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Term 4 News

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Easter holidays! The boys and girls had been very busy this term so definitely deserved a break.  Quieter times at nursery meant we got a chance to go for some lovely walks and get to see all the spring flowers. Getting to have

a run around in the park was probably the best bit.

What we've done

Due to the weather being so tumultuous at the beginning of the year, the children had a lot to talk about! This prompted us to start a topic about weather. A lot of them described seeing the floods and were keen to do some artwork to share what they had seen -Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through activities within art and craft EXA 0-05a. Some of the children had asked how the flood happened. To explain to the children how it happened, we got a cup which had water in it and explained that was the river. Then we got a jug with water in it and said that was the rain. I then kept pouring the water into the cup until it over flowed. One of the boys said 'There's not room for all the water' and that helped them understand how the flood happened.

Using experiments to describe the effects of the weather was very effective. A beaker had been left outside to show how much it would rain over night, and the children asked to know more about the wind, so Hazel used a fan to show how the wind could make a paper boat move in the water tray. Some of the comments were 'It makes waves' and 'the wind could blow the leaves off the tree's'. -Through every day experiences play with a variety of toys and other objects, I can recognise simple forces and describe their effects SCN0-07a. Of course learning about wind did provoke some of the children to want to build some kites. With some support, they were able to make the structure of the kite and then decorate it. Flying the kites in the garden was very exciting! -Through discovery, natural curiosity and imagination, I explore ways to construct models or solve problems TCH 0-14a.

Whist learning about the weather, we also explored the different weather you get in each season. The children were able to understand by discussing what happens to the trees. They used this to create their season wall display. -Working on my own and with others, I use my curiosity and imagination to solve design problems EXA 0-06 a.  The staff helped the boys and girls create a template of a tree and some of the older children cut them out. In groups, the children discussed what each tree would have. The summer tree had lots and lots of green leaves, the spring tree and little ones and blossoms, the autumn tree had orange, red and green leaves and finally the winter tree had snow. -I can respond to the work of artists and designers by discussing my thoughts and feelings. I can give and accept constructive comment on my own and others work EXA 0-07a. The children went through a variety of materials to  create their tree and chose to use crepe paper and paint to decorate it. -Within real and imaginary settings, I am developing my practical skills as I select and work with a range of materials, tools and software TCH 0-12a. Then some of the children hand wrote the name of each tree to complete our wall.- I explore sounds, letters and words, discovering how they work together and I can use what I learn to help me as I read or write ENG 0-12a/LIT 0-13a/ENG 0-21a

When doing our mind map about the weather, one of the children asked 'Why does the sun go away?' To find out, we asked the library bus to bring us books about the sun. -I use signs, books or other texts to find useful or interesting information and I use this to plan, make choices or learn new things LIT 0-14a.We found out that the earth went around the sun while turning. When the earth turned the sun wouldn't be shining on certain countries and that made it night time. We then used a ball to represent the sun and the earth to show how they moved round each other. Some of the children said after 'The sun goes to America when its dark here' 'The sun helps things to grow' and 'It (the sun) moves across the sky. It rises and sets.' -I have experienced the wonder of looking at the vastness of the sky, and can recognise the sun, moon and stars and link them to daily patterns of life. SCN 0-06a.

Some of the boys and girls had found videos on the iPad of fireworks at Chinese New Year. The boys and girls used google to find more information and the children were very interested. They thought the dragon dancing was especially good. Lauren encouraged the children to do their own version of dragon dancing by giving them scarves and putting on music from Chinese culture. They held on to each other to make a long dragon and leapt across the room. –Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express my ideas, thoughts and feelings through creative work in dance EXA 0-09a.  One of the children also brought in some items from China. We had some dresses, lanterns and chopsticks. The children were very interested in exploring the items and asked lots of questions about each item. Thanks a lot Catherine Hambly for allowing us to use all these wonderful things with the boys and girls.-I am aware of that different types of evidence can help me to find out about the word around me SOC 0-15a.

The next topic we moved on to was about how things work.  This started due to the children making ramps in the 3-5 room using wooden blocks. The children wanted to find out which car would go faster down a ramp. They selected a small, medium and large car to go down the ramp. The children all got a chance to say which car they thought would be fastest. They then sent the car down and then used a measuring tape to see how far it could go.  We wrote down the measurement and then used the measuring tape to make a life size bar graph. This made it clear for the children to see what car went faster.-I can collect objects and ask questions to gather information, organising my findings in different ways MNU 0-20a.

We had lots of fun on World book day!  The ante pre-schoolers' went with Hazel and used pictures to recreate the Hungry Caterpillar story. The children got to practice their days of the week and discussed what food was healthy and unhealthy.-I know that people need different kinds of food to keep them healthy HWB 0-32a.The pre-schoolers wanted to create a story of their own. The children used puppets to give them ideas and talked about how a story needed a baddie and a goodie. Then the children decided where the characters lived, what their jobs were and what made the baddie angry and who the hero saved. Louise then wrote their story down. Afterwards, the children did some fantastic pictures to show what happened!– I enjoy exploring events and characters in stories and other texts and I use what I learn to invent my own, sharing these with others in imaginative ways LIT 0-09b/ LIT 0-31a.

We have been doing a lot to develop our garden.  The boys and girls were given the task to think of things to buy from the garden centre. They wanted to buy flowers, tomato and vegetable seeds and bird feed. The children have planted their flowers in the garden and some of their flower seeds. We have also given each child the opportunity to grow their own sunflower for them to take home. Each child had their own recording sheet which they used to tick off when they noticed their plant beginning to change. They learnt the different parts of the plant and thought about what their sunflower would need to grow. Once their plants have grown a bit, they will get to take it home. We would love if the children could bring us a picture once their flower had sprouted!-I have helped to grow plants and can name their basic parts. I can talk about how they grow and what I need to do to look after them SCN 0-03a

Show and Tell

Show and tell is really beneficial to children because it helps them develop their social, emotional and language skills. Your child is then the centre of attention while they talk about an item that's significant and other children ask them questions about it. This positive interaction helps build their self- esteem and in turn is a confidence boost!  -Within real and imaginary situations, I share experiences and feelings, ideas and information in a way that communicates my message LIT 0-09a

We will keep the website updated regularly but here are some of the near future dates!

Tuesday 3rd of May-A Farm animal

Wednesday 11th of May- A toy from the garden

Thursday 19th  of May-Something Bouncy

Friday 3rd of June- A animal costume

Monday the 6th of June- Something Sporty

Tuesday the 14th of June-What I need on holiday

Other news

We are very sad to say good bye to Angela from Abricabeats. Miss K is back and  started on the 21st of April. The children are very excited to have her back.

Congratulations to Angus Birnie who won the Easter Bonnet competition! He had created a super design and all the staff were really impressed with what he had made. There were several impressive hats brought in, so well done to everyone.

I would like to announce that I will be expecting a baby on the 18th of August! The children have been very interested and I have shown them some of the scan pictures. Lauren also made a week by week chart to show them what size the baby will be.  They have all been very interested and have been asking lots about it.- I am learning about where living things come from and about how they grow developed and re nurtured. HWB 0-50a. My expected last day at nursery will be the 3rd of August so I will be very happy to see the pre-schoolers before they start their adventures at school.

Kind Regards from

Maddy Evans- Room Leader

Lauren Donald – Childcare Practitioner

Hazel Stein – Childcare Practitioner

Louise Glennie– Nursery Assistant

Samantha Gilchrist – Nursery Assistant

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