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Busy Bees Term 2 News

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Busy Bee Newsletter 2015

Term 2

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you have all managed to have some relaxing time off in the October holidays, and for those who went away, we hope you enjoyed your holiday!


This has been an interesting and busy time for the children, learning lots about animals - this is still the ongoing topic!

A few of the children asked that we learn about elephants, so we watched a clip on the iPad about elephants and they learned some new facts. Everyone was eager to talk about the elephants ears being their fans to cool them down, so we therefore created fans with the paper, folding it over and over. (EXA 0-04a: I can create a range of visual information through observing and recording from my experiences across the curriculum.)

The children were interested in learning about big cats, so during group time there was a discussion about all the different ones. We looked at leopards, and the children face painted each other’s faces with spots, as well as using their counting skills to count how many spots there were on their leopards face! (EXA 0-05a: Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through activities within art and design.) (MNU 0-02a: I have explored numbers, understanding that they represent quantities and I can use them to count, create sequences and describe order.) For lions, the children got creative drawing a lion’s face and creating their mane by fork painting - this was something new and exciting for them to try. They created a lion picture with spaghetti, with several of the children able to remember that the fur around the lions head was the main. We also watched a clip on the iPad about the difference between African lions and Asian lions, which was a great learning and understanding experience. (SOC 0-08a: I explore and appreciate the wonder of nature within different environments and have played a part in caring for the environment.)

One of the children wanted to learn about ‘the sheep jacket’, so after a discussion about wool, the children drew a picture of what they thought wool is made in to, and a lot of the children demonstrated good knowledge and understanding as they created pictures of blankets and jackets! (LIT 0-10a: As I listen and take part in conversations and discussions, I discover new words and phrases which I use to help me express my ideas, thoughts and feelings.)

The children all showed good knowledge about monkeys, telling each other facts such as ‘monkeys climb trees and eat bananas’. (I enjoy exploring events and characters in stories and other texts, sharing my thoughts in different ways.)

The children will be going on to learn about dogs and why they bark, as well as looking at the different names of baby animals.


The children have been super messy and excitable doing lots of Halloween things! They have been creative with food; making spider biscuits and banana ghosts for snack, as well as making little pumpkins! (HWB 0-30a: Together we enjoy handling, tasting, talking and learning about different foods, discovering ways in which eating and drinking may help us to grow and keep healthy.) The children also did potato printing, creating ghosts and witches hats, developing good hand eye coordination. There were lots of funny faces as the children did feet painting to make their Frankenstein pictures.

In the Busy Bee room we did bobbing for apples, catching the dough rings on the string, and lots of scary face painting too!

Guy Fawkes

The children were involved in different discussions about Bonfire night and fireworks – in particular how to stay safe when watching the bonfire/fireworks, as well as creating firework pictures too, getting all crafty!


We have a lot of exciting things planned, so the children will be super busy getting crafty and learning new facts about Christmas, as well as planning for Santa coming….. as he is watching!! The children will learn all about Christmas and why we celebrate it, and will be doing lots of arts and crafts, getting messy and creative! We are also about to start practicing our Nativity, so your children will most likely be singing Christmas songs to you as early as November!


Our termly trips are now planned and permission slips will be going out in the next couple of weeks! The ante pre-school children are going to ‘Den at the Glen’ on Monday 7th December and the pre-school children are going to His Majesty’s Theatre to see Peter Pan on Thursday 10th December.

Sharing Day Dates

Could I please ask that your child does not bring in toys when it is not Sharing day as this is not fair on the other children, and things may get lost. Our ‘Show and Tell’ dates are both on the website and available on our Busy Bee door, as well as on the parents communication board. Could I please ask that you take your child’s toy home at the end of night so the box is empty - this will also help prevent toys getting lost.

Learning Wall

The Busy Bees learning wall is situated next to the jacket area, so please take the time to see what your child has been learning about and all the activities they have been participating in. This wall is always full up with lots of photos and work that the busy Bees have been doing. You will also be able to see the progression your children are making throughout this topic and there are always plenty yellow post it notes on the learning wall of the things the children have said during activities.


It is now becoming very cold as winter is near so could I please ask that you supply your child with a hat, gloves and scarfs as well as appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear as the children go outside in all weathers.

Could I please ask that you encourage your child to sign in every morning on the signing in board which is situated next to the parent/guardians singing in/out board or at the mark making table as the children may be using it. This helps to develop your child’s mark making skills and letter recognition.

The slippers and jacket pegs change daily, so could I ask that you take home your child’s belongings (slippers and bags) or place them in their box outside the room each night please.

The library bus comes every second Monday during term time, and the children can go on and choose books to keep at nursery.

Abricabeats is coming every Tuesday morning to engage the children with role play, musical and physical activities.

Thank you

Gemma Gove (Room leader)

Alice Berry (Nursery Assistant – started level 3 training)

Jo Scott (Nursery Assistant – doing level 3 training)

Amber Piekarski (Nursery Assistant- due to start her level 3 training in November)

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