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General Term 2 Newsletter

Summers Nursery - November 2019

Term 2 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers

As always, we have had lots of new families this term. It has been a real pleasure getting to know you all so far. We are looking forward to continued happy relationships throughout your time at Summers.

Staff News

As you are all now aware, it is with heavy heart that I have decided to leave Summers and take a position with Aberdeenshire Council at a nursery in Westhill.

My decision has not been made lightly, but the travelling between my home in Inverbervie and Inverurie has proved to be unsustainable in the long term, and looking forwards, Kevin and I have decided that our son, Mitchell, will be attending nursery and primary school in Inverbervie.

My last day at Summers will be Thursday 5th December 2019. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years and for all your kind words. It really has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you all and taking care of your precious wee ones.

Suzanne Stephen, currently Assistant Manager and 0-2 Year Room Leader at Wee Rascals, will assume the Nursery Manager's role, effective 2nd December 2019. Suzanne was in post when Summers Nursery acquired Wee Rascals in 2009, and has been a tremendous support to Rachael, covering the Manager's role when Rachael was on maternity leave. We are all extremely confident that Suzanne will be an excellent Nursery Manager here at Inverurie.

Staff Training

Caroline, Gemma, Sarah and Amanda continue to work towards their SVQ Level 3, whilst Adele has now started hers. I continue to work towards my BA in Childhood Practices at Aberdeen University.

Over the next term, staff are booked onto various courses, including Part 2 of Planning, monitoring and tracking, and Child Protection.

At our recent staff meeting we took part in some in house training in relation to Schemas and the Health and Social Care Standards. We have also implemented a risk assessment which specifically focuses on choking and have covered this at our staff meeting, alongside watching a You tube St Johns ambulance Service tutorial. This risk assessment has been created using the National Day Nursery Association guidelines. Risk Assessments are discussed during our full 3 monthly staff meetings. All our staff undergo a full day training course in Paediatric first Aid, which is also repeated every 3 years.

All staff are committed to furthering their knowledge and skills and attend courses out with their working hours to develop their Continual Professional Development.

Charity of the Year 2019

For 2019, we are continuing with our support for the 'Friends of the Special Nursery', a charity of Aberdeen maternity Hospital's Neo-Natal unit for sick and premature babies in the Grampian region, as well as the islands of Shetland and Orkney. www.specialnursery.org

Thank you for your continued generosity during the charity events so far this year. Since our last newsletter we held a Halloween Disco for the 3-5 room and made a fantastic 150.00!

Trips & Visits

The pre-school room will continue to experience weekly visits from Angela from Abricabeats on a Thursday afternoon during Term 2. The children have also been enjoying their weekly visits to the Green next to Strathburn School, as well as their monthly visits to Pleyfauld House.

The 3-5 children thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Tick Tock, a soft play centre in Alford in October! As always, the children behaved extremely well and had a fantastic morning burning off lots of energy!

The 0-2 children continue to enjoy their daily walks, exploring the local community and with the nicer weather coming, they will have the opportunity to enjoy picnic snacks in the local park.

The 2-3 children in on Wednesday the 11th of December will visit Hoodles in Olmeldrum, and the ante pre-school children who attend nursery on Thursday the 5th of December will visit Santa's Grotto at Tick Tock. They will also be participating in some Christmas craft activities.

The pre-school children are off to see an exciting performance of Cinderella at the pantomime in Aberdeen on Tuesday the 10th of December. Please see dates for the diary for details of upcoming trips and events. Permission slips will come out in due course, if not already.

Improvement Plans

We have created two new Improvement plans for 2019/2020. We are also going to continue to work towards an already created plan which was to develop observation writing skills. Our new Improvements plans are to

  • Develop staff knowledge and continue to attend training courses provided and read up on new documentation.

  • Develop the Garden, using loose parts and natural materials to provide lots of heuristic and open-ended play opportunities.

Policies of the term

Our policies of the term this term are; 13, 39 & 40

  • 13 Fire Prevention & Control
  • 39 - Complaints
  • 40- Quality Assurance

Policies are displayed in the hallway for parents to view.

Learning Experiences

There have been some Calendar dominated activities this term, including learning about Remembrance Day, Halloween and Guy Fawkes.

0-2 room

Children participated in an On the Farm topic. They developed their language skills throughout, learning the names, as well as the different sounds that the animals make, singing lots of farm animal songs.

The children used their fine motor skills when gluing and sticking paper plate sheep with cotton wool, feeling the fluffy textures of the wool to develop their senses. One of the children took a big interest in combines and tractors, and we followed this up by decorating combine pictures using coloured sand. We also provided the children with the combines and tractors to play with and explore in imaginative play.

A new activity the children loved exploring was squeezing and pushing paint around the inside of a zip lock sealed bag. We put brown paint inside and drew on a picture of a pig to recreate a pig "rolling" around in the mud as the children squeezed.

Children participated in a role play horse riding activity. Gemma, who has a horse named Coco took in her saddle, hat and horseshoes. We placed the saddle on the Wesco balance beam and allowed the children to sit on it as though they were riding a horse. The children took this in turns, learning how to share, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable activity.

The children explored straw in the sensory tray, as well as using it to paint with, investigating the different marks it made in comparison to a paintbrush.

The children then moved onto an "Our Bodies" topic after Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes was a big hit. They developed their knowledge of the different body parts we have. We also discussed our facial features and collaged our own face pictures. The children learnt about how important it is to clean our teeth whilst also enjoying using toothbrushes to paint giant pictures of teeth.

Everyone developed their spatial awareness during various music and movements activities, including dancing to Sticky Kids, whilst also keeping active and healthy!

Whilst out for a daily walk, the children were extremely curious about the leaves which had fallen from the trees and were now lying on the ground. They kicked the leaves with their feet and picked them up and threw them in the air, with great excitement and enjoyment. When back at nursery the children used tin foil and paint to make tree effect pictures, and forks and paint to create the look of a hedgehog on paper. Rosie set up a sensory activity using glitter, leaves and pinecones, allowing us to explore different textures. The children also enjoyed going on a bear hunt using binoculars and moved their bodies in various ways when searching the "woods" for the bear!

The children have very recently moved onto their Christmas topic!

2-3 Room

Since the last newsletter, the 2-3 room have been very busy! Some of the children had shown a keen interest in various vehicles, so we then moved onto a Transport topic. The library bus visits the nursery every fortnight, so the children took the opportunity to go out and choose various transport themed books. Staff also discussed how to be safe when crossing the car park to get to the library bus and the children showed great road safety awareness. Everyone collaged traffic lights and discussed what each colour meant.

Throughout the transport topic, the children also discussed various modes of emergency services transport, leading us onto People who help us. The tuff spot was transformed into various scenarios to allow the children to be imaginative. The 'Crime scene' was a big hit; the children explored various police props and made their own finger prints! The children then learnt about Doctors and Nurses. When asked if they knew what their role was? we had various great answers such as "make you better", "give you medicine" and "bandages!" We tuned the house corner into a Doctor's surgery, giving the children the opportunity to role play and re-enact their roles.

The children then moved swiftly onto a topic about the Jungle. This was taken from a child's interest in lions. The children had a group discussion about what animals they may find in the jungle and explored the different sounds they make. They were given the opportunity to explore a map of the world and looked at where you would find jungles. The children took part in a problem-solving activity, melting ice blocks to retrieve the jungle animal figures which were frozen inside.

After this short Jungle topic, we have since moved onto the Hungry Caterpillar, a story all the children enjoy very much. We have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and reading the story using props.

3-5 Room

The children thoroughly enjoyed their Around the World topic. This gave them the opportunity to learn about the different cultures and lifestyles others live. The children looked at a different country every couple of days, learning about their traditions, and had opportunities to taste a variety of food. Whilst learning about France, the children participated in some colour recognition, also colouring in the French flag by number, as well as watching a clip on the smart bard about France and the Eiffel tower. This then gave a potential line of development to make their own towers using the construction, and work together in groups, using their imaginations. Show and Tell was something from another country, which proved very popular! We had items from Australia, Poland, Dubai, Africa, Singapore, China, Thailand and even the Maldives. Once the children had participated in Show and Tell, we looked at a world map on the Smartboard to locate these countries.

The children used playdough to make Italian Pizzas, used the loose parts to make their own digeridoos, and paper plates to make brightly coloured African necklaces. They created a tick chart after trying dry mango and dry banana after reading about it in a story. This allowed the children to explore how we can then handle information and collate evidence.

The children went on to learn about Brazil, China, Antarctica, and of course, the United Kingdom. Both the staff and children enjoyed this topic and learnt so much from it.

During Term 2 the children paused their topic to learn about calendar events. They enjoyed a Halloween party and carving pumpkins, and we ensured we kept ourselves safe whilst carving our pumpkin, risk assessing the activity prior. The children had various discussions about Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day. To mark the 11th day of the 11th month, the children watched a short clip on the smartboard about the poppies and they then went onto make their very own poppies.

The children have been extremely busy practising their Nativity play and songs, whilst also beginning to make some very special Christmas cards and gifts in preparation for Christmas.

Thank you

Nicola McKinlay

Inverurie Manager



The majority of parents have requested that the newsletter be e mailed to them which we are now doing. We will also be printing off a small number of copies for parents to take away also. The printed copies will be located in the front hallway for parents, thank you.

Dates for your Diary

Wednesday 4th December Christmas Lunch

Thursday 5th December Ante pre-school trip to Tick Tock

Friday 6th December Carol singing at Pleyfauld House

Monday 9th December 0-2 Christmas Party

Tuesday 10th December Pre-school trip to HMT

Wednesday 11th December 2-3 room trip to Hoodles

Wednesday 18th December 3-5 Nativity at St Andrews Chrurch

Thursday 19th December 2-5 Christmas Parties

Christmas and New Year Closure 6pm Friday 20th December 2019 and re-open on Monday the 6th January 2020.

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