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Feedback from Parents Evening

Parents Evening

Thank you to all the parents who kindly completed our evaluation forms for parents evening.

I am pleased to report that 40% of the parents believed the evening was excellent, 40% said very good and 20% rated it as good.

Having read the evaluations I am able to develop the evening for next year using some valuable comments.

• Reports will be given a week in advance to allow parents to digest the information before meeting with the key worker, allowing time to consider any questions you may have.

• Parents have requested larger seats for the occasion. We will ensure this is on offer next year by hiring enough adult size chairs to accomodate everyone. 

• There was also a request for longer appointments. Again we could try and make this possible, however we do have a great deal of parents to see in one evening making it slightly tricky to extend the time. We will however ensure that we have a break in the middle of the evening to do any catching up that is required. 

The highlights of the evaluations were:

• Parents appreciated one to one meetings with key workers to exclusively discuss their child’s progress and interests at nursery

• It was also highlighted that parents enjoyed the opportunity to talk to other parents.

• Many carers enjoyed looking around the room at their children’s art work and at the activities available on a daily basis. Parents evening is a positive experience for the staff involved as it allows us dedicated time on a one to one basis with families.

Thank you to everyone who attended