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Term 4 April 2015

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter, whether you went away or just relaxed at home and enjoyed those Easter eggs! We had lots of Busy Bees excited about the Easter bunny arriving!


At the end of January, we began learning about transport. We thought this would be good to focus on with the children, because a large number of them showed imaginative skills using the balancing beam as a train! They demonstrated turn taking with each other, requesting tickets, whilst also pretending to be the train.

As we had a group discussion on transport, the children were unsure about the word 'transport', so we explained its meaning, giving examples of different vehicles we travel in. This allowed them to have a clearer understanding of the topic, which then enabled them to give their own ideas to create mind maps.

A few of the children showed an interest in how fast cars go, so we created a race track, and using the toy cars, we had a race. Prior to this, we made a tick chart as to what car the children thought would win the race! On our chart we had a photograph of each vehicle we used, and after the race, the children discovered that the small yellow car had won - it was the fastest of our cars! During the race, we also had a discussion about the colour of our mummies and daddies cars - we discovered that silver and black cars seem to be the most popular! (ENG 0-12a/LIT 0-12a/LIT 0-12a. I explore sounds, letter and words, discovering how they work together and I can use what I learn to help me as I read and write.)

During this topic, the children also practiced their cutting skills. They created a car with a variety of cut out shapes, as well as painting toy car wheels to see the different patterns they could create. The children are developing their fine motor skills when using the scissors, and they are all becoming a lot more confident when using them.

We decided to do an experiment to find out what makes cars move. After a discussion with the children about how they think we could make the cars move, we decided to use the balancing beam to create a straight level road and then we moved it to create a hill – this allowed the children to see the difference between the speed of the cars by pushing them on a straight road and going down the hill. (MTH 0-16a. I enjoy investigating objects and shapes and can sort, describe and be creative with them.) This was interesting for them as it instigated the children to state different facts that they knew about cars,  such as ‘accelerator, you press it’, and then ‘brake to stop’, ‘a steering wheel to make a car turn’ and ‘petrol for your car’. A lot of the children showed a good understanding of different vehicles which were slower than others, for example a tractor is slower than a car, and also that you need to brake if going down a steep hill, demonstrating good knowledge and understanding. (TCH 0-14a. Through discovery, natural curosity and imagination, I explore way to construct models or solve problems.)

Some of the children were pretending to be doctors and nurses, so we had a discussion about emergency transport, talking about people who drive the emergency vehicles. This instigated our next topic which was ‘People who help us’. The children did a matching sheet and also a dot to dot of emergency vehicles. (EXA 0-04a. I can create a range of visual information through observing and recording from my experiences across the curriculum.) (EXA 0-06a. Working on my own and with others, I use my curiosity and imagination to solve design problems.)

People who help us

And so, we went on to learn about 'People who help us', as the children showed a lot of interest in learning about emergency vehicles. They then went on to play 'doctors’ and ‘nurses', using the house corner as a pretend hospital, so lots of role play!

The children demonstrated good knowledge and understanding as we discussed what they already knew about 'People who help us' and they gave lots of different ideas of what they would like to learn more about. For example ‘how nurses look after babies’, ‘how vets help puppies’, as well as mentioning the ‘popcorn ladies at the cinema’.

All the Busy Bees were interested in what doctors kept in their bags, so each child had the opportunity to create a doctors bag using paper, cut out strips and pens… and the children were able to create a cross on the bag! During this activity they made a list of different items that the doctor would need in his/her bag. The children identified gloves, a bandage, a stethoscope, a sling, and big plasters. As the children were very interested in this, we decided to explore our nursery first aid kit. The children took it in turns to pick something out of the box – they had a discussion on what each item was and what it was used for, stating… ‘a bandage is for people who hurt their arm’, ‘scissors are for cutting tape,’ and ‘tweezers will get beastie stings out’.

The children went on to ask about what vets do, so we had more group discussions on this too, and they learned more facts. For example ‘they help sick dogs and sick cats’, ‘they make them feel better’, and ‘they check their eyes and ears’. (LIT 0-010a. As I listen and take part in conversations and discussions, I discover new words and phrases which I use to help me express my ideas, thoughts and feelings.)

After this, we then went on to talk about pets, and the children all chose an animal they wanted to draw, using different resources. They then practiced their writing skills by writing the name of the animal on their picture. (EXA 0-05a. Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express and communicate any ideas, thoughts and feelings through activities within art and design.) Each child was able to explain what type of pet they had in their own family or their friend’s families, and when they take it to the vet.

The children showed a keen interest in 'nurses who look after new babies'. After investigating what this type of nurse does, we learnt the correct name is a midwife.  We learnt more about what a midwife’s job is by using books and the internet. (LIT 0-02a. As I listen and talk in different situations, I am learning to take turns and am developing my awareness of when to talk and when to listen.) Some of the children then pretended they were a midwife, and practiced putting a nappyon a doll. (HWB 0-15a. I am developing my understanding of the human body and can use this knowledge to maintain and improve my wellbeing and health.) They took temperatures using a thermometer worksheet to record their findings, and all the pre-school children practiced writing their numbers, (ENG 0-012a/LIT 0-13a/LIT 0-21a. I explore sounds, letters and words, discovering how they work together and I can use what I learn to help me as I read.) with the ante pre-school children cutting out numbers. (MNU 0-02a. I have explored numbers, understanding that they represent quantities and I can use them to count, create sequences and describe order.)

We are grateful to have had a visit from some paramedics and their ambulance to the nursery. This was very exciting for the children who expressed enjoyment whilst exploring inside the ambulance and all the different resources which are used, as well as listening to the sirens and watching the flashing lights!The paramedic came in to give the children a talk about what the oxygen masks and gloves are for, and she also showed the children how to put on a bandage. The children were also shown a heart monitor and how it worked when placed on her wrist and her ankle. (SOC 0-15a. I am aware that different types of evidence can help me to find out the world around me.)

We also had some of our mummies and daddies come into nursery to tell us all about their jobs. We had Maisie’s mum (a teacher), who came in to show us different books, explaining that she teaches people to read. We also had Fraser’s mum (a minister), who spoke about how she helps people not just at church, but at their homes and when they are going through sad times, and we had Isla’s mum (an occupational therapist) who came in to talk about how she helps people re-use their muscles etc. She did an activity where the children wore rubber gloves which were too big – this made the children concentrate on their muscles, as they tried hard to pick up coins and put them in a piggy bank. We’d like to say a big thank you again to everyone who came along and spoke with the children about their jobs. This was very interesting for them as they have learnt lots of new facts!(SOC 0-16a. By exploring my local community, I have discovered the different roles people play and how they help.)

The children were all particularly thrilled when a pilot came to visit them. They were really interested as he explained about the helicopter and how it is used to take people offshore and to the hospital if needed. He also explained how the helicopter moves! ..so a big thank you for coming in to nursery.


We are now learning about 'Space', as one of the children brought in a toy rocket, and several of the children expressed excitement talking about it. Also, in the house corner, one of the children 'went on the moon!' We were shown how to walk on the moon, taking large steps - ‘like astronauts’.

The children expressed excitement, showing off their knowledge on what they know about space and we created a mind map which is on our learning wall. This includes the children’s individual ideas about what they would like to learn, such as ‘gravity on the moon’, ‘what space men eat’ etc. (LIT 0-02a/ENG 0-03a. As I listen and talk in different situations, I am learning to take turns and am developing my awareness of when to talk and when to listen.)

The children used paint to create what they thought space looked like, using lots of different colours. We will then let the children create another painting of what they think space looks like after learning about the topic. These will be put in their progress folders in the art and craft section. (EXA 0-05a. Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express and communicate any ideas, thoughts and feelings through activities within art and design.)

There was a lot of discussion about gravity on the moon and earth, so we watched a clip on the iPad of astronauts in a rocket in space, and the children said that they were 'floating' in the rocket. After the discussion, we did an experiment on gravity using a wooden block and a balloon. We created a graph of the results of the gravity experiment which can be seen on our learning wall. The children were able to tell us that because there is no gravity in space that ‘they float’.(SCN 0-20a. I can talk about science stories to develop my understanding of science and the world around me.)

The children have shown a great interest in aliens throughout this topic, so we took funny photos of each other on the iPad and printed them off to decorate, using different materials such as glitter and sequins, using our imagination as to what we think aliens looks like. (SCN 0-15a. Through creative play, I explore different materials and can share my reasoning for selecting materials for different purposes.) We also used a worksheet to create what we think an alien on Mars would look like, and a lot of the children started drawing their friends and saying ’this is what they would look like on Mars’ - they even drew aliens and said ‘this is you on Mars, Gemma!’ (EXA 0-02a. I have the freedom to discover and choose ways to create images and objects using a variety of materials.)

We were really fortunate to have Cassie’s parents, who are scientists, come along to nursery to chat with the boys and girls about their jobs. The children got the chance to do an experiment with a space rocket out in the garden - thank you both for coming in.

Learning about space has been a huge area of interest for the children, and they have all shown great enthusiasm about this topic. We have continued to learn more about space at the start of term 4, learning about astronauts, the moon and also why the sun is a star!


The children enjoyed learning about the Easter story, and participated in some Easter worksheets. We also had six of the children visit the garden centre in Inverurie to choose seeds for planting.


The children show a good interest in practicing to write their name daily, so we have created a wall beside the computer of 'our names'. We will change this on a regular basis to see the development in their fine motor and writing skills. The children also have their own signing in board next to the one for parents, so your child can sign in daily.

Our Show and Tell dates are both on the website and available on our Busy Bee door. Could I please ask that you take your child’s toy home at the end of night so the box is empty - this will also prevent toys getting lost.

On the 25th of March, the children in on that day had a fantastic time at Hoodles play barn, with many tired faces on the return journey.

The library bus comes every second Monday during term time, and the children can go on and choose books to keep at nursery.

Miss K has gone on her maternity leave, however we will be arranging for someone else to come to the nursery to do music and movement with the children.

Each child has their own personal box situated beside the front door which will contain different pictures and drawings they have created at nursery, so could you please check this daily.

The slippers and jacket pegs change daily, so could I ask that you either take home your child’s belongings (slippers and bags) or place them in their box outside the room each night please.

Thank you

Gemma Gove (Room leader)

Lisa Montgomery (Assistant Room Leader)

Faye Glennie (Nursery Nurse)

Alice Berry (Nursery Assistant – started level 3 training)