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Newsletter Term 1



Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you have all had a lovely summer; it is hard to believe that we are now into September and summer is almost over. I must admit I am looking forward to the cosy nights and preparing for Christmas!   


Little Bunnies

We welcomed both Ella McLean and Rachel Hendry to the Little Bunnies team back in June. Rachel works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday full days, whilst Ella works Monday - Thursday full day and Friday morning.

Cheeky Monkeys

We have some exciting baby news in the Cheeky monkey room. Megan Flann is expecting her first baby in January 2020. I am sure you will all join me in congratulating Megan and her partner with this amazing news.

Staff Training

Megan Flann and Shannon Innes continue to make good progress with their SQV 3. I have now joined the girls with studying and have started my degree with the University of Aberdeen. My course is a BA in Childhood Practice and is done as a distant learning course.

I, along with Suzanne, Jade and Amber attended a five -part course on Teaching and Cognitive Skills which ran from September 2018 to March 2019. I have also attended various GIRFEC courses as well. Apart from updating their core courses, the staff have attended additional courses such as Messy Maths, and Megan attended the Pre- Birth to Three course.


We have had a busy few months raising money for this year's chosen charity, 'Friends of the Special Nursery', a charity of Aberdeen maternity hospital's neo-natal unit for sick and premature babies in the Grampian region, as well as the islands of Orkney and Shetland.

We started off with our Coffee morning on the 25th of May. Thank you to everyone for coming along and making it a great morning; the bottle stall was definitely a firm favourite! We raised a very impressive £1,155.35 at the Coffee morning!

Up next was our Kilt Walk. I am sure most of you will remember that Amber, myself and Suzanne all took part in this year's 26 mile Kilt Walk. It was far tougher than we anticipated, the rain was on, and the hills were tough at the start. But the sun soon made an appearance and spirits lifted. As time went on the aches and pains kicked in! However, the support we received and the donations that had come flooding in kept us all going! We stuck together for the full 26 miles and crossed the finish line together after 9.5 hours! It was all worth it to see our final amount raised which ended up being £2,261.28.

We had some time to recover from our Kilt Walk before our family fun Sports day! What a fantastic turn out…. And the sun was beaming once again! From sponsor money and money raised on the day we are delighted to say we raised £1,286.30.

We have also done other small fundraisers in between, such as staff dress down days which are still ongoing. We can not thank everyone enough for the support we receive.

The other Managers and I went to visit the Neo Natal unit back in July to see just how the money we are raising will help the charity. With the new Maternity unit being built at the minute, the money we raise will be greatly appreciated to help develop the new Neo Natal unit within the new building. I am excited to see that this will help families in the future.


The Busy Bees visited Stonehaven on Tuesday the 18th of June where they played in the park before having a picnic lunch. After lunch we went to the soft play centre – Scallywags. We then went down to the beach to explore all the different types of stones before stopping off for an ice-cream at Aunty Betty's ice cream shop.

The Cheeky Monkeys attended Hoodles Playbarn on the morning of Wednesday the 1st of July, playing inside as well as in the outdoor play area. Everyone had their snack at the Playbarn.

Abricabeats have been visiting this term on Tuesday at 12.30pm.

Dates for your Diary

The Busy Bees term one trip will be taking place on Thursday 10th October. Jade is in the process of arranging a place and time so a letter will go out in due course to the Thursday children. 

Tempest Photography will be returning to Wee Rascals again on Thursday 7th November. Permission slips and time slots for those who don't attend on a Thursday will be given out nearer the time. These photos make a fab Christmas present and cost nothing for them to be taken! You just pay for the photos you want if you decide to have one or more – it's a no obligation photo!

We have one more big event before the end of the year and we would love for you all to make it along. On the 30th November we will be hosting a Christmas Fayre! We hope to have a Santa's grotto on the day where you can pre book your time slot for the children to come along and meet Santa and receive a small gift. We also have a selection of stalls attending, so that you and family/friends can to do a bit of shopping, as well as have some soup and sausage rolls for lunch. We are still finalizing some things for the day so a poster/email will go out in the near future with more details and information regarding ticket sales.

The Pre-school Christmas Panto has been booked! All children in their final year at Wee Rascals will be invited along to the Panto in Aberdeen which is Cinderella this year. We will be going on Friday 6th December leaving nursery at 12.30pm and back for 5pm. A letter seeking permission and with more info will be handed out nearer the time.

Our Christmas Parties this year will be held on Wednesday 11th December. All children will be invited to our party so keep a look out for your invite nearer the time also.

We have yet to confirm a date and place for out Nativity, however we hope this will take place on the last week of term at the Kintore Church. As soon as this has been arranged, we will let you now all information required.

The nursery will close on Friday 20th December at 6pm for the Christmas break and re open on Monday 6th January 2020.

Little Bunnies

The Little Bunnies looked at spring, and for this we had lots of discussions about animal recognition and the sounds they make.

Children helped plant cress seeds into their own little pots, and we encouraged them to help care for their plants by watering them, giving them sunlight and warmth though out the week.

The boys and girls did a rain cloud experiment using shaving foam and coloured water, allowing the water to drip through the 'cloud'. We also did a water cycle in a bag where children helped pour water from a jug into a lock zip bag, and we hung it on the window and watched over the course of the week the water evaporate.

We then moved onto summer, where the children made their own pretend ice cream parlor, using cones and shaving foam, which helped to develop the children's coordination skills as they scooped it up into the cones.

Everyone enjoyed decorating big stones to make their own rock pets…adding googly eyes to be more affectionate.

We had ice cubes in the messy tray where the children painted them. They really like this activity as they can watch the ice melt and move the paint around more freely.

We worked on number recognition and counted the shells we have. We created a beach scene in the tough spot using sand, rice and lentils and added in the shells, and the children ended up with their shoes and socks off, and inside the tray.

As the children really enjoyed the last topic, we continued to enhance the children's interest in the beach. They practiced their physical skills – throwing/catching and kicking the beach ball. The children also did a pairs activity where they were able to match up the same objects.

They painted the shells as an activity and had bottle top lids floating in the water tray like little boats. The ladies made puff paint and the children used it to make their very own 3D pictures to be displayed on our wall display.

Finally, we focused on transport, where we had the children using the coupe cars outside, observing them moving them backwards or forwards with their feet.

We had the transport puzzles out and worked on a few next steps with various children.

The boys and girls enjoy having the small world cars out, so we had the car floor mat out, as well as the car track construction set. When playing with the cars, we spoke about colour recognition throughout and even managed to get children to count the number of wheels on the vehicles.

Cheeky Monkeys

During spring, the children had discussions about the different types of weather which we can see during spring time and the affect it has on things such as the trees and the leaves. They also practiced their shape recognition by doing a shape flower activity, learning what a square, circle, heart, rectangle and diamond are.

The children did various arts and crafts activities such as cotton wool rabbit tails, springtime colouring and fork flowers to develop their fine motor and cognitive development.

During the 'In the garden' topic, the Cheeky Monkeys went on a bear hunt to expand their imaginative and role play skills. They developed their fine and gross motor skills by doing activities such as carrot picking, bunny hopping and hop scotch. The children made sun catchers and CD mobiles to hang on their windows (and out in their garden), so the light can catch them. They also planted some runner bean seeds, watered them every other day and learnt about what a plant needs to survive - this teaches the children about responsibility and caring for other living things.

As the lighter days approached, we began our Summer topic, and the children enjoyed applying sun cream to the dolls which helped teach them about being safe in the sun and the responsibility we have to take care of ourselves.

The children continued to develop their counting skills by having a fun game of summer bingo and counting the watermelon seeds. A watermelon was also tasted to help promote healthy eating.

The Cheeky Monkeys enjoyed a Teddy bears picnic which helps to build friendships and communication with others.  

The Cheeky Monkeys are in the middle of their 'Fairytale' topic in which they have done various arts and crafts activities such as wand making, unicorn masks and making a crown. This naturally led onto role playing in which the children pretended to be fairies, witches, knights, frogs and dragons. This promotes quality interaction, as well as speech and language development. Children made their own fairytale story which helps develop their story telling skills and encourages children to work as a team. Please keep a look out on our learning wall each day to see what we have been doing.

Busy Bees

We started off last term learning about transport. This stemmed from the children's interest in the movie, 'Cars'. We began having a discussion about the types of transport we are aware of. A bike was a popular answer, which led onto us discussing why it is important to wear a helmet? Some of the children's answers were "Because we need to protect our brains" and "You might get squashed by a car". Children created their own helmets at the mark making table using a variety of materials such as glitter, paper and scissors.

After looking at some boats and creating our own anchors, the children participated in a float and sink experiment. They chose items from around the room that they thought would either float or sink, and then placed them in the water to see if they had the correct answers. Some of the children grasped that the lighter items were the ones that would float and the heavy ones were the ones that would sink. A graph was made by the children to record the number of floating and sinking items.

We have since moved on to talk about 'Growing up'. This became an area of interest when our pre school children started to leave to go to school.  The children were naturally curious about what happens when they are certain ages. Some of the children commented on how "We have babies" or "Your hair changes", with one child even telling us that "Once you are a dad you grow even bigger into a granda". This led onto the children taking about how babies can't eat things that we eat and how they need help to change their nappies. We then added dolls, nappies, bottles etc to the role play area for the children to practice how to look after a baby.

Part of this learning experience was identifying our different body parts. The children helped to create a My Body wall in the story corner, naming all the body parts they know or had learnt about during that activity.

Part of growing up for most of our children seemed to involve the experience of going on holiday, so this led us onto discussing different countries.  We spoke about Scotland, Ireland, Italy and England as these were all places the children said they had visited. We learnt how to say Hello in the languages spoken in the different countries, as well as learning about some of the traditions of some countries such as Highland dancing. The children are still showing an interest in this topic at the minute so keep a look out on our learning wall for more. 

Policies of the Term

Each term, the nursery focuses on certain policies. Policies this term are:-

14. Infection Control

11. Unexpected Absence

13. Fire prevention & Control

You will find these policies on the parent's notice board by the main hall. Parents are welcome to read our policy folder at any time.

Kind Regards

Rachael Farman

Nursery Manager