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3-5 room Term 3 Newsletter

Summers Nursery Preschool January Newsletter 2016 -Term 3

Dear Parents/Carers

We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and welcome you back to nursery after your holidays. We hope you all had a lovely time together and that you're ready to get back into your routines with us. Thank you all for your kind gifts – they really were lovely!

We would also like to take this time to welcome some new friends to the Pre-school who have joined us from the Toddler room. We hope they are all settling well. If there is ever anything you would like to discuss with us, then please do not hesitate to speak to us.

Last term was terribly exciting as the children got organised for Christmas. They had lots to do and it all began with reading the story of 'The First Christmas'. (As I explore Christian stories, images, music and poems, I am becoming familiar with some beliefs Christian people have about God and Jesus. RME 0-01a)This got the children interested in the true meaning of Christmas and their creative thoughts started to flow...

The children showed good comprehension of the story by asking and answering questions,  and even role-playing the story in the house-corner. (I enjoy exploring events and characters in stories and other texts, sharing my thoughts in different ways. LIT 0-19a)Once the parts had been cast, the children sat with the staff, looking at the story at group time, and even wrote their own lines.

This was a good English and Literacy opportunity, as again, it allowed the children to show us their comprehension of the story, as they explained what was happening with the different characters and what they might say to each other. We were very impressed with  how the children took the lead and even helped each other with where to stand etc. I think I can confidently speak for everyone when I say how well the children did on the day of their Nativity Show. They sang beautifully and spoke their lines with great confidence – well done boys and girls! (I have experienced the energy and excitement of performing for audiences...EXA 0-01a)As you can see, the children enjoyed leading the creative process and the end result was a brilliant testament to their hard work. Now, if only they would stop singing jingle bells...

Christmas also provided us with a fantastic opportunity to further out Mathematics and Numeracy skills whilst the children made their beautiful Christmas presents for you all. The mosaic coasters the children made allowed them to explore patterns – whether they were following examples or even making up their own. (I have had fun creating a range of symmetrical pictures and patterns using a range of media MTH 0-19a)  The small squares also provided an excellent opportunity for the children to further their fine motor skills as they peeled the sticky backs off and chose where to place them. We hope you enjoyed all of the Christmas crafts the children made for you during the festive period. Whilst they provided many learning opportunities, it was also lots of fun to partake in.

In December, the children also went on various Christmas trips. The pre-school group went to the Pantomime to see Peter Pan. It was very exciting, getting on the bus and paying our money to the driver – the children enjoyed pointing out all of the beautiful Christmas lights on the way. Their favourite character was Peter Pan and they were all thrilled when he saved the day by rescuing Wendy. The children all joined in with their favourite songs as the characters sang them, and had a wee dance too! (I have experienced the energy and excitement of being part of an audience for people's performances EXA 0-01a)

The ante pre-school children visited BA Country Stores in Westhill to see the real Santa. We visited him in groups of three and had a chance to speak with him – he even knew the children's names. The children each got a present and politely said thank you, promising Santa that they would be good until Christmas. The children then got a ride on a tractor trailer and were given carrots to feed some donkeys and a Shetland pony.

The last bit of Christmas excitement was our fantastic Christmas party. The children all enjoyed playing different party games, (I have opportunities to enjoy taking part in dance experiences EXA0-10a)and eating some special treats. The great surprise was a visit from Allan's Magic. The magician did some very funny tricks that mystified us all – he even made a rope float in the air. The children then received a very special guest – Santa. He gave each of the children a present and reminded them that if they behaved, more presents would come at Christmas.

Now, we are all back to our normal routine and Christmas seems like a long time ago. We have been learning about Space, since some of the children began speaking about gravity and asking some very interesting questions. (I have experienced the wonder of looking at the vastness of the Sky and can recognise the Sun, Moon and stars... SCN0-06a) They googled the size of different planets, studied gravity, and even designed their own rockets. (I explore software and use what I learn to solve problems... TCH 0-03a)Using the computer provides the children with a brilliant literacy opportunity, as they try to sound out the words they are typing, recognising the letters. The children modelled their own rockets, mimicking pictures they found online – even remembering to add the thrusters! We look forward to continuing this topic and seeing what other facts we can discover.       

Show and tell

Show and tell dates for the next few weeks are as follows. Please ensure to adhere to the topic – only relevant objects will be selected.

Tuesday 2ndFebruary – Something wintery

Wednesday 10thFebruary – A Picture (drawing or photograph) of someone we love (Valentine's Day)

Thursday 18thFebruary – Something that interests us

Friday 26thFebruary – My favourite story

Monday 29thFebruary – What is special about today? (Do all calendars have this date?)

Tuesday 8thMarch – Something beginning with the phonetic sound of my name

Wednesday 16thMarch – Something that interests us

Thursday 24thMarch – I can write my name

Lost Property

As it is winter, we are all wrapping up warm so that we can go to the garden or out for a walk for some fresh air, and more physical activities. Please make sure that your children's clothes, hats, scarves, wellies etc are named, as this will aid us as we keep track of what belongs to whom. 

If there is anything else you would like to discuss then please don't hesitate to speak to any of the pre-school practitioners.

Thank you

Alison Dibble – Assistant Manager and Room Leader

Angie Sutherland – Nursery Practitioner

Amy Pickavance – Nursery Assistant – working towards level 3

Georgina Wells – Nursery Assistant     

Parents Participation

Parental involvement is much appreciated, so if you have anything that we can put on our Learning wall or in our investigation basket, then please feel free to bring it in for the children to explore and to learn about. Thank you.

If you have any skills and some spare time, we would love for you to come and enhance our learning. Whether you can teach us a different language or can pass on your baking skills, or have a favourite story to share with us, please let us know when you are available to join us.

Other information

Please can we ask that you remember to empty your child's tray at the end of each week. They can get very full and this leads to pictures and art work getting ruined and or lost.

Please can we also ask that your child has a full change of clothes - 2 or 3 in their bag. Sometimes they may need a change due to getting wet in the water tray or a drink being spilled over them. Due to the age of the pre-school children, they do notice when they are not wearing their own clothes and we want them to feel comfortable throughout the day. Please could you provide a top, trousers, pants and socks. Thank you.

Please remember to take notice of our Parent Information Board. This is where we post the dates for Show and Tell and also where you can help yourself to homework. We don't want your child to miss out!

Thank you

Katie Lovell – 3-5 Room Leader/Assistant Manager

Angie Sutherland – Nursery Practitioner

Alison Dibble – Nursery Practitioner

Amy Pickavance – Nursery Assistant (working towards SVQ level 3)

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