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Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you have all had a good Easter holiday if you managed to get some time off – we are happy with the return of Mr Sunshine J


As you are all aware, Ainslie is expecting her second baby and has chosen to cut down her work load in the run up to her maternity leave. She will only be working a Wednesday and Thursday from the 20th April up until the 11th of May. Kirsti will be working Ainslie’s hours until her return.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that Emma Davidson will be returning from maternity leave on the 11th of May. She will be working a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Staffing within the Little Bunnies is as follows:

Suzanne (Room Leader and Assistant Manager – day off is a Thursday)

Joanne (Nursery Nurse – has a Friday afternoon off)

Sarah (Nursery Assistant – day off is a Monday)

Ainslie (Nursery Assistant – heading on maternity leave)

Emma (Nursery Nurse – working a Monday, Tuesday & Thursday)

Kirsti (Nursery Assistant – is covering Ainslie’s hours whose day off will be a Tuesday)

Since our January newsletter, we have been very busy covering several topics:-

My Body:

For this topic we learnt all about the various body parts – we spoke to the children, pointing out parts of the body, as well as a learning body songs and using flashcards.  Some of the older managed this really well and could identify the different parts on the flash cards. Others could point to their own body parts. (Responsive care 5: To develop an awareness about what they know and can do through play)

We borrowed some mirrors from the pre-school room, and we held these out when doing a painting activity to see if the children could draw themselves - this was rather challenging, but an enjoyable activity none the less.  Some of the children tried to make a face on the mirror with their painted fingertips, whilst looking at themselves in the mirror – we pointed at their ‘noses’ and ‘eyes’, however the boys and girls found it funny and just made nice finger paintings on the mirrors instead J(Respect 2: To develop respect for themselves and others in the environment around them)

When using the scissors to cut out some body part pictures, the children developed their fine motor and concentration skills. (Relationships 5: To grow in confidence and be able to express and be supported to work through new experiences, challenges and conflict)

The babies love to get involved with body painting, especially when we had the giant mat out in the portacabin. Lots of fun and of course mess!!  We drew around one of the children, and everyone helped to decorate the picture, using paints and various art and craft materials, along with glue.

As well as the body activities, we made play dough which is always a good hit. Ainslie added a little purple paint to the mixture so it was a nice colour.  We also used lots of energy when doing our ‘sticky kids’ dance cd - this was a first experience for some of our new children.

Scotland/Robbie Burns day:

For this topic, we enjoyed listening to Scottish pipe music which Sarah brought in for us. Most of the children were drawn to the cd player when it was on, and they thoroughly enjoyed dancing to it, showing good rhythm.  The ladies showed them how to highland dance (or try), which was quite amusing for most children!  A few of them did really well when trying to copy, and were able to lift one leg up at a time. (Responsive Care 7:  To feel connected to their home environment and wider community). 

We drew little haggis pictures for the children to decorate, using tissue paper and glue. We also drew a large thistle, and the boys and girls decorated it with a helping hand from Ainslie.  Tartan pictures were made using tartan ribbon, with the children making their own individual tartans. They managed to stick these down well, and in various directions which formed the tartan affect we were looking for. (Rights of the child 4: To thrive and be nurtured by loving adults who promote their learning and development)

When making shortbread, the boys and girls were good at mixing the ingredients, showing good hygiene skills, as well as good hand eye co-ordination when using the cutters. They were able to press down hard enough to make the dough cut. (Respect 3: To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences)

Sarah took in a book of Scottish stories which the children sat well and listened too.  The ladies sang ‘Flower of Scotland’ and ‘Loch Lomond’ at song time also.

Colours & Shapes:

There was lots of learning throughout this topic, and it helped us focus on key areas for most children, such as problem solving and manipulative play.  We had out the shape sorters, as well as the 4 piece, 6 piece and 9 piece puzzles throughout the week for children. (Rights of the child 4: To thrive and be nurtured by loving adults who promote their learning and development)

We had the parachute out which took up our whole cabin J - the children found it quite exciting, and of course there were lots of colours to speak about when we were rolling the ball back and forth. They recognised the colour the ball was on at the time, and they also tried to roll the ball onto a specific coloured triangle.  Of course, it was more fun to just try and catch the ball and run underneath. (Responsive care 5: To develop an awareness of what they know and can do through play)

The children enjoyed making sand pictures with the coloured sand.  They had lots of fun gluing the paper, and pouring/sprinkling the sand onto it also.  No sticky hands in this one J

We had ‘free choice’ painting activities throughout the week. We put out various pieces of paper with different shapes and colours available for the children to make their own decisions as to what they would choose for their own pictures. Suzanne made up a worksheet where the children were asked if they could find the matching colour of different objects by pointing, and some of the children were keen to draw a line between the two colours identified. (Respect 3: To have opportunities to participate and enjoy a range of experiences)The children also helped to make a rainbow picture from various materials and the different colours of the rainbow.

We had lots of messy play out during this week, such as the blue water, white shaving foam, green slime, yellow custard, orange baked beans, as well as different coloured sands in the sand tray over the course of the week.  Everyone enjoyed getting messy, including the ladies! (Relationships 5: To grow in confidence and be supported through new experiences and challenges).


For this topic, the children participated in lots of arts and craft.  There were feathered spring chicks with googly eyes made and displayed up on our wall, along with cotton wool lambs (Responsive care 4: To explore, experiment and try new things indoors and out)

The boys and girls explored real flowers - they enjoyed smelling them, ripping them or cutting them, and discovering all about the various kinds of flowers you get, as well as the various textures.  The children were fully engaged in this activity throughout, and had lots of fun. (Rights of the child 4: To thrive and be nurtured by loving adults who promote their learning and development)

We made flower pictures using sponges, paint brushes, fingers and glitter J - the children enjoyed the freedom of choice, being able to swap between all the resources.  (Respect 3: To have the opportunity to participate in a range of experiences)

We cut out flower prints in potatoes and helped the children do flower printing, with several of the older children managing very well on their own.

The children learnt a new song called “The farmer plants the seeds”, as well as singing “5 little ducks”, “5 speckled frogs” and “Baa, baa”. 

The children enjoyed having some straw in the tough spot tray with the farm animals. We gave them some role play pennies and asked them if they could buy a certain animal from the farm – some of the children managed well, understanding the concept.

During Easter, the children enjoyed decorating a template Easter egg by sticking on various foam shapes, as well as sponge painting their Easter baskets.

The children have loved coming back across the road, and we are getting outside several times during the day in our garden!! The weather has definitely changed for the better!

Our current topic is ‘Healthy lifestyle’. All ideas from parents are greatly appreciated for our topics, and are very welcome. The ideas area is situated on the sign in and out unit, so please get involved.

Please remember that planning is displayed for you to look at to see what your child will be doing for the week ahead, and also what we hope to achieve. If you have any questions, please just ask!


Now that we seem to be coming into the nicer weather, can we please ask that you provide appropriate nursery clothing for your child/children. Please take away all snowsuits that you may have been leaving at nursery when the time comes. We cannot guarantee your child’s clothes will stay clean and dry when out in the garden.  The nursery bags can be left at nursery, but you need to make sure the clothes in them still fit and are weather appropriate also. Please ensure there are at least two of everything supplied. 

Can I ask that all children have separate indoor and outdoor shoes - slippers/soft shoes are perfect for indoor shoes, and sturdy shoes or wellies for outside for the rain.

Just a quick reminder that the breakfast club is from 7.30am until 8.15am. Children must be in nursery by 8:15am to have breakfast. Snack is provided at 9:30am if you cannot make it on time for breakfast club. You can provide an alternative if your child is under 12 months of age.

Can we ask that you check your child’s daily book before coming to nursery in case more nappies or wipes are required. Although the girls inform you at the end of a night, it may slip your mind in the morning. We only have a limited supply of spares, so we would greatly appreciate that you always check there are enough of these items at nursery for your child.

Thank You

Suzanne Stephen (Assistant Manager and Room Leader)        

Joanne Noble (Nursery Nurse – CCLD Level 3)

Sarah Lawson (Nursery Assistant – doing level 2 training)

Ainslie Gill (Nursery Assistant – awaiting level 2 training)

Emma Davidson (Nursery Nurse - SVQ 3)

Kirsti McCarthy (Nursery Assistant – starting level 3 training)

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