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Term 3 0-2 Newsletter

 0-2 Newsletter – Term 3 January 2015


Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back to everyone after the holidays - we hope you all had a great Christmas and are ready for the start of New Year.

We would also like to welcome all of the new families who have joined us since the last newsletter. We hope you are settling in well and enjoying your time at Summers.

We covered a number of topics before the holidays and have also partaken in a few spontaneous activities led by the children's interests at the time. This ensures the children feel included in the planning process. (Rights of the child – to be involved in daily planning including planning for transitions


Bonfire night

We covered a small topic on fireworks and bonfire night with the children. This topic mainly consisted of a variety of art and craft activities with different materials, including crepe paper, paint and glitter. We used two of our display boards to create big, bright, glittery explosions of fireworks and a bonfire. The children used glue sticks to cover black paper, then using glitter shakers in a range of different colours, they managed to create their firework designs. They had a great time gluing, and we had glitter absolutely everywhere. This activity also allowed the children to express themselves freely and be creative. (Respect – To have the freedom to express themselves).

The children worked as a team and created a bonfire using tissue paper, crepe paper and paint. The staff laid a large piece of paper on the table and the children firstly sponge painted it with oranges, yellows and reds for the fire, which was followed by gluing crepe and tissue paper to create a 3-D effect. The children were encouraged to share their materials and most did this, happily showing a good understanding of what was being asked of them, whilst having a consideration for the feelings of others. (Respect – To learn about others and value differences, fairness and equality.)

St Andrews Day

We briefly covered a topic on St Andrews day, and although the children are still a little young to have much of an understanding, we made Scottish flags by painting pieces of card blue with rollers and brushes, and gluing on the white cross. The older children showed a lot of skill and control when using the brushes. We also sang lots of Scottish songs such as ' Ye canny shove your granny off a bus', which was a particular favourite of the children's, especially the push push part which they all learnt the actions to. (Rights of the child – To thrive and be nurtured by loving adults who promote their and development.)


Christmas is always an extremely busy, but exciting time of the year, and most of December is taken up with activities and events. The children made cards and pictures for their loved ones, and they also decorated canvases with their hand prints as their gift for their parents. We hope you all enjoyed these and have them displayed at home. (Responsive care – to feel connected to their home environment and the wider community).

The children helped to make our room Christmassy with their wonderful pieces of artwork. A group of children worked together to create a large Christmas tree, whilst another group used sequins and paint to create individual baubles to decorate the tree with. It is great to see the children creating and working together and being able to see their hard work displayed on the wall. (Relationships – to develop a positive sense of self and feel good about themselves.)

Maria the cook made us a wonderful Christmas dinner with turkey and all the trimmings, which the children and staff all very much enjoyed. We also held our annual Christmas party which is always great fun. We spent a couple of weeks learning new songs for the children to sing at the party and they joined in with the actions, brilliantly. Santa also paid a visit to surprise the children with a present. He provoked a range of different reactions in the children, but most were intrigued as to whom he was, and some brave children even approached him to collect their present. (Relationships – to grow in confidence and be supported to work through new experiences and challenges.)  Thank you to everyone who attended the party. It's always great to get parents and grandparents involved in the nursery events.

Many of the parents had passed on to us that the children had been enjoying their Christmas decorations at home, with all the different colours and lights. We incorporated this into our planning and organised walks in the buggies down Union Street to look at the lights. We did this over a few days to allow for as many children as possible to take part. This was a great sensory experience for the children, and they all pointed at the different lights around them. (Respect – to have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences).

As well as the planned activities, we also carried out a number of spontaneous activities, inspired by the children's interests and observations, and next steps from their portfolios.

We recently bought some new large soft blocks for the room, and this has provided a great developmental opportunity for the children. For the children who are already confident walkers, they are able to climb over the blocks to help develop their balance, and challenge themselves further by rearranging the blocks into different sequences. These blocks are also beneficial to the younger children as they help build up their strength in their arms and legs and their confidence. As well as all the developmental benefits, the children really enjoy having the blocks out and have shown their inventive side, turning them into cars and see-saws! (Responsive care – to develop an awareness of what they know and can do through play.)

Future topics

During the coming term, we are looking forward to exploring and having new experiences by looking into a variety of topics. These topics will provide lots of enjoyment for the children, and also help to promote their development and learning through play.

These topics will include colours, winter, Burns night, Chinese New Year, Shape, Mother's Day, Farm animals and Easter. As well as these activities, we will continue to carry out spontaneous activities with the interests of the children taken into account throughout.

Burns night and Chinese New Year allow us to explore celebrations from different cultures and what they do for these celebrations. Part of the excitement for the children will be tasting different foods associated with the celebrations. (To value diversity in language, ethnic background, faith and family circumstances.)

Looking at farm animals is always a favourite topic for the children, as many of them are familiar with the animals associated, so they are eager to join in with making the noises of the animals. It also gives the children a great sense of pride and achievement when they can join in. (Relationships – To develop a positive sense of self and feel good about themselves.)


Can we please remind parents that it is very important that they are signing their children both in and out each day.


If you are providing an evening meal or snack for your child, you must also sign this in at drop off time. Please also be aware that we do not accept nuts or rice as part of their evening meal.

Your child must be provided with weather appropriate clothing if you would like them to go outdoors to play. It is important to have boots, waterproof trousers if required, and a jacket, hat and scarf. If your child is not provided with these then we will be unable to take them outside. Could parents please also label ALL of their child's clothing to prevent any mix ups.

There are still a number of children who do not yet have both indoor and outdoor shoes provided. It is very important they do for hygiene reasons, and for the safety of the other children.

Could all parents who still have their child's portfolio at home return it as soon as possible as the staff cannot add photos and observations without it. These should have been returned within the first week of returning to nursery after the holidays. Thank you.

Kind regards

Kirsty Smith (Room leader/Assistant Manager)

Rachel Johnston (Assistant Room Leader)

Amber Davidson (Nursery Nurse)

Kelly Abernethy (Nursery Nurse)

Kristina Donald (Nursery Nurse)

Margaret Johnstone (Nursery Nurse)

Charmaine Conway (Nursery Assistant – working towards level 3)

Bobbie Hall (Nursery Assistant – working towards level 3)

Jo Scott (Nursery Assistant)

Sally Bruce (Nursery Assistant – level 2)