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Term 4 News

Dear Parents/Carers

I can't believe we are half way through May. The year seems to be passing very quickly! The children have had a very active and busy term, and have been lucky enough to go on several trips this term. We would like to say a very warm welcome to all the children who have all joined us in the Busy Bee room. We hope you enjoy your time in the pre-school room, and have fun whilst learning lots.

What have we been learning about?


The children decided they wanted their context for learning to be animals. We created mind maps with the children, pulling together their ideas (As I listen and talk in different situations, I am learning to take turns and am developing my awareness of when to talk and when to listen LIT 0-02a/ENG 0-03a).

The children had lots of ideas and topics they wanted to cover. The Busy Bees created posters using paint about their favourite animals. (I can create a range of visual information through observing and recording from my experiences across the curriculum EXA 0-04a). They then went on to make a large graph displaying their favourite animals.(I can collect objects and ask questions to gather information, organising and displaying my findings in different ways MNU 0-20a). Following on from this, the Busy Bees then went into a lot of detail about the habitat of different animals. They had a discussion, with the children telling us, "Polar bears live on the rocks." and "Lions are in the jungle." The children finally put together a poster about the desert, the jungle, the sea and the farm, and the different animals who live there. Some of the children also completed a worksheet matching up animals to their habitats(I explore and appreciate the wonder of nature within different environments and have played a part in caring for the environment. SOC 0-08a).

One of the children was really keen to learn about dinosaurs, so after a discussion the children made their own dinosaur footprints. This was enjoyed by so many Busy Bees that they then wanted to develop the footprint idea. We sprinkled flour on the floor and the children made their own footprints and also drew the footprints of their chosen animals(Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through drama. EXA 0-13a / EXA 1-13a / EXA 2-13a).

The children started a discussion about Winnie the Pooh, and a few of the children mentioned, "Eeyore is always sad." From this, we created a 'pin the tail on Eeyore'. Each child designed their own tail before being blindfolded and having a shot of sticking it on (I have the freedom to choose and explore how I can use my voice, movement, and expression in role play and drama. EXA 0-12a).

The Busy Bees enjoyed completing a worksheet, putting together animal halves - this caused some hilarity at the animals missing a head! (I enjoy investigating objects and shapes and can sort, describe and be creative with them. MTH 0-16a)

Whilst we were learning about animals, the Busy Bees began to mention the lambs they had seen in the park, which brought us onto our latest topic, Spring.


Spring was a very busy topic for the children! They began by making sheep masks from paper plates and cotton wool, and they practiced their cutting skills when creating a hole for their face (Within real and imaginary settings, I am developing my practical skills as I select and work with a range of materials, tools and software. TCH 0-12a).

Using different collage materials, the children enjoyed creating their own Spring collage - they were free to choose from feathers, pompoms, paints and many more crafts. (I have the freedom to discover and choose ways to create images and objects using a variety of materials. EXA 0-02a).

After a discussion about the animals in springtime, the Busy Bees made their own chicks, using stencils to draw around and attaching wings and eyes. One of the children said, "What do the birds in the garden eat in spring?" so from this we created our own bird feeders. The children were amazed that the birds ate the food so quickly! (I have observed living things in the environment over time and am becoming aware of how they depend on each other.  SCN 0-01a)

Continuing our outdoor learning, the Busy Bees were very busy planting different seeds in the garden. They planted daffodils which have since bloomed and look lovely. More recently, the children planted sunflower seeds, both indoors and outdoors, and are keen to inspect these regularly to check on their progress. Noticing that the room lacked flowers, the children asked to make a vase for the house corner. They used pipe cleaners and tissue paper to design vases which were placed in the role play area. (I have helped to grow plants and can name their basic parts. I can talk about how they grow and what I need to do to look after them. SCN 0-03a)

The children have also had a keen interest in the Busy Bee Butterflies. They received them as tiny caterpillars and it has been fascinating to watch them emerge. They have now all been released, with the Busy Bees watching as they took flight.(I have observed living things in the environment over time and am becoming aware of how they depend on each other.  SCN 0-01a) Because the children were so interested in this, they each painted one half of a butterfly, before folding the paper over, learning about symmetry (I have had fun creating a range of symmetrical pictures and patterns using a range of media.   MTH 0-19a).

The children were invited to be creative when making their own bunnies, using socks and rice! These turned out really well and each child was chuffed with theirs (Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through activities within art and design. EXA 0-05a / EXA 1-05a / EXA 2-05).

Using recycled material, the Busy Bees collected and made their own tractors. These were made up of old cardboard and bottles, which the children then enjoyed painting. (Within and beyond my place of learning, I can reduce, reuse and recycle resources I use, to help care for the environment.  TCH 0-02a)


Easter fell whilst the Busy Bees were learning about Spring. They watched a few short clips on the Easter Story, and were then able to recite parts of what had happened. They then went onto make Easter cards for their families and friends, as well as using melted chocolate to decorate pictures of eggs. The children were also told about why rolling eggs is an Easter tradition.

Trips and Visits

On Monday, 4th April, the Busy Bees took the bus to Aberdeen, where they enjoyed a morning at Stratosphere. Here, the Busy Bees were treated to a show of experiments. They were also invited to stand in the middle of a giant bubble, which was an exciting experience. The children (and staff) were encouraged to try out all the different experiments and activities on offer. The sheep who taught us about our digestive system was a huge hit!

On our return to nursery, the children were keen to try some science experiments of their own. They had fun comparing dark and light colours using food colouring and water, and were confident that adding more colouring would make the water darker. (By investigating how water can change from one form to another, I can relate my findings to everyday experiences. SCN 0-05a)

The Busy Bees also enjoyed mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, describing it as 'a volcano!' (I can talk about science stories to develop my understanding of science and the world around me.  SCN 0-20a)

We were visited by Zoolab on Tuesday 15th March. They brought in a tarantula, a giant snail, 2 rats and some stick insects. The children were delighted to touch the different animals and were all so brave.

On Thursday 14th April, Becky from Childsmile visited the nursery and spoke to the children about the importance of brushing their teeth. She then let them brush the teeth of her special friends she had brought with her. Becky was very impressed at how well the children could brush their own teeth, and their knowledge of keeping their teeth healthy.

To celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday on Thursday 21st April, the children made cards and crowns. They were shown pictures of the Queen and as an activity, spoke about the royal family.

General News and Reminders

We are delighted to welcome back Miss Kay back from maternity leave. Miss Kay will visit us every Thursday morning and teach the children different songs and dances.

With the weather being temperamental, can I please ask that you continue to provide us with wetsuits for the children, as well as a change of clothes.

We are trying to encourage the children to keep their slippers within the room, and we are introducing a new system where the children swap their indoor and outdoor shoes on our new shelving unit. Can I please ask for your patience whilst we introduce this.

Breakfast continues to be provided for all children until 8.15am.

Thank you

Claire Rizza (Assistant Manager/Busy Bees Room Leader)

Kirsti McCarthy(Nursery Practitioner)

Rachel Andrews (Nursery Assistant)

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