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Term 2 News


NEWSLETTER 2016 – Term 2

Dear Parents/Carers,

We will be welcoming Rachael back from her maternity in the middle of January 2017, and prior to this she will be doing some keeping in touch days on a Thursday during December.  On Rachael's return, I will return to the Little Bunnies as Room Leader and Assistant Manager, and Gemma will be returning to her role as Busy Bee Room Leader.  Rachael's little boy Harris will be joining us in the Little Bunnies for two days a week.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind words and comments over the past 9 months.  I have enjoyed my time as Acting Manager but have missed being with the children, even though I visit the play rooms every day.  It will be a shock to the system come January (a good one though).

Staff News


We are pleased to say that Alice has returned to work on a 'phasing in' period.  We are very excited, as are the children.  We hope you will all join us in making Alice feel back at home where she belongs.  This commenced on the week of 21st November and will gradually build back up in time, based on how Alice is feeling.

Little Bunnies

It is sad to announce that Emily O'Donnell (Room Leader) left us on Tuesday 29th November. Emily was only contracted on a maternity cover, and although we had hoped there may be a position to fall into after this time, it is unfortunate that this has not occurred on this occasion. She has therefore managed to secure a position at another nursery.

Staff Training

Alice Berry (Busy Bee) has now completed her level 3 and has been awarded her certificate. Well Done Alice.

Sarah Lawson & Tyler Webster (Both Little Bunnies) are now working towards their level 3.

Amber Piekarski (Busy Bee) is nearing the end of her Level 3.

Chloe Muirhead (Cheeky Monkeys) has flown through her level 2 training and is on the brink of completion. Louise Brown (Little Bunnies) has also begun her level 2. We are doing all we can to support all the girls through their training process.

Indoor Shoes

It has always been the case that children have separate indoor and outdoor shoes, whether this be slippers or shoes.  These are to be put on by parents on arrival to nursery.

Stay & Play Evaluation

We are pleased to say that out of the 14 returned Stay & Play Evaluations - 9 rated it Excellent and 5 Very Good.

A few of the comments have been as follows:

"Joining in with activities, exploring the garden and speaking with the ladies"

"Seeing what types of activities are on offer, getting involved in and being able to spend time in the room, looking at the different projects they have been up to"

"Great opportunity to watch the interaction of staff and children, looking around the room at the wall displays"

"Should be done more often, great experience"

Thank you to all parents who managed to take time out of their busy schedules to attend 'stay and play'. It is a great experience for the children, staff and parents and we welcome all feedback regarding this. We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of care we provide for the children.

We even asked the most important people (the children) how they felt about the experience and the response was good. The children had a choice of a happy face or a sad face in which they circled the one they wanted. They also drew lovely pictures of what they enjoyed most.

Eco School

We are looking to achieve our Green flag award.  The girls have been really busy making up action plans for everyone who is on the eco schools committee.  There is a new wall display in the front hall that shows the various activities the children have been involved in.  All evidence is now put into floor books which can be found out in the hall under the wall display.  We are always looking for new members, so if this is something that interests you then please contact one of the girls within you're room.  We are currently transforming our garden so that there are various areas such as numeracy and mathematics, literacy and language, so any ideas will be more than welcome.

Outdoor Play

As the weather has taken a turn can you ALL ensure each child has appropriate clothing for outdoor play as well as having a change of clothes in their bag in case a change is needed.  Outdoor play is a big part of our daily return and we go outside in all weathers.  We want to see the children with snow suits, hats and gloves as well as appropriate footwear.


Since March 2016, the girls have been busy with the new Interactive Learning Diary which is an electronic profile. This system replaces the paper profile folders. Each parent has their own log in details and password to access their child's online profile.  This includes observations and photos for you to view, and enables you to add to these also. These profiles are confidential and only accessible via your own log in details.  There is a section for parents to 'like' and comment on the observations the girls write so please feel free to give us any feedback you wish.

Face Book Evaluation

Thank you to those of you who have taken time to complete the evaluation forms regarding our new Facebook page. The girls and I are delighted with the feedback. Out of the 29 evaluations returned, 16 of you rated us Excellent. 11 were Very Good and 2 were Good. We have taken the time to read the comments and they are very much appreciated. Some of the comments were as follows:

"I Love seeing the pictures whilst at work (On breaks!!). It is good to see what they have been up to that day so we can discuss it at night…

"It's wonderful to see what they are up to with their classmates, makes me smile"

"Very helpful and cute - Love the updates of menu's and sharing days"

We use the information from these evaluations to continuously ensure the nursery develops to provide a high quality of care and education to all children.

Busy Bee Topics

Since the last newsletter the Busy Bees have covered 'Space', 'Halloween', 'Bonfire night' and they are now onto 'Seasons'.  There is a topic sheet situated on the parents notice board, so please feel free to fill this out with any ideas.  We appreciate your input.

Cheeky Monkeys Topics

Since the last newsletter the Cheeky monkeys have covered several topics such as 'My Family', 'Pets', 'Halloween', 'Fireworks', 'China' and have now moved onto 'Winter'.

If you have any ideas for forth coming topics please let the girls know, as your input is appreciated. input.

Little Bunnies Topics

Since the last newsletter the Little Bunnies have covered a good few topics such as 'Weather', 'Space', 'Peppa pig', 'We're going on a bear hunt', 'Halloween', 'Bonfire night', 'Autumn' and they are now onto 'People who help us'.  If you have any ideas for this topic then please let the girls know.  Your ideas are very much appreciated.

Christmas Trips

Cheeky Monkeys – Tuesday 6th December –The children who attend Tuesday will be invited to Ythanbank Reindeer Park to visit the reindeers, and they can even get the chance to feed them if they want.  There is a small play area where the children can have a run around and they will also be having a picnic lunch before heading back to nursery.  Permission slips will be issued to the children attending. If these can be filled out and returned to the girls as soon as possible, that would be much appreciated.

Busy Bees – Wednesday 14th December – All Ante pre-school children will be invited to attend Ythanbank Reindeer Park on Wednesday 14th December.  They will get the chance to meet and even feed the reindeers if they wish. There is a small play area where the children will get the opportunity to let off steam before returning back to nursery on the bus.  Full details will be issued with bus times etc.

Busy Bees - Wednesday 7th December- Pre-school Trip to Panto – The panto this year is Dick McWhittington. All pre-school children will be invited to this along with Wee Rascals Too on Wednesday 7th December.  The show will start at 1:45pm.  Permission slips will be issued along with more details regarding the bus times.

Policies of the term are Health and Safety, Food and Nutrition, and aims and objectives for Pre-school children. These are located on the parent's notice board by the main hall.

Please ask myself or Gemma if you wish to purchase a Busy Bee tee shirt or sweat shirt. They are £8 and £9 respectively.

The Dates for your Diary are located on the back page of this newsletter. Please remember that the nursery closes at 6.00pm on Friday the 23rd of December for 2 weeks, and will re-open again at 7.30am on Monday the 9th of January.

Kind Regards

Suzanne Stephen

Acting Nursery Manager

Dates for your Diary

Tuesday 29th November 2016 – Scholastic BookFair

Scholastic will be coming in with a book case to display for 1 week.  This will give all parents an opportunity to have a good look at all the books on offer before the big 'C' word which will be not so long in coming!.  If there is a book/books that you would like then it is a case of paying for it and taking it away.  There will be the opportunity to order more if need be.

Wednesday 7th December - Pre-school Trip to Panto

Dick McWhittington this year

Friday 16th December – Little Bunnies Christmas party

This will be from 2pm until 3.30pm.  All children are invited to attend.  For children not usually in nursery that day, due to limited space, it will be a case of dropping them off and then collecting them again after their special visit from Santa.

Monday 19th December – Busy Bee Christmas party  

The Busy Bee party will be from 2pm until 4pm.  The children will be seeing Gary Seagraves the magician as well as having a party snack, party games and a special visit from Santa. Children not at nursery that day should be dropped off at 2pm and collected at 4pm

Tuesday 20th Decemeber – Cheeky Monkeys Christmas party

The Cheeky Monkey party is for all Cheeky Monkeys to attend and is from 2.45pm until 4.15pm. Due to space in the room we ask that parents of children not usually in that day drop off and pick up after the party. Children will enjoy a music and movement session from Angela at Abricabeats, as well as party snack, party games and a special visit from Santa.

Christmas Lunch – Friday 23rdDecember

All children in on a Friday will sit down as a class and have their Christmas dinner along with Christmas crackers. 

Nativity – Friday 23rd December

This will be held at Kintore Church at 4pm.  All children who are in nursery on Friday will head down to the church prior to this to get ready.  If your child is not at nursery on that day can you ensure they are at the church for 3.45pm at the latest.  A letter will be issued in due course with full details and the chance to buy tickets.

January 2017 – Curriculum for Excellence Evening

This will be held on Wednesday 25th January. This allows parents to come and find out more in depth information about the Curriculum that is used within the Busy Bee room and how the girls put this into place for your child's academic year.  There will be a chance to ask any questions related to this as well as questions regarding funding, as this is normally a topic for discussion.

On Friday 23rd of December 2016 at 6.00pm the nursery will close, and will re-open again on Monday 9th January 2017 at 7.30am

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