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Dear Parents/Carers,

It is most definitely coming to the end of summer and we have had a pretty wet week this week, so I'm glad we managed to receive some really nice summer days over the holidays, just a shame they don't last longer!  Can't believe we are now planning ahead for Christmas at nursery…. Keep a look out in the 'Dates for your diary' section for key dates.

Staff News

Little Bunnies

We would like to welcome Mairiann to our Little Bunnies team. Mairiann started with us full time on Monday 4th September, taking over from Nicole who has deservedly been promoted to Room Leader in the Cheeky Monkey room on a maternity cover basis. Mairiann will be working Tuesday – Friday 7.30-6pm as a Practitioner, and has 5 years childcare experience.

We also have Erin Gauld we would like to welcome. Erin started with us on Monday 11th September. Erin is also covering a maternity position within the Little Bunnies and will be working Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8:15am-6pm.

Cheeky Monkey and Busy Bees

Jade Webster has now started her maternity cover position as Room Leader of the Busy Bees, with Nicole now maternity cover Room Leader of the Cheeky Monkeys. The girls seem to be settling in very well to their new roles. We wish them both the best of luck. Jades hours will be Tuesday – Friday 7.30-6pm and Nicole will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7:30-6pm.

Staff Training

Tyler Webster (Little Bunnies) continues to work her way through her level 3 whilst on Maternity leave.

Amber Piekarski has now completed her level 3 training and is a fully qualified Practitioner – well done Amber!!.

Chloe Muirhead (Cheeky Monkeys) is progressing well through her level 3 training.

Outdoor Play

The weather is starting to take a bit of a turn! Days seem to be colder and wetter at the minute. Can I please ask that all children come to nursery with appropriate outdoor clothing and shoes for the predicted weather. We do go out to play in all weathers so it is important that the children are dressed appropriately.

Dates for your diary

Week commencing 9th October– Stay and play will take place throughout this week. For those of you who have never attended a Stay and Play before, this is an opportunity for you to stay at nursery for 1 hour while your child is here to see what he/she gets up to on a typical day. I have now put out letters inviting you all long, so if you could please fill out the returns slip and hand it back by Friday 22nd September so we can allocate days/times in advance. Thank you.

9th November– Tempest photography will be at the nursery all day. Permission slips will be handed out to the children that attend on a Thursday in due course. Children that don't attend on a Thursday can book a time slot that suits and pop along to get their photo taken. These make for fab Christmas presents!

2nd December– Wee Rascals Christmas Fayre. Tickets will be on sale for this event in the very near future!! The Fayre will start at 1pm and finish at 4pm. We will also have a raffle on the day so if anyone has anything they would like to donate for the raffle, all gifts will be greatly appreciated J

6th December– All pre-school children will be invited along to the Christmas Panto on Wednesday 6th December. The panto starts at 1.45pm so the bus will be leaving nursery at 12.30pm. A permission letter will go out nearer the time with more info.

14th December– Ante pre-school Christmas trip. All ante pre-school children will be invited along to this trip. We are still in discussions about where we will be going, but once this is decided, a letter will be given out with all details on it.

15th December– Busy Bees Christmas Nativity. After feedback from you all on our Facebook post, our nativity this year will be on Friday 15th at the Kintore church starting at 2pm. The nativity will last for approximately 10 minutes and there will be tea/coffee juice and biscuits on offer afterwards. For children not at nursery on a Friday, we ask that your child arrives at the church at 1.50pm dressed in their costume which will be provided by us during the week of the nativity. A letter with all information will be given out nearer the time along with scripts and words to the songs to be practiced at home.

20th December– all rooms will be having their Christmas party. The Busy Bees party be from 2pm - 4pm. Gary the magician will be coming along to the party so make sure the children are on time so they don't miss any tricks! Gary will be starting 2.15pm prompt.

Little Bunnies and Cheeky Monkey parties will both be from 2.30pm - 4pm. All children are invited, and there is no need for parents to stay with them.      

I'm sure Santa has been watching all the boys and girls at nursery recently and agrees they deserve a special visit on party day!    

19th December– Christmas Lunch. We will all get to enjoy a lovely Christmas dinner for lunch this day!

22nd December– Last day of term. Nursery re-opens Monday 8th January 2018. 

Busy Bee Topics


The children were learning about animals that live on a farm (SOC 0-09a). They created some woolly sheep (SOC 0-02a & EXA 02A) and some of the children watched a clip about sheering sheep. They then went onto have a discussion about what they had learnt (SOC 0-02A), and this lead onto the children doing a 'Sheep shearing' activity using shaving foam as the wool (SOC 0-07A). They then went onto learning about other farm animals and what we get from them, as well as discussing what a Farmers job is.

This topic developed into a discussion about vets and doctors, and what the difference is between them (SOC 0-16a).

Camping and Outdoors  

To start off this topic, the children wanted to know who had been camping before. A group of children went around the nursery with Alice and asked all the staff members if they had been camping before. They then took this information back to their peers and together they created a graph. The children discovered that more people had been camping than hadn't (MNU 0-20C). Alice was our camping expert throughout this topic and taught the children some new songs that are often sang around the campfire (EXA 0-14a). This also led to us discussing how to make a campfire. The children created their own 'fires' using orange, red and yellow paints to do this (EXA 0-02A).

My Family

The children were given a homework task to create their own family tree. They took in the finished result and we all spoke about who was in our family (HWB 0-45a). We also had baby photos of most of the children. The children then looked through these together and tried to guess who was who.  They all found this very funny and some couldn't quite believe they were once babies! (HWB 0-47A). After this they all drew a picture of themselves as babies (EXA 0-04a). We also spoke about the foods babies eat, doing a food tasting activity with some of the foods discussed, such as blended carrots, peas and bananas. (HWB 0-15a). This led onto us learning about the body, so the next time the library bus came we picked out books about the body and discussed this before drawing around one of the children to see if we could remember where some of the organs went on the body.

We have just finished the My Family Topic and are just about to start on Transport.   

Cheeky Monkey Topics

In the Forest

This topic came about after our trip to the Fairy Woods. We did activities on the life cycle of a tree and how the leaves on a tree change, discussing the different colours and the time of year they change (Rights of the child 4 – I am nurtured and encouraged to thrive by loving adults who promote my learning and development).

The children went on a walk around Kintore to collect twigs and leaves to create a forest pictures (Responsive Care 7 – I feel connected to my home environment and wider community).

The Gruffalo

The children showed a keen interest in this book when we read it for last topic. The boys and girls used props as well as their imagination skills to act out the Gruffalo story (Respect 5 – I have the freedom to express myself individually and in a group).

We practiced baking skills when making Gruffalo footprint shortbread.  There was lots of mixing and turn taking.

The Hungry Caterpillar

The children learnt about symmetry by painting half a butterfly on paper and printing it onto the other side. (Responsive Care 4 – I am encouraged to explore, experiment and try new things indoor and out).

The children discussed healthy and un-healthy foods by putting the foods into groups.  They also did a food tasting session with the foods from the book. (Respect 5 – I have the freedom to express myself individually and in a group).

Three Little Pigs

The children created a house by using the different shapes of paper. During this activity they learnt about shape recognition. (Rights of the child 4 - I am nurtured and encouraged to thrive by loving adults who promote my learning and development).

The children used straws to blow paint onto paper to imitate the wolf blowing the pig's house down. (Responsive Care 4)

The Next topic is 'Pets' as the children continue to show a great interest in animals.

Little Bunnies Topics

Mini beasts

Throughout this topic we got very creative making butterfly pictures as well as flowers, and when doing this we observed the children holding their the pens/pencils (Rights of the child 3 – I am involved in planning for my needs and preferences including planning for transitions) and focused on their skills to follow instructions when sticking and gluing. (Respect 3 – I have the opportunity to participate in a range of experiences). There was feet painting, hand print spiders, bumble bees and paper plate caterpillars. We made ladybird biscuits which developed the children's pouring and mixing skills. They also practiced their fine motor skills when doing puzzles (Relationship 5 – I am growing in confidence and am supported to work through new challenges and experiences). For messy play there was water, mud, playdough, cooked spaghetti and shredded paper – hiding insects in.


For this topic, the children explored matching worksheets where they were able to identify and match the familiar animals.

We participated well in songs and stories, managing to do the actions (Responsive Care 2 – I am involved in daily routines).

We introduced scissors to the older children(Rights of the child 3 – I am involved in planning for my needs and preferences including planning for transition).

We made snake fruit kebabs using banana and strawberries on a skewer. There was elephant paper plate masks made, snake pictures as well as gorilla handprints. We also cut out animal shapes for their sandwiches at lunch time. The tough spot had grass, pebbles and zoo animals in it, just like a jungle theme, and in the messy tray there was green crazy soap, water & bubbles, green spaghetti and playdough.

People who help us

We worked towards problem solving with the puzzles (Respect 3 – I have the opportunities to participate and enjoy a range of experiences).

We were learning about shape and doing the shape sorters(Responsive Care 3 – I am becoming independent and encouraged to practice new skills). Outside we worked on moving the ride on cars(Respect 3 – I have the opportunity to participate in a range of experiences).

We made vehicles out of cardboard boxes which the children expressed their role play skills for. We did hand print x-rays, fire pictures and toothpaste pictures. The tough spot was made into a road and car park with the chalk.

My Body

For this we did face cupcakes where the children took turns, showing good hand eye co-ordination. (Responsive Care 2 – I am involved in daily routines).

We did recognition of body parts(Rights of the child 4 – I am supported by loving adults who promote my learning and development).

There was a wall display made up from drawing around one of their friends and having the different parts labelled.  The boys and girls did feet painting and measured how big they were.  They exercised by doing sticky kids dance cd stretching up tall and down small.  There was also salt dough hand prints.

Nursery Rhymes

The children developed their concentration skills when building towers (Rights of the child 4) and we worked on our ball skills doing throwing, catching and kicking(Responsive Care 2).

The children participated in doing activities such as Three Little Pigs foot paintings, cotton wool sheep, paper plate spiders. etc.

In the messy tray there was shaving foam and building blocks for Jack and the Beanstalk.  There was a pouring activity with the teapot and cups for I'm a little teapot and we turned the playdough into pretend current buns.

Policies for the next term are:

This term's policies are: 8. Dealing with challenging behaviour, 10. Child Protection and 34. Staff Holiday policy. You will find a copy of these policies on the parent's notice board by the main hall.

Change of Details

Please remember to inform us of any changes regarding your personal details, eg phone numbers/address', so that we always have up to date information.

Kind Regards

Rachael Farman

 Nursery Manager


tel 01467 633270