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Term 4 0-2 News

Term 4 0-2yrs Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers

We would like to welcome all of our new children and parents to the room. We hope you are all settling in well and enjoying your time at Summers. If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to speak to one of the girls in the room, they will be more than happy to help.


We are happy to introduce Rachel Paterson to the 0-2 room. Rachel joins us with a keen interest to work with children. We are looking forward to Rachel joining our team and becoming part of our nursery family.

We have been very busy in the 0-2yrs room and below are some of the activities we have enjoyed. These consist of both planned and spontaneous activities appropriate to the children's ages, stages of development and interests.


From January to March this year, the children have enjoyed exploring the different activities which winter has brought. We have been able to experience real snow play, fake snow play, painting snow scenes and how the seasons changed. We took some snow into the nursery for sensory play, and we were able to use different utensils and bare hands to explore how it felt, and what happens when we hold it. Some of the children enjoyed playing with the snow, however some others were not so sure!! What we all enjoyed was them all watching each other's reactions and sharing their experiences.

On days when the weather allowed, we managed a few spontaneous trips to the local parks to collect leaves and other natural resources for art and craft activities. These trips encouraged group interaction, with the children showing each other what they have collected or competing to find the biggest stick or smallest leave. (Responsive care To be involved with others and take time out for themselves)

Burns Night

On January 25th we celebrated Robert Burns, and the children made some fantastic tartan patterns. The choices available included mixing assorted strips of coloured paper and dipping the wheel of large toy trucks into paint and then pushing them along some card. The children then made their own decisions on what materials to use and how they wanted their 'tartan' to look.

We also enjoyed Haggis, Neeps and Tatties for lunch. This went down quite well this year, with the majority of the children either clearing their plates or at least trying a few spoonfuls.(Rights of the child To have the opportunities to be actively involved in decision making.)

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year commenced on the 8th of February it is the year of the Monkey. We try to celebrate all different festivals and cultures with the children in order to offer them new and different experiences. The children worked together to create a large monkey to display, then made individual lanterns to surround it. The option of brown paints and crepe paper were offered and the children decided to use both options to decorate the pre drawn monkey outline. Staff then cut vertical lines on some card before the children used glue and sequins to decorate them. We showed the children how to fasten them together to make lantern style crafts. After adding handles, everything was attached to the display board.

Food tasting was also on the menu for this occasion, with the children being able to try some Chinese noodles, rice, prawn crackers and duck spring rolls. (Respect To learn about others and value differences, fairness and quality.)

Valentine's Day

Love hearts and glitter were the main ingredients for this activity, as the children made Valentines card for their parents/carers. The smaller babies were introduced to painted handprints, allowing them to experience the feel and texture of paint and see how their hand becomes imprinted as the end result. The older children were given a choice of reds, pinks and purples cards and a selection of stickers - glitter and glue were also on offer. Children were able to sit in small groups and design their own cards. Staff asked questions during this activity relating to the home environment, for example, "Do Mummy and Daddy like this colour ? ". This encouraged the children to talk to their peers about things they do with their loved ones out with nursery, which then led to a large discussion between the children about who had siblings, grandparents or pets. (Responsive care To feel connected to their home environment and the wider community)

St Patrick's Day & Easter

In the middle of March, we celebrated St Patrick's Day. By using some round sponges and green paint, the children were able to design and make their own four leaf clovers. They also enjoyed selecting from a variety of Easter themed stickers. Charmaine also let the children watch and listen to some Irish dancing on an I-pad. During this activity Charmaine led the children around the room, creating her own version of the dances - the children thoroughly enjoyed this, and with much giggling, began to create their own dances. (See also Music and movement) (Respect To value diversity in language, ethnic background, faith and family circumstances.)

Music and Movement

Music and Movement feature prominently in our planning for this term. The children have shown great interest in group activities involving dancing and action songs, often using vocal singing or the CD player. The majority of the children have learnt the actions to a selection of songs, including 'Heads, Shoulder, Knees And Toes', 'Ring-a-Ring-a-Rosies' and 'If You're Happy And You Know It'. The remaining children, or those who are unable to stand or walk, are still very much involved as they are very interested in watching others, clapping hands or using voluntary body movements to participate. The children become very excited when asked if they would like to sing any of these songs. They will hurry over to the dancing area and all hold hands. Activities like these will greatly improve their gross motor skills, social skills and ability to interact with each other. (Relationships To develop a positive sense of self and feel good about each other.)


This term we have also visited the topic of colours. Nicole and Bobbie offered lots of different coloured paint to the children to use with paint brushes and rollers. We decided to make colourful flowers to coincide with the beginning of spring. The children showed off their art skills by using different motor skills to showcase their techniques in creating their artwork. We have also used daily objects to support the children who are beginning to recognise and match the correct colours. Storybooks, clothing and ball pit balls are among the favourites the children point out to us.(Responsive care To develop and awareness about what they know and can do through play.)

Future topics

Our new topics for the next term will include:

Crazy clothes allowing children to choose their funniest or wildest outfit for the day.

Spring related arts and crafts, flower planting, how the seasons change.

Baby animals farms

Trooping of the Colours the Queen's birthday, jets and colours.

Father's Day.


If you are providing your child with an evening meal, this must be signed in when you drop your child off in the morning. Please note that we cannot accept nuts or rice as part of your child's evening meal.

The weather is changing daily so could parents please provide their children with weather appropriate clothing. i.e. all in one suit, hats, wellies, sunhats, light jackets. If your child is not provided with appropriate clothing they may miss out on the opportunity for outdoor play.

We will provide your child with sun cream (Nivea children's factor 50). If you would prefer that your child use an alternative brand please bring it nursery and advise Kirsty or Charmaine.

Could parents please label their children's clothes and shoes as we have many children with the same items and this saves any mix ups.

Children should be provided with both indoor and outdoor shoes, this is for hygiene reasons.

Could all parents who have not already done so, please return their child's portfolio as soon as possible.

Kind regards

0-2yrs Room Team

Kirsty Smith (Assistant Manager/Room leader)

Charmaine Conway (Assistant Room Leader)

Margaret Johnstone (Nursery Nurse)

Fiona Brown (Nursery Nurse)

Bobbie Hall (Nursery Nurse)

Sally Bruce (Nursery Assistant)

Kasia Kobyra (Nursery Assistant)

Nicole Yates (Nursery Assistant)

Rachel Paterson (Nursery Assistant)