is. We then used our own meter stick and measured the size of a bus in the Busy Bee room. The children were excited because the meter stick went out of their room and into the Cheeky Monkey room. The children learnt about road safety and were very aware of how to stay safe beside the road.

During April, some of the children also visited Alford transport museum. They enjoyed an egg and Easter chick hunt while there. The children also had to find items on a list given to them and tick them off once they were found. A journey on the train was the highlight of the trip.

Different Buildings and Houses:

The children enjoyed exploring a picture of a house with the different rooms. They were asked if they knew what each room was used for and what was kept in it. The children were very confident, knowing what is kept in the kitchen, living room and the bedrooms. They were a bit unsure about what was kept in the loft.

We asked the children to draw a picture of their house. As they were drawing their pictures, they described their houses, explaining which room was which, and most importantly which one was their bedroom. When talking about the children's houses, they discussed with each other what toys they had in their room and what type of bed they had. Using the Argos book, the children looked through it and picked out different types of furniture they would have in their house. They picked lots of toys for their house!

The children enjoyed helping to make a dolls house using cardboard and paint. They had lots of fun playing with the Barbies in the house.

We all read the story of 'The three little Pigs' and afterwards we split the children into three groups. The first group was asked if they could make a house out of wooden blocks and the second group was asked to make a house out of connecting plastic blocks, with the third group making their house out of yoghurt pots. The children worked really well together making their houses. Lisa then turned into the big bad wolf to see which house could stay up after she tried to blow it down. Only the plastic block house stayed up it was lower than the other two and also each piece connected together giving it extra strength.

The children had lots of fun making block painting pictures. They used wooden blocks to paint with, choosing which block they would like to use. We had lots of different shapes to stick onto our house corner.

The Busy Bees looked at the different types of diggers that help make a house. Using pictures from the internet, the children chose a picture and then used silk crayons to draw digger pictures. They were able to draw the shape of the wheels which were very clear to see. Also, at the mark making table, the children used digger stencils to draw pictures which they really enjoyed. Using pens, the children created diggers which were very bright and colourful.

Mini beasts:

When out in the garden, the children showed a lot of interest looking for different mini beasts, so we decided to learn a lot more about them. We discussed what the children would like to learn about, and received several great ideas.

The children were very interested learning about different types of spiders. We watched a small clip on the internet about spiders, where they live and what they eat. The children found out that the biggest spider you can get is the size of a dinner plate, which fascinated them. They then went on to make their own spider pictures using tissue paper. They were still talking about the big spider, so Lisa borrowed the lunch plates so that the children could make their spider pictures to size. They were very excited with their pictures and were trying to scare Lisa with them - Lisa was terrified of them. J

At the mark making table there were pictures placed out where the children could stick the mini beasts together. The pre-schoolers showed a great deal of confidence doing this, as they had to cut out the mini beast and their legs. They were careful placing the legs in the correct place. The younger children enjoyed colouring in different mini beast pictures and then tried to cut out their mini beast face pictures.

The Busy Bees collected lots of materials such as rocks, grass, leaves, soil and bark for our sand tray. We discussed that mini beasts could hide under all this stuff and that they could also live there. We placed some pretend mini beasts into the tray for the children to play with. They learnt about butterflies and how their wings are symmetrical. The children then tried making their own symmetrical picture. They painted one side of the paper with a butterfly pattern, and then they were asked to fold the paper in half. The children were very excited and could recognise that the pattern was symmetrical.

As we were talking about butterflies, we looked at the life story cycle of a butterfly. We read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' book. The children coloured in a picture of the life cycle and were able to point to the correct order that the cycle goes in. The Pre - school children were able to cut out their pictures and stick each stage onto another piece of paper in the correct order.

We had a visit from Zoo Lab. Several animals were brought in which included a rat, snake, toad, cockroach, spider, a giant African land snail and a hermit crab. The children had lots of fun looking at the different animals and some of the children were brave enough to touch them. The children were asked which one was their favourite, however most were unable to choose as they liked all the beasties.

General News:-

Can we please ask that all children have a spare change of clothes with them each day at nursery.

Thank you to those of you who have been using our weekend board. It's nice to see what the children have been up to. If you are not aware of this board, it is situated above the children's peg area and free for you to write down what your child has achieved or generally done over the weekend.

We would like to mention that within our room we have started a new reward chart. The children each have a pocket and inside it there is a sun, a rainbow and a cloud. The sun is for when the child have been good, a rainbow is for if the children has been extra good and the cloud is when the child has not been so good. When on a cloud the child has every chance to work their way back up to a sun. If a child gets 5 rainbows then the child will be rewarded with a treat from our treasure box. If you are unsure about our reward chart please feel free to ask a member of the staff.

We would also like to ask if you could check your child pockets at the side of our door and their boxes for any craft. Thank You.

Kind Regards

Ivita Jermusa (Room Leader)

Lisa Montgomery (Assistant Room Leader)

Christina Henderson (Nursery Nurse)

Claire Rizza (Nursery Assistant)

Ainslie Gill (Nursery Assistant)