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General Term 2 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers

I would like to start by welcoming any new families who have recently joined us here at Summers Nursery. We hope you and your child enjoy your time with us.

As the Winter weather has well and truly arrived, can you please ensure your child comes to nursery with the appropriate clothing and footwear. Wetsuits etc can be left at the nursery if you would like.

Staff News

Unfortunately, Ali Dalgarno and Alison Henderson are leaving us. Ali's last day will be Friday the 23rd December. We wish Ali the best of luck in her new role at an after school club.

Alison Henderson is leaving us on Thursday the 2nd March 2017. Alison is retiring and will have a lot more time to herself to enjoy her many hobbies and to spend time with her family and grand-children. Both ladies are long standing members of staff and will be missed very much.

Staff Training

Ashleigh Thompson, Samantha Gilchrist and Chloe Taylor are continuing to work towards their level 3, and Chloe Grant is working towards her level 2 training.

Mel, Nikki and Lauren attended "Grow well choices" training this term. Lilian attended a "Risk Assessment" course, and Margaret, Chloe G, Ashleigh, Alison M. and Lilian are all awaiting "Play at home" training that takes place later on in the month.

Stay & Play 2016

A big thank you to everyone who completed and returned the 'stay and play' evaluations. The girls and myself are absolutely delighted with the results. Out of the 20 evaluations returned, 12 of you rated the 'stay and play' as Excellent, whilst the remaining 8 evaluations were rated Very Good. We have taken the time to read all the lovely comments and they are very much appreciated. Some of the comments were as follows:

  • "I really enjoyed the song time and seeing how my child's confidence has grown in getting involved in group activities."
  • "I enjoyed seeing my child play the bug in the rug game, which he loved"
  • "Seeing my child's wee face. He was so excited and enthusiastic to have his Mummy playing with him"
  • "Love seeing all the activities the kids do and getting to join."
  • "Once again another opportunity to see how much effort goes into making our child feel special."

We use the information from the results of these evaluations to continuously ensure the nursery develops. We have not had to create any development points as none of you felt there were any changes to make. It was requested it was more frequent, unfortunately this would be quite difficult as there is so much planning goes into all the other events we have at nursery throughout the year.

We are grateful for your level of response from all evaluations. We will continue to take into account the thoughts and feelings of the parents and carers to ensure our nursery provides a high quality of care and education for all of our children.

Trips & Parties

The 2-5 Christmas party will be on Saturday the 3rd December between 9.45am and 12.00pm. Garry Seagreaves the magician and a special guest will be making an appearance.

The 0-2 children's party will be on Tuesday the 6th December.

The Pre-school children's Term 2 trip will be at His Majesty's Theatre for the children who are attending school in August 2017 on Friday the 16th December.

All ante pre-school children and the 2-3 children who attend nursery on Tuesday the 13th December will be heading to B.A Stores to visit Santa in his grotto.

The 3-5 children's Nativity will take place at St Andrews Church on Friday the 23rd December at 3.30pm.

Letters have been issued with more information on all trips and parties.

Angela from Abricabeats visits the 3-5 children on a Thursday afternoon throughout Term 2. And the library bus continues to visit every second Monday.

Improvement Plans

We have created a new Improvement plan - Developing pedagogy and practice. This is

displayed within the hallway for all parents/carers to see.


Since learning about 'Mini-beasts', the 0-2 children moved onto 'Autumn and Harvesting.' The children learnt about the weather, various animals that hibernate and loved playing with the combines and farm set. The children have very recently moved onto a 'Christmas' topic and have lots of activities planned, so please look out for these on the Learning wall.

The 2-3 children have been busy learning about 'Autumn' and after discussing the change of colours of the leaves, moved onto a 'Colour' topic. We used various resources of different shapes to identify colours and tie in shape recognition. The children are now getting into the festive spirit and learning about 'Christmas.'

The 3-5 children thoroughly enjoyed the 'All about me' topic. During this term the girls responded to the children's interests in Halloween and Bonfire night and took part in various art activities. They moved onto 'My body' which came from their 'All about me' topic, where there were various discussions on how the body works.

You will all have received a slip about our "Wee Green Space." Wee Green Spaces is a project to enhance the children's experiences and learning through off-site outdoor play. At Summers we have found our own "Wee Green Space" for the 3-5 room to use nearby the nursery. This space has been risk assessed by staff and children will also risk assess the area. We aim to take 6 children once a fortnight during am and pm sessions to explore and play within our "Wee Green Space." is may mean the children will get muddy and wet so we would appreciate if your child is appropriately dressed on their day to go. The nursery does have waterproof trousers we can provide. When at the space we will take a snack and some hot chocolate, we will also ensure the children have running water and soap and access to a toilet. Each parent/carer will receive notice when their child will be going to our space. Any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

The staff continue to take into account the children's ideas and interests, and in response to this, plan topics around them!

Policies of the Term for Term 2

Our Policies of the Term which we discuss at our staff meetings are as follows:-

- 14. Infection Control

- 29. Admissions

- 30. Child enrolment

You are welcome to read our policies. These are located in the Policy folder in the front hallway.

Thank you

Nicola McKinlay

Inverurie Manager



Dates for your Diary

Saturday 3rd December 2-5 Christmas Party

Tuesday 6th December 0-2 Christmas Party

Tuesday 13th December 2-3 in that day and Ante pre-school visit B.A Stores

Wednesday 14th December Christmas Lunch

Friday 16th December Pre-school children to HMT

Friday 23rd December at 6.00pm Nursey closed for 2 weeks for Christmas holidays

re-opens at 7.30am on Monday the 9th of January 2016

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