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Term 4 News

Dear Parents/Carers
I would like to welcome all the new Cheeky Monkey parents and children who have joined us since last term. We are looking forward to getting to know you all.
We decided to choose the topic of Mini-beasts after we had read a book about a spider called 'Busy Bug Book'. This book proved to be very popular. We made mind maps of ideas alongside the children to allow us pick other activities that would relate to our theme. We used a collection of Mini-beasts to firstly find out what Mini-beasts we could identify and then look at some of the distinguishing features of each of the little creatures. This encouraged us to discuss sizes and colours which in turn assisted us in developing simple maths skills. Relationships 3 – (To develop a positive sense of self and feel good about themselves).  In the messy tray the children had soil and bark to experience the different textures, the children discussed the feeling of the bark being hard and cold this covered learning outcome Responsive care 4 – (To explore, experiment and try out new things indoors and out).
We made Mini-beast snacks using various fruits; this also benefited a discussion on healthy living. 
To celebrate Pancake Day the children were given the opportunity to spread their own crepe with butter which they took home to enjoy with their families.   
During outdoor play, the children practiced their gross motor skills and balancing skills using the balancing beam, as well as climbing up the steps to the pink slide. We ensure the children benefit from fresh air and exercise every day as part of a healthy lifestyle. 
As spring has been approaching, we have discussed with the children the changes which take place in the weather and the surrounding environment as winter gives way to spring. We saw that leaves were returning to the trees, the sun was beginning to shine, and that baby animals were being born.
During art and craft, the children made lambs and chicks by gluing on various materials, such as cotton wool and string paper to create their picture.  Good vision and fine movements where shown when using the scissors to cut, and spreaders were used to apply the glue.  
Out in the garden, the children regularly participate in throwing and catching balls. Respect 4 – (To have their individual needs, feelings and preferences acknowledged and respected).  
Every day we try to spent lots of time in our lovely garden. This term we have enjoyed watching the birds flocking to eat from our home made feeders, as well as watching the flowers grow, as we give them water from our watering cans.  The Easter bunny hunt was so much fun and we explored every corner of the garden when searching for chocolate bunnies.
To celebrate Easter, the children made Easter cards by firstly printing their yellow painted feet onto cards, and then they proceeded to stick on eyes to finish their cards to take home.  The children enjoyed the tickly foot printing, and were all delighted to present their parents with their wonderful cards. 
The Farm
Spring always brings us many new baby animals, so it was only a natural progression to make Farm Animals our topic. In doing so, the children participated in an animal recognition activity using the flashcards to identify sheep, cows, horses, goats, dogs, cats and chickens.  Lots of the children were able to connect this activity with their home lives as many of them have pets. Responsive care 7 – (To feel connected to their home environment and the wider community).
During art and craft, the children used a variety of resources such as paper plates, paper cases, sticky eyes, paint, glue and scissors to create an animal of their choice.  
During free play the children participated in a food tasting activity and had the opportunity to try a variety of foods such as bacon, ham, cheese, strawberries and chicken which encouraged the children to explore their senses and experience new foods, whilst starting to provide an understanding of where foods come from. Respect 7 – (To learn about others and value differences, Fairness and equality).  
For story time, the children used farm animal puppets to sing along to 'Old McDonald'. This helped them to identify the noises the animals make. 
Parents Notices 
Just a wee note to parents of children who are undergoing toilet training- if you require a copy of our toilet training policy please ask a member of staff. We are always happy to discuss any concerns you may have as to how to best assist your child through this phase of their development. Please be aware that we would request that you do not use pull ups at nursery. Could you ensure your child has a few changes of pants and trousers for any accidents.
Summer trip
We are in the process of planning our next summer trip for children who are at nursery on the day of the trip - we will inform parents of details when known.
Many thanks from the Cheeky Monkey team
Amanda Allan (Room leader)
Alana Watt (Nursery Nurse)
Stephanie Wood (Nursery Assistant)

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