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Term 4 April Newsletter 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

Spring is finally upon us and we in the Little Bunnies are looking forward to sunnier days.    Welcome to all our new children and parents.


There have been some changes to the team within the Little Bunnies room, most notably due to Suzanne assuming the role of Nursery Manager during Rachael’s period of maternity leave. The current team and their days of work are:

Deborah Mathers (Room Leader): Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri full days.

Joanne Noble (Nursery Nurse): Mon, Tue, Wed Thu full days, & Fri am.

Sarah Lawson (Nursery Assistant): Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri full days.

Tyler Webster (Nursery Assistant): Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri full days.

Louise Brown (Nursery Assistant): Mon, Tue, Thu full days.

Alison Tomlinson (Nursery Assistant): Fri pm & extra holiday cover as required.

Since our February Newsletter, we have been busy covering several topics:

Scotland and Burns Night:

Although you may imagine this to be a narrow topic, we nonetheless managed to have lots and lots of fun with using different materials for art and craft activities – for example the children tested their fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination whilst making shortbread. During this activity all the children took turns in adding and weighing ingredients and mixing them together. Once the mixture was ready, the ladies helped to roll it out ready for the children to cut out circular shortbread biscuits ready for baking.  (Responsive Care 3 – To become independent and practice new skills)

Sarah is an enthusiastic and accomplished Scottish Country Dancer, and brought in some of her own Scottish music CDs to share with the children. The older children had lots of fun moving to the music and dancing with their friends.  The younger children watched with awe as their friends skipped, jumped and danced along with the music. (Respect 3 – To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences)

It wouldn’t be Burns Night without a Scottish Flag or two, so the children made some blue and white tissue paper collages. The ladies provided a picture of a Scottish flag and the children followed the instructions given to spread the glue onto the paper and select blue and white tissue paper to stick on to their own flag picture. (Responsive Care 4 – To explore, experiment and try out new things indoor and out)


Everybody loves a bit of Disney and the Little Bunnies are no exception!  I think the Ladies had just as much fun as the children with this topic. The children spent time dressing up as Snow White, Princess Elsa and Prince Charming, as well as Dumbo the elephant and Simba from the Lion King. The children had great fun pretending to be someone else and developing their gross motor skills by trying to dress themselves.  (Responsive Care 3 – To become independent and practice new skills)

Everyone took part in making paper plate Disney Characters using paint to decorate the paper plates to look like their favourite characters. (Responsive Care 4 – To explore, experiment and try new things indoors and out)

The children took part in a baking activity in which they had to wait their turn and share the equipment with each other.  As well as having to learn to share limited resources with their friends, this also gave the children an opportunity to develop their fine motor skills and their hand eye co-ordination. (Rights of the Child 3 – To be involved in daily planning including planning for transitions)

In The Sea:

We spent time looking at sea shells and took this opportunity to do shell rubbings with chalk.  In doing so we created some lovely patterns and the children were very excited by their creations !  Responsive care 4 – To explore, experiment and try new things indoors and out)

As a next step we took the parachute out into the garden and pretended that it was the waves crashing on the shore. (Respect 3 – To have an opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences.

Next, we used rice, pasta, water, food colouring and glitter to make sensory sound and sight bottles.  The children took turns filling the bottles to make different aspects of the sea.  The rice made the sound of the waves crashing, the food colouring made the water look  murky, and the glitter looked like the sun shining on the sea.  The children now play with these new creations on a daily basis within our sensory area. (Responsive Care 4 – To explore, experiment and try new things indoor and out)

During the time that we were covering ‘In the Sea’, Valentine’s Day came upon us and the children all made beautiful Valentines cards to take home to you all.  The children were given a choice of materials to pick from to make their cards.  Hopefully you liked them as much as they enjoyed making them. (Rights of the child 2 – To have opportunities to be actively involved in decision making)

Finally, to re-create a beach scene within our room, we provided sand in the messy tray and buckets and spades to pretend we were at the beach, and the ladies hid some sea creatures inside jelly for the children to find. Blue hair gel was used as water and boats were provided for the children to imagine they were in the water. It was lot’ of fun!!


A lot of the children have taken a large interest in playing in the Role Play area with the dolls and buggies so this led us on to a topic revolving around babies.  The older children used glue and crepe paper to make a collage baby bottle to go on our wall display, (Responsive care 5 – To develop an awareness about what they know and can do through play) and the younger children made keep-sake hand and footprint pictures with a lovely poem.  The ladies painted their feet and hands with soft brushes and helped the children to leave a print on card.(Respect 3 – To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy and enjoy a range of experiences)

The children were invited to bring their teddies to a teddy-bears picnic in the garden, when the children enjoyed a healthy snack with their bears and were given the opportunity to spend time introducing each other to the furry friends they had brought along. (Responsive Care 7 – To feel connected to their home environment and the wider community)

We have recently received a new kitchen for our Role Play area which everybody has thoroughly enjoyed playing with. The older children have been stretching their imagination and making all the staff some lovely meals and drinks. (Relationships 5 – To grow in confidence and be supported to work through new experiences, challenges and conflicts)

At group time we were practising our songs and singing ‘Miss Polly had a Dolly’ and’ Hush little baby’.


Before we knew it, spring was upon us again (unfortunately no one told the weatherman). This has meant that we have had longer to spend in the garden with the lighter evenings which the children all thoroughly enjoy.  We realised that it is spring when all the baby lambs begin to appear – and to celebrate these wee new lives a few appeared on our baby room walls, which the children made using cotton wool and glue. (Respect 5 – To have the freedom to express themselves)

All the children enjoyed going out for walks, looking out for baby animals and new spring flowers, telling the ladies or pointing at the things they found. (Rights of the child 4 – To thrive and be nurtured by loving adults who promote their learning)

The ladies hid lots of toy birds and small animals in the messy tray with shredded paper for the children to find. This was a fun sensory activity where we talked about the birds being in their nests. (Respect 1 – To feel included appreciated and valued as an individual)

We are now doing ‘Transport’ as a current topic just now.  All ideas from parents are greatly appreciated for all our topics, and you are all very welcome to make suggestions, or even come along and contribute!!  If you are interested and wish to become involved please speak to the team. Alternatively just leave a wee suggestion on the ideas sheet at the sign-in/out sheet.


In so much as we have had some difficulty in predicting the weather of late, can we please ask that you provide us with appropriate clothing as we go outside every day and therefore your child will need outdoor as well as indoor shoes, and a wet suit for when the weather isn’t so nice, as well as hats or gloves so we all keep warm. We cannot always guarantee your child’s outdoor clothes will remain clean and dry when at nursery, so please ensure a change is available in their bag.  Thank you.

As there is a growing number of children within the Little Bunnies room, can we please ask that you take home your child’s rucksack daily, especially if they are not attending the very next day to allow others to access their peg. Also, could you please ensure that your children’s belongings are labelled.

I would also request that all children must have separate indoor shoes for hygiene reasons – slippers/soft shoes are perfect for indoor use and sturdy shoes or wellies for outside.

We would also like to remind you to check your child’s daily book before coming to nursery in case more nappies or wipes are required. 

We would also request that all teas must be signed in when dropped off in the morning, and would remind you that we cannot accept any foods containing nuts, shellfish or cooked rice.

Please can you ensure that both the outside door and the Little Bunny Room door are closed when entering and exiting the building - Thank you

Kind Regards

Deborah Mathers (Acting Room Leader, Nursery Nurse - SVQ 3)

Joanne Noble (Nursery Nurse – CCLD 3)

Louise Brown (Nursery Assistant)

Sarah Lawson (Nursery Assistant - Undertaking level 2)

Tyler Webster (Nursery Assistant - Undertaking level 3)

Alison Tomlinson (Nursery Assistant)

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