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Term 3 3-5 Newsletter

Term 3 January 2015  - 3-5 Room Newsletter

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Happy New Year …. and welcome back! We would like to welcome all the children who have recently moved through from the 2-3 room. We look forward to getting to know you all.

What we have enjoyed and learned in the past term:

The children enjoyed a busy end to 2014, with lots of activities happening!

At the start of November, we kicked off with our Bonfire night topic by making some splash painting and a collage of some fireworks. The children really enjoyed this activity, probably because it was very messy. During the week, we did lots of arts and crafts related to the topic, as well as talking about firework safety. We pretended to be fireworks, shooting up in the sky and banging very loud during drama activities! (HWB- 0-22a By exploring and observing movement, I can describe what I have learned about it)

November was full of events. As we learned about the Remembrance Day, Diwali, and Children in Need, we encouraged the children to be mindful of other people's feelings and beliefs. We had different discussions about these, and the children participated in various arts and crafts, including making poppies, masks and painting canvases for Christmas.

Following on from the children's interests in science experiments, we organised a trip to Satrosphere for the ante pre-school children. They enjoyed the trip immensely and were keen to participate in Science tasters and a Bubble show. Everybody's favourite was going inside the bubble and waving at their friends from the inside! (TCH 0-03a I explore software and use what I learn to solve problems and present my ideas, thoughts or information)

At the end of November, our beloved teacher Kathryn moved to New Zealand. We made her a card and had a goodbye party. We are looking forward to hearing from her soon.

Suddenly, Christmas trees and decorations were being put up in the nursery, and our classroom became a busy hub of Christmas fun! We had a very busy December, rehearsing for our nativity, practising every day from the end of October. It was worth it, as we did the best performance in Summers Nursery historyJ. (RME 0-03a I am becoming aware of the importance of celebrations, festivals and customs in Christian people's lives)

The pre-school children had a trip to HMT to see the pantomime – 'Beauty and the Beast'. They had so much fun and only a few needed a reassuring hug.

We enjoyed a fantastic Christmas dinner, thanks to our wonderful cook, Maria. The children tucked into turkey, potatoes, chipolatas and delicious chocolate éclairs to top it off.

Our Christmas party was great fun! We danced, played party games and ate yummy food. Santa and the magician, Gary, appeared and made our party even more fun!

Since returning from our holidays, the children were all excited to say Happy New Year and talk about their wonderful holidays. They all spoke about the presents they received from Santa, proving that everyone had great behaviour over the year.

We had a relaxing fun filled week and gave the children the opportunity to express their ideas and interests throughout the mind map activity which you can find on our Learning Wall. The children have all decided to learn about 'Space', and we have turned our role play corner into a spaceship. We are looking forward to seeing what other exciting ideas the children will come up with! 

Coming up

Over the next few weeks we will follow the children's interests for our topics. If there is anything your child is interested in or you feel would be beneficial for your child to learn about, please let us know!

We have Burn's Night coming up at the end of January, and Chinese New Year to look forward to - both of which will provide us opportunities to celebrate and understand different cultures, as well as taste a wide variety of foods. (HWB 0-29a I enjoy eating a diversity of foods in a range of social situation)

We will of course continue to enjoy daily story books and opportunities to mark make and experiment with letters.  (Lit 0-01 I enjoy exploring and playing with the patterns and sounds of language and can use what I learn)

 Please use our Parent's mind map to record your ideas. All suggestions are welcomed and gratefully received.

We are due our Curriculum for Excellence evening at the beginning of February. We will keep you updated with further details.

We would like to discuss names for our pre-school room and we are thinking of doing a vote so that all the children can share their ideas and pick one they are fond of the most.


We would like to remind all the parents to return your child's profile folders as soon as possible as we are unable to record your child's observations on a regular basis if they are not returned when asked. Profile folders should all be returned within one week after the Christmas holiday period, and at other times of the year within a week.

We hold Show and Tell once a week and would appreciate it if you could please remember to check what your child is required to bring in and on what day. The information can be found on our website www.summersnurseries.com and on the notice board as you enter the 3-5 room.

All parents are welcome to view our daily/weekly responsive plans which are displayed on the notice board just outside the room.

Kind Regards

Karolina Kujel – Room Leader

Jen Muir – Assistant Room Leader

Jade Jones – Nursery Practitioner

Erin Barnes – Nursery Practitioner

Lorna Cobb -  Nursery Practitioner 

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