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Term 3 2-3 Newsletter

2-3 Room Newsletter-Term 3 January 2015

Happy New Year to All 

Dear Parents/Carers

We would like to welcome you all back to nursery - and also a huge welcome to all the new children who have joined us from the Baby room after the Christmas break.

Topics Covered

Over the past couple of months, the children have enjoyed a variety of different topics and experiences.


In November we looked at fireworks, winter and St Andrews day.

The children were given the opportunity to experience a range of different activities to expand on their knowledge and interest of fireworks. They made firework pictures by string painting onto black paper - the children really enjoyed using bright, florescent colours onto black paper. While doing the activity, we also discussed the sounds that the fireworks made; "boom" "bang" and "whizz" (Responsive care 3; To become independent and practice new skills.)

We put glow sticks in the water tray to resemble sparklers, and allowed the children to freely explore the water tray with them.  We used the glow sticks to play a game with them, where they had to find all the different colours and match them together - this has aided the children's colour recognition, along with developing their sorting and matching skills, whilst also being great fun for them! They all really enjoyed doing this and were able to find the correct glow stick with ease - well done J (Rights of the child 4; To thrive and be nurtured by loving adults who promote their learning.)

For winter, we sat the children down as a group and made a winter mind map with them, finding out what they knew about winter, and also what they wanted to learn. The children were very pro-active when it came to telling us what they knew. A few of the examples of the children's understanding of winter was the ability for them to use vocabulary such as; "snowman", "dark", "Thomas boots" and "hat". This was fantastic as it showed that the children already had a great understanding about the cold weather during the winter months. We also made a parents mind map which was displayed next to the children's art folders, and you were all welcome to write down your ideas for activities for the children to do. We were very grateful to see all your wonderful ideas. We used the ideas from the children's and parents mind maps to create our weekly plans. 

The children were able to experience a range of different activities, including ice-cube painting, winter night sky pictures, which involved the children choosing their own materials to make stars and moons. Some of them chose to paint, and others decided to use collage materials. (Respect 5; To have the freedom to express themselves.)

The children also collectively made an Olaf display. We asked them open ended questions such as; "What colour is Olaf?" which then led on to a great group discussion amongst the children, where they were all eager to share their ideas; "orange carrot nose", "black buttons" and "white belly" were a few of the great answers from the children. Once the children had decided the colours, we then decided how we would paint Olaf. The children chose to use their hands, which opened great discussions on the textures of the paints, developing the children's descriptive language.  Olaf looked great at the end, and several of the children were keen to show him off to their parents in the evening. (Responsive care 6; To be involved with others and take time out for themselves. Relationships 4; To communicate and express their needs and feelings and to have these understood.)

The children also took part in some baking during November. We baked white snowflake crispies and snowball truffles. During the baking activities, the children all got the opportunity to add an ingredient into the mixing bowl and they all had a shot at mixing the ingredients.

The children are gaining an understanding of simple maths and science skills during baking activities. We always wash our hands before and after the activity, and the staff also check for allergies before starting the baking activities. The children then get to eat their yummy bakes for their snack. (Respect 3; To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences.)

For St Andrews day we read the 'Gruffalo' and 'The Gruffalo's Child' in Doric, which was quite a challenge for some of the staff. We also did some dancing to 'The Flower of Scotland' and 'Auld Lang Syne', which the children thoroughly enjoyed, and some of them even found the sound of the bagpipes very amusing.

The children also painted Scottish flags during this activity. We spoke to them about Scotland and different Scottish things such as; thistles, haggis and kilts. We are all looking forward to our Haggis, Neeps and Tatties in January for Burns day.  (Rights of the child 7; To feel respected, valued and begin to know their place in the world.)


In December, we focused on Christmas. The children were able to join in and experience a variety of activities to help stimulate their knowledge and understanding about the festive period. As in November, we made a parents mind map for parents to write down their ideas, and we also made a children's mind map to get ideas for the activities that the children would be able to participate in. The children's ideas were fantastic; "Christmas lights", "Rudolph", "Santa", "Presents" and "Christmas trees". It is great to see the children so enthusiastic about their learning and interests.  (Rights of the Child 2; To have opportunities to be actively involved in decision making.)

The children made salt dough Christmas decorations, and once they were cool enough, they decorated them with paint and glitter. They also made a Christmas display with stockings, Christmas trees, peg reindeers, and Christmas cards.   (Respect 6; To value diversity in language, ethnic background, faith and family circumstances.)

We also had a Christmas party for the children with a surprise visit from Santa. The children were able to join in, with party games such as musical bumps and pass the parcel. They all enjoyed themselves, and they all looked great in their party clothes.

Upcoming Topics

January - Colours, Shapes and Sensory.

February - Valentines, Chinese New Year, and Fruit and Vegetables.

March – Mother's day, Shrove Tuesday, and Farm and Jungle animals.

April - Easter and Nursery Rhymes.



If your child is toilet training, could you please ensure that you provide enough spare clothing in your child's nursery bag.

It is also very cold winter weather at the moment, so just a reminder that appropriate outdoor clothing such as thick jackets, hats, gloves and welly boots are vital for your child to be able to go outside.

Indoor footwear

Indoor footwear must be provided in the 2-3 room. This is to ensure the cleanliness of the floor in the room and also for the children's safety in the practice fire drill which we do monthly. We need to evacuate the children as quickly as possible and if they don't have footwear on, this could become hazardous.

Parents Ideas Mind Map

We have a parents ideas mind map displayed beside the children's art pockets in the hall. There is a fresh mind map put up each month/week to inform you of the up-coming topic - you are all very welcome to put your ideas down so that we are able to  implement them onto the weekly planning.

Art Pockets

Each child has an art pocket in the hall way. Could you all please ensure that you check them, and please take away any art that is in them so that there is always ample space for new art work that your child makes.

Please do not be disappointed if there is no art in your child's folder at times during the term. This is because we do like to display their creations before they go home.


We are going to be planning a trip for the children in the near future around April/May time, so please feel free to come and see me with any trip ideas that you may have - parents ideas are always welcome. We have these trips on different days twice per year so that as many children as possible can go on at least one trip in their time in the 2-3 room.

Also, lastly a huge thank you to all the children and parents who kindly gave us Christmas gifts before the holidays. We hope you all had a brilliant festive period and happy new year.

Kind regards Kirsty-Anne and the 2-3 room team

Kirsty-Anne Chalmers (Room Leader)         Emma Johnstone (Assistant Room Leader)

Vicki Craig (Nursery Nurse)                         Tegan Murray (Nursery Assistant)

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