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Show & Tell Dates


Show and Tell dates:

Monday 4th September - A picture from your summer

Tuesday 12th September - Something related to Autumn 

Wednesday 20th September - A magnet

Thursday 28th September - Your favourite mode of transport 

Friday 6th October - Draw your favourite shape

Monday 9th October  - Something with your favourite colour on

Tuesday 17th October - Favourite sports item

Wednesday 25th October - Something related to Halloween

Thursday 2nd November - A picture of a firework

Friday 10th November - Your favourite DVD 

Monday 13th November - Your favourite fruit 

Tuesday 21st November - Free choice

Wednesday 29th November - Something you would wear in winter

Thursday 7th December - Your favourite Christmas story

Friday 15th December - Your Christmas list

Monday 18th December - Your favourite Christmas song

Please note that there is a poster on our "Information Board" informing you of the Date and Topic of the next Show and Tell.  If you would like to recieve the Dates and Topic's via email we would be more than happy to accomodate that for you.  Just ask a member of staff in the Pre school room and they will organise that for you.

Thank you from 

The Preschool Team

Erin, Angie and Natalie

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