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Term 4 News

Dear Parents/Carers

We would like to welcome all of our new friends to the 0-2 room and wish all the boys and girls moving to the 2-3 room the best of luck.

As the colder weather continues, can you please ensure your child has a hat and gloves which can stay at nursery so we can wrap up warm when outside. Can you also make sure your child has appropriate footwear and jackets for outdoor play.

What we've done


For this topic, the children participated in a winter role play activity, using the sledges indoors. The children kept safe by holding on to the rope as the staff pulled them along.   They then made collage sledges using a variety of different materials. (Responsive Care 2 - To be involved in daily and individual routines).  The children were able to choose from a variety of collage materials to decorate pictures of penguins and polar bears, developing their fine motor skills when gluing and sticking.  They enjoyed getting messy and feeling the texture of the shaving foam in their hands, whilst searching for the artic animals hidden in amongst the foam.  (Respect 3 – To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences)

The boys and girls used cotton wool to make a winter picture, as well as paint to decorate pictures of robins. Whilst doing so, the staff spoke about the noises birds make. 

The children took turns to stir a shortbread mixture, and then cut out snowflake shapes using the cutters, showing good fine motor skills and turn taking skills.  (Rights of the child 4 – To thrive and be nurtured by loving adults who promote their learning and development)

The children were learning new skills whilst dressing themselves in their winter hats and gloves and showed good independence during this activity.  They then coloured in hat and glove pictures using the pens, choosing which colours they wanted to use. (Responsive Care 3 – To become independent and practice new skills)

Everyone listened well to the various winter stories we chose from the library bus and we all  enjoyed learning new songs. The boys and girls also enjoyed looking at winter books by themselves in the story corner.

Under the Sea

For this topic, the children were able to go on to the library bus to choose 'under the sea' books. They got 'under the sea' puppets which they used during a role play activity, learning how to hold the puppets, as well as make various animal noises.  (Responsive Care 7 – To feel connected to their home environment and the wider community)

The children participated in a show and tell week and were asked to bring in a book, toy, cd etc. to do with 'under the sea' that they could show their peers.  Thank you for the wide variety of items which were brought for showing. (Rights of the child 7 – To feel respected, valued and begin to know their place in the world)

The boys and girls were given the opportunity to help make queen cakes and then choose an 'under the sea' topper to decorate the cake. 

As part of our show and tell, Myla took in 'under the sea' stickers which we used to make our message in a bottle. The children were able to choose their stickers and then mark make their message to go inside a bottle. (Rights of the child 2 – To have the opportunities to actively be involved in decision making). Everyone then put their bottles in the water tray to float them.

The children also used the water tray to put the boats and sea creatures in, moving them through the water, causing lots of waves and splashes!

The children used their hands to make rainbow fish. The staff painted their hands and the children printed them on to the paper.  They also used paper plates and collage to make octopuses, as well as having the opportunity to feel the texture of the blue shaving foam. (Relationships 3 – To develop a positive sense of self and feel good about themselves)


For this topic, the children went out for a spring walk and were spotting spring flowers. They then developed their pincer grips by colouring flower pictures, using pens. (Responsive Care 2 – To be involved in daily and individual routines) The children used spring colours and paints to make paper plate flowers.  They also showed good hand eye co-ordination when making caterpillar pictures, sticking their collage circles on to the glue.

The children really enjoyed playing with the role play garden set in the house corner, and then they went onto plant sun flower seeds which are growing very well - they will soon be planting them in to the garden outside. (Respect 2 – To develop respect for themselves, others and the environment around them)

The boys and girls used sand paint to decorate their duck pictures and yellow tissue paper to make their daffodil pictures.

We all had a visit from the lambs. Ashleigh from the 2-3 room took in 2 lambs for the children to meet. The children had the opportunity to pet the lambs and they all participated well.  We responded to this by using cotton wool for the children to decorate their own lamb pictures. (Responsive Care 7 – To feel connected to their home environment and the wider community)

The children were showing good fine motor skills and decision making skills when making shortbread and were able to choose which spring cutters to use.


The children enjoyed Scottish Country dancing after watching the 3-5 children over the gate, dancing.  The children then used cars and paint to roll over paper and create tartan pictures. (Respect 6 – To value diversity in language, ethnic background, faith and family circumstances)

Mother's Day cards

An idea from Isla's dad helped the children to make mother's day cards. They made flowers using their hands and stuck on their flower pot and added a poem. The children enjoyed making these, so we hoped you liked these too. (Relationships 3 – To develop a positive sense of self and feel good about themselves)


We had an Easter bonnet competition and Belle was our winner - thank you to everyone that took in a bonnet.  The children then made Easter chicks using gummed paper. (Respect 1 – To feel included, appreciated and valued as an individual)

Sports Relief

Throughout the week, the children joined in with a range of activities. They participated in an obstacle course, as well as having a bake sale. The children and staff wore their sports clothes and took in their favourite teddy, and then on Friday the children and staff dressed up as animals.  Thank you to everyone who took part - we all had a fun week. (Responsive Care 4 – To explore, experiment and try out new things indoors and out)


Throughout April we are focusing on the farm and will continue to take on board the children's interests and any parental suggestions to plan further topics and activities.


The children have the opportunity to go out for walks or enjoy garden time each day. The library bus comes to the nursery every second Monday, and this gives the children the opportunity to go on and choose books which they can listen to at nursery,


Thank you to everyone who has taken Leo on holiday.  He is having a great time meeting everyone's family and going on adventures.  Leo would love to stay at your house soon, and have some great adventures with you. It's lovely sharing his stories with all the boys and girls at group times.  If you would like him to visit you, then please let a member of staff know. 

Thank You

Melanie Adam

Room Leader/Assistant Manager


Lilian McCallum

Nursery Nurse

Margaret Melvin

Nursery Nurse

Alison Henderson

Nursery Nurse


Alison May

Nursery Nurse

Chloe Grant

Nursery Assistant

(working towards level 2)


Alison Dalgarno

Nursery Assistant

Level 2 (working to level 3)

Deborah Mathers

Nursery Nurse

(Maternity Leave)

Susan Price

Nursery Nurse

Chloe Taylor

Maternity Nursery Assistant     



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