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Term 4 3-5 News

Summers Nursery 3-5 Years Room Newsletter 2016 -Term 4

Dear Parents/Carers

Finally ‘spring has sprung’ and we are all delighted to see a little bit of sunshine.

We would like to welcome all our new friends who have joined us from the toddler room; we hope they are settling well.

Angelika Glowacka has joined our team and will work 3 ˝ days a week, being full days on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays plus Tuesday mornings.

You may also have seen another new face around our room on Mondays and Tuesdays - Christopher McKenzie is a student who is studying an N/C qualification at Aberdeen College. Christopher has joined us due to his previous placement at nursery being transferred. This is because the nursery he was at was closing down. He will be with us until the end of June..

Topics this term have included:


The children put together a mind map letting us know what they wanted to learn, and showed a keen interest in ‘space’, so we found out all about planets using books and the internet to learn their different names. We also had great fun making paper mache planets for our own 3D wall display. We also researched stars, moons, rockets, astronauts and gravity. In doing so we discovered many interesting facts including learning that ‘the biggest solar system is bigger than the sun and that the moon is made from dust and rocks and not cheese’ !! We ended our space topic by tasting some real astronaut ice cream (freeze dried), which the children thought tasted like real strawberry ice cream!! (I have experienced the wonder of looking at the vastness of the sky, and can recognise the sun, moon and stars and link them to daily patterns in life. SCN 0-06a)

February - Mini Topic – Valentines and Who We Love

The children were very keen to tell us all about their families and who was special to them. They made fabulous drawings of their ‘loved ones’ and also brought photographs of them to take part in  show and tell, to show us the special people in their lives. The children also used arts and crafts to make beautiful cards and gifts to take home. This was a good Literacy and English development opportunity as the children had the opportunity to use fine motor skills and pencil control as they wrote their own names and the names of their loved ones on the cards they created. (I know there are people in our lives who care for and look after us and I am aware that people may be cared for by parents, carers or other adults. HWB 0-45a)

Zoolab – Strange Creatures

We had an interesting visit from Zoolab in March, when the children got to see a wide range of different creatures which they got the opportunity to touch and feel. These included rats (who were twins), a giant African land snail, a corn snake, a great African millipede and a tarantula. The children learnt many interesting facts such as that tarantulas eat grass hoppers and that rats can swim 3 miles and have 4 teeth that they can use to eat metal, plastic and wood. We also found out that the corn snake uses his tongue to smell and has lots of bones. Some of the children were brave enough to touch some of the animals to experience their different feel and textures. The children also enjoyed drama and role play as they acted out the movement of different animals.


The children enjoyed this topic which started with them watching a dinosaur egg hatch into a baby dinosaur. The children then had lots of fun finding out the names of all the different types of dinosaurs. The children even did a little experiment, where they put some toy dinosaurs into a balloon and filled it up with water, to make their own eggs! The children told us if we put the ‘eggs’ in the freezer that the water would freeze and the eggs would be hard. So we put them in the freezer overnight and the next morning the children checked to see what had happened to them. The children were pleased to discover that the water in the balloons had indeed frozen and their eggs were now hard. We put them in the water tray, where the children enjoyed making ‘nests’ so the baby dinosaurs had a home when they hatched. During this topic great fun was had by all. (I am aware that different types of evidence can help me to find out about the past. SOC 0-01a)

One of the children asked the question ‘how do things work?’ We thought this would be an interesting question to follow up. The children used the computer/internet to find out what they could use to help them learn about ‘how things work’. The children came across a circuit board that would answer the question as to why batteries and electricity is needed to make things work. The circuit board allowed the children the chances to investigate things such as how propeller things work, how sound waves work and how lights turn on, using batteries electrics and circuits. (I know how to stay safe when using electricity. I have helped to make a display to show the importance of electricity in our daily lives. SCN 0-07a)


Our current topic is trees. The children were given ‘homework’ where they had to design their own family leaf, to be added to a giant tree which we made with different sponges and paints. In doing so the children had lots of fun and took pride in talking about everyone in their families. We have been learning about different types and sizes of trees. We have also been measuring different pieces of logs, which we found in our natural resources, and we recorded our findings on a bar graph. During messy play the children used their fingers and paints to make their own blossom trees and by using logs, sticks, twigs and bark the children also experienced natural resources during play. (I explore and appreciate the wonders of nature within different environments and have played a part in caring for the environment. SCO 0-08a)

Show and Tell

Friday 13th May- ‘A favourite collections – shells, rocks, coins etc or anything you have collected.

Monday 16th May- ‘An interesting fact related to another country’

Tuesday 24th May- Favourite teddy for a teddy bears picnic.

Wednesday 1st June- Ramadan- Favourite food box or packet

Thursday 9th June- Something summery

Lost Property

Please ensure your children’s clothes, hats, scarves, wellies etc are all named, this will enable us to keep track of what belongs to whom, however if anything does go missing we have a ‘lost property’ box situated outside our room.


Parents/Carers please can you remind your child toys and dressing up clothes are only permitted when it is show and tell and is topic related, thank you.

Dance teacher

We are happy to welcome back Miss K and Melody bear after Miss K was on maternity leave. Miss K visits on a Thursday morning this term, but changes her session every term so every child has the opportunity to take part in the class.

Dates for your diary

Photographer               - Thursday 2nd June at 9:30am

Parents’  Evening           - Monday 13th June

Sports Day                   - Saturday 18th June               

Graduation                   - Thursday 23rd Juneuly

Fun Day                        - Saturday 16th July

If there is anything else you wish to discuss then please don’t hesitate to speak to any of the 3-5 Years Room staff team.

With thanks and kind regards

Angie Sutherland – Interim Room Leader

Angelika Glowacka– Nursery Assistant

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