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Term 4 News

Dear Parents/Carers

First of all, we would like to welcome all of our new Little Bunnies who have recently joined us.

Kerrie has expressed a few parting words which we would like to pass on to you all, and we are sure you will find them very touching.

"I would like to thank all Parents for making me feel so welcome and for the great friendships I have formed during my time at Wee Rascals Too. I have had great fun and have loved being able to look after such wonderful children. I will miss everyone very much but in future will always pop in and say hello when I am visiting Aberdeenshire!"

"Getting to know you"

The Little Bunnies room expanded greatly after Christmas with lots of new friends joining us. While so many children were joining us all at once we thought that a "getting to know you" learning context would be something that would help the new children to settle in. In doing so, our priority was to help the new children to get to know the routine and participate in exciting activities and have lots of fun ! (Rights of child 3- To be involved in daily planning including planning for transitions)

Messy Play

Messy play allows the children to explore different textures and develop fine motor skills whilst having lots of fun, and, as the name suggests - getting very messy! In choosing arts and crafts we take into account each of the children's individual interests and so end up with a wide variety of creativity going on from painting with cars and teddies, to gluing and sticking pictures of the children's favourite cartoon characters.

The children made handprints and smiled for pictures to make their own individual flower to add to our birthday chart. During this, they enjoyed using the I-pad to take the pictures, and with some support they even managed to snap some selfies! Our room had just been painted so the new colourful birthday chart and art and craft pictures had the room looking it's normal colourful self in no time !! (Responsive Care 1- To feel welcomed into a warm, friendly and familiar environment.)


Various children have been bringing in some of their favourite toys and are always very excited to show them to us. We often make pictures of the toys that children bring into the nursery.(Rights of the child 2- To have opportunities to be actively involved in decision making.) In doing so the children were very keen to participate, and all chose their favourite toy/ character to glue and stick. These kinds of activities allow the children to share their interests and to have an input and a choice of what materials to use.

The Little Bunnies enjoy playing with the Happyland imaginative toys - thishelps the children to explore and learn about the world around them whilst learning through play. The children played a musical bingo game where they listened to theme tunes of their favourite TV programmes and were encouraged to shout out the names of them. This was a fun way to encourage the children to develop their speech and to recognise speech and songs they had heard before.

We developed our kitchen role play area where we bought a new table and chairs and a new buggy for the children to play with. These new additions to our room have proved very popular as the children particularly like to 'pretend' feed staff their dinner when they are 'made' to sit at the table! (Responsive Care 5- To develop an awareness about what they know and can do through play.)

Under the Sea

As the children had been very interested in watching the fish in the tank, we decided to incorporate this idea into our next learning context which we named "under the sea". The children painted their own interpretations of brightly coloured fish, as well as participating in baking fairy cakes using under the sea colours to make the icing with colours such as blue and green. Baking activities allow the children to pour, measure and mix. (Relationships 5- to grow in confidence and be supported to work through new experiences, challenges and conflict.) As we did this as a group, the children socialised together and were very good at turn taking.

The children also had great fun participating in sand and water play which we added toy "under the sea" animals, as well as buckets and spades to the sand, pretending they were at the beach.


In an effort to expand and improve our sensory area, we asked parents and children to get involved by bringing in new materials such as empty juice bottles so that the children could make sensory shakers. Thank you very much to everyone that did bring in new materials and objects - everybody is welcome to come and have a look at all of our new objects added to the sensory area. (Respect 3- To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences.)

The children also collaged blank cd's using glitter and sequins and we hung them from the window so they could watch them sparkle and shine when the sun reflected off them.

The children took part in a taste, smell, and touch activity which allowed them the chance to use all of their senses and explore different tastes and smells in doing so they tried different types of food from sardines to mangos! There were many different comments made by the older children from "yuck" to "yummy". The younger children were also able to express their views by making some very happy and funny faces! The children explored the differing textures ranging from the rough skin of a pineapple to the smooth surface of an apple. (Responsive Care 4- To explore, experiment and try out new things indoors and out)

All the little bunnies got stuck in to many other activities, such as painting with shaving foam, hard and soft pasta play, playing with stones and pinecones, and making a sensory board, painting with cotton wool and collage using fabric.

Easter /Spring

As the children and their parents had been speaking about going on Easter hunts and eating Easter eggs, we felt this was a great time to move on to learning about Spring and Easter. The children demonstrated great creativity when they made some very colourful and spring themed Easter cards, which included pictures of lambs and chicks, and sticking on coloured shapes. The children also made some Easter egg cakes using shredded wheat mixed with chocolate to make them look like a chicks nest. The children also helped with planting some Spring flowers. Look out for their sunflowers which are planted in the pots outside the front door - we are all hoping they will grow very tall. (Respect 7- To feel connected to their home environment and the wider community)


Whilst planting our sunflowers, we discussed with the children what ingredients and circumstances flowers need to grow. The children informed us that flowers need sun and water, so we decided to teach the children more about the weather and chose this as one of our learning topics.

The children helped to make our new weather chart in doing so they coloured, painted and collaged pictures of the sun, rain, snow and clouds onto a board to make the chart. Staff now refer to this chart after they have done story and songs with the children and they then sit and discuss what the weather is like every day. This allows all of the children to be involved in our discussions through either speech or expression, such as pointing to the pictures. (Respect 5- To have the freedom to express themselves.)

Physical Play

The Little Bunnies current learning topic is Physical Play and we would invite you to take a look at what the children have been up to which is recorded on our learning wall. We update this wall for every new topic so that you are able to see pictures of your children taking part in activities and also to view all the children's artwork. We also make a floor book of all the evidence of the children's learning which you may look at. If you wish to do so please ask a member of staff in the room.

Kind Regards

From The Little Bunnies Room Staff

Emma Rowell Room Leader

Megan Pedalty Nursery Nurse (completing level 3)

Allana Morrison Nursery Assistant

Lana Brown Nursery Assistant

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