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Dear Parents/Carers,

That is the tattie holidays over with, and where has this year gone!  We hope you have had a relaxing time if you were lucky enough to have some time off.  We would like to welcome all our new children and parents to the Little Bunnies room!

Staffing within the Little Bunnies are as follows:

Suzanne (Room Leader and Assistant Manager – day off is a Thursday)

Joanne (Nursery Nurse – has a Friday afternoon off)

Emma (Nursery Nurse – works a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)

Sarah (Nursery Assistant – Day off is a Monday)

Tyler (Nursery Assistant – covering Ainslie's maternity hours – day off is a Tuesday)

Alison (Nursery Assistant – works a Fri afternoon & any extra shift required)

Ainslie (Nursery Assistant – Maternity Leave)

Since our September newsletter, we have covered several topics:


The boys and girls enjoyed our 'At the zoo' topic, so we continued this by doing an 'Animal' topic. The children learnt the names of several animals, with many of them showing a good knowledge and understanding of them whilst using the flashcards.

The ladies helped the children make chocolate chip cookies, allowing them to spoon the ingredients into the bowl, taking turns to mix it up – with one getting a chance to crack the egg! (Responsive Care 5 – To develop an awareness about what they know and can do through play)

We had the puppets out for song and story time, using them as props, which got everyone giggling.  The children were keen to use the ones of their choice, pretending to speak to their friends with them.  (Relationship 7 – To feel they have the opportunities to make friends).  As usual, the majority of children enjoyed taking part in our 'Sticky kids' Cd, where they copy the dance moves from their ladies(Rights of the Child 2 – To have the opportunities to be actively involved in decision making).

For art and craft we did animal prints using the small world animals, allowing the children to choose their own animal and then dip the feet into the paint tray - then onto the paper in front of them.  This worked well!

The boys and girls made their own animal masks, choosing the materials they wanted from the 'stick and glue' resources.  Suzanne drew a picture of a bird, and the boys and girls decorated it with feathers.  There were hand print giraffes and sponge painting during free choice. 

The animal puzzles were on offer throughout the week, and several children progressed in their manipulative and concentration skills.

In the messy tray there was shredded paper, hair gel, mushy peas and straw.


We went onto do autumn as our topic.  The children assisted us making salt dough, putting all the ingredients together and rolling it out, after which, they formed their own leaf shaped print. (Respect 3 – To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences)

We took the children out for a walk to collect leaves, taking them back to nursery, and once washed and dried out they were placed in the messy tray for the children to explore. There was lots of digging and scrunching of the leaves to feel the textures and hear the different sounds, as well as a few hidden pine cones in them for the children to find.  The children also enjoyed decorating their own leaves by using the 'glue and stick' materials.  (Rights of the child 3 – To be included in daily planning including planning for transitions).

We gave the children some leaf shaped sponges and they enjoyed printing them onto paper.

A few of the children helped Joanne to make green playdough, and they showed excellent concentration skills, cutting and pressing shapes into it. We also hid cones in shredded paper and in shaving foam, and the children who took part followed the instructions well when looking for them.

In the sky:

For this topic, we did 'glue and stick' as part of the next steps for some children, encouraging them to stick cotton wool down to make fluffy clouds. We also did some more baking as the children really like it.  This time we made star biscuits where everyone involved showed good concentration skills and turn taking. (Respect 3 – To have the opportunities to participate and a range of experiences)

The children enjoyed doing a sky search, where they pointed to things they could see - there was lots of shouting and pointing when they heard an aeroplane pass over.  Many clouds and birds were also noted!

We practised our ball skills in the garden, throwing the ball high up, and also far away.  We took through the I pad and put on a few different 'In the sky' sounds for the children to see if they could match the sounds to the pictures. 


We continued the sky theme, and developed this into our' 'Space' topic. The children did some physical activities, jumping on to the 'moon', taking this opportunity to observe who can jump with both feet leaving the ground. (Responsive Care 3 – To become independent and practice new skills).  We also had the parachute out to help with social skills and working together as part of a group - all of the children really enjoyed this activity!  (Respect 3 – To have the opportunities to participate and enjoy a range of experiences).

The boys and girls did a new activity where they used spray bottles filled with paint to make space like pictures.  The paper was on the mini easel and the children held the bottle and sprayed it towards the paper - one or two needed a little assistance but generally they managed this very well - they got especially excited seeing the outcome in front of them!(Responsive Care 5 – To develop an awareness of what they know and can do through play). 

We had black paper and chalk out one day for free choice, and the children participated in star sponge painting with added glitter to make it sparkle and glisten.

The children had opportunities to do puzzles and shape sorters, as well as decorating biscuits.  In the messy tray we had water with black food colouring and glitter, followed by jelly and then another day we had gloop.


This was a short topic which just consisted of mainly craft making.  The children made spider paper plates (with paint and paper strips for the legs), their own pumpkin pictures (using 'stick and glue' materials), and witches hats (which they decorated with glitter) which they proudly wore.

The children enjoyed playing in the slime which was just made up of grated soap and water set over night – there were lots of "yucky" comments made by the older children!

A few of the children enjoyed scooping out the pumpkin using good hand eye co-ordination and concentration. They also made their own pictures, dabbing paint with toothbrushes onto paper. 


Now that the weather is taking a turn, can we please ask that you provide appropriate clothing for nursery. We go outside every day and therefore your child will need indoor and outdoor shoes, a wet suit (if possible) for when the weather isn't nice, as well as a hat and gloves.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your child's clothes will stay clean and dry when at nursery, so can you please ensure a change of clothing is available in their bag each day - thank you.

As there are a growing number of children within the Little Bunnies room, can we please ask that you take home your child's rucksack daily, especially if they are not attending the very next day, to allow others easy access to their peg.

Can I ask that all children have separate indoor shoes for hygiene reasons – slippers/soft shoes are perfect for indoor use and sturdy shoes or wellies for outside.  May we also remind parents to change their children into their indoor shoes each morning and take their jackets off before leaving the room.

Please also check your child's daily book before coming to nursery in case more nappies or wipes are required.  The girls will also inform you at the end of the day if this is required.

Thank you

Suzanne Stephen (Assistant Manager, SVQ 3, undergoing level 4 training)

Joanne Noble (Nursery Nurse – CCLD 3)

Emma Davidson (Nursery Nurse – SVQ 3)

Sarah Lawson (Nursery Assistant – undergoing level 2 training)

Tyler Webster (Nursery Assistant – maternity cover)

Alison Tomlinson(Nursery Assistant)