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Little Bunnies Summer News

Wee Rascals – Little Bunnies


Dear Parents/Carers,

Well our ‘Summer’ isn’t shaping up too much, so let’s hope it takes a sudden good turn and Mr Sunshine shows face for us.  We hope those of you who have been lucky enough to get a sunny holiday enjoyed it!

Staffing within the Little Bunnies are as follows:

Suzanne (Room Leader and Assistant Manager – day off is a Thursday)

Joanne (Nursery Nurse – has a Friday afternoon off)

Sarah (Nursery Assistant – day off is a Monday)

Ainslie (Nursery Assistant – on maternity leave)

Emma (Nursery Nurse – working a Monday, Tuesday & Thursday)

Tyler (Nursery Assistant – is covering Ainslie’s hours whose day off will be a Tuesday)

Alison (Nursery Assistant – working a Friday PM and any other shifts that may need covered)

Since our April newsletter, we have been busy covering several topics:-

Healthy Lifestyle:

For this topic, we concentrated on physical activities using the balancing beam. All the children enjoyed testing their balancing skills whilst walking along it.  (Relationship 5 – To grow in confidence and be supported to work through new experiences, challenges and conflict) We also worked on co-ordination skills when throwing and kicking a ball.  We had the trampoline out, as well as the rocking horse, slide and ball pool.  We did a mini obstacle course with the children using the tunnel, and we enjoyed doing rhythm and movement to our new ‘sticky kids’ cd - it was good to learn some new songs and actions.

Art and craft was all food based, where the children coloured in various fruit and vegetable pictures, and they did some ‘stick and glue’ with various foods on paper plates.  We did a matching worksheet to see if the children could clearly identify the same foods (Respect 3 – To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences). The boys and girls also did a food tasting exercise, where the children tasted foods such as lemon, cheese puffs, watermelon,melon, chocolate buttons and sweetcorn, exploring their senses as well as understanding texture (Rights of the child 3 – To be involved in daily planning including planning for transitions). 

We worked on the 4 piece fruit and vegetable puzzle, and in the messy tray, we had water, mashed banana, mushy peas, fruit cocktail and sweetcorn, along with shaving foam and sand.

At the Beach:

For this topic, the children took part in lots of art and craft.  There were tissue paper crab pictures, and sand art pictures, where the children sprinkled sand over their pictures they had previously glued.  There were sun pictures which involved the children decision making and choosing what resources they wanted to use, such as paint with brushes, sponges, their hands, or ‘stick and glue’ materials to decorate paper plates. (Rights of the child 2 – To have opportunities to be actively involved in decision making)  Ice-cream cones were decorated with pens and cotton wool, and various messy substances were put into poly pockets for the children to explore the different textures without getting their hands messy (Respect 4 – To have their needs, feelings and preferences acknowledged and respected).  The boys and girls enjoyed using the bucket and spades to build sand castles in the sand tray, managing to scoop the sand up and pour it into the buckets, and then turning them upside down - they did very well with their co-ordination and concentration skills. (Responsive Care 3 – To became independent and practice new skills).

We used a ‘blow up’ beach ball to develop co-ordination when kicking, and trying to play football, passing the ball back and forth between the children. (Relationships 7 – To feel that they belong and have opportunities to make friends).

We made our own ice lollies using juice and water, and the older children got to do some pouring -mainly on the table!

In the Sea:

We continued the ‘beach and sea’ theme as the children really enjoyed it.  They made fish pictures using tin foil and sequences, and they sparkled in the light. There was star fish sand and glue pictures, as well as sponge painting, animal ‘colouring in’ sheets and seaweed pictures which were made with tissue paper.  The older children were introduced to scissors to see if they were able to build on their fine motor skills (Responsive care 3 – To become independent and practice new skills).

The boys and girls loved the parachute and we even had it out in the garden, with the wind helping the wave motion.  The majority of children managed to hold onto it and shake it, and the ones who were a bit smaller had fun crawling and sitting under it! (Respect 3 – To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences). 

We had the puzzles out for most of the week, helping with our problem solving and concentration skills.  In the messy tray, there was hair gel, sand, coloured water with sea creature, and jugs for pouring, as well as toothpaste and shaving foam.

My Family:

We chose this topic so we could make up individual ‘family trees’ and have them displayed in the room for the children to look at throughout their day, and discuss if they could.  Thank you to all the parents who supplied lovely family pictures - our wall is coming on nicely!

The children played a lot with the dolls, helping dress and undress them, washing them in the bath and the water tray, using LOTS of bubbles - of course every baby needs to be walked in the buggy we have! 

This topic landed the week before Father’s day, so everyone enjoyed getting either their hands or feet painted for this and using the glue stick to stick down their message.  This was a first time experience for a few children and they all participated very well. 

We painted a paper plate to resemble our self-portrait, where the children then stuck down foam shapes to resemble their eyes, red wool for their mouth, and tissue paper for their hair.  We also decorated digestive biscuits to look like a face using icing sugar, strawberry laces and chocolate buttons, with the children knowing there was a button at the end for each child J.

We are now looking at ‘Holidays’. All ideas from parents are greatly appreciated for our topics, and are very welcome. The ideas area is situated on the ‘sign in’ and ‘out’ unit, so please get involved.

Please remember that planning is displayed for you to look at to see what your child will be doing for the week ahead, and also what we hope to achieve. If you have any questions, please just ask!


Now that we seem to be coming into the nicer weather, can we please ask that you provide appropriate nursery clothing for your child/children. Please take away all snowsuits that you may have been leaving at nursery. We cannot guarantee your child’s clothes will stay clean and dry when out in the garden.  Please ensure there are at least two of everything supplied.

As there is a growing number of children within the Little Bunnies, can we please ask that you take your child ruck sack home with you each night, especially if they are not attending the next day to allow others who share their peg to access it.

Can I ask that all children must have separate indoor and outdoor shoes for hygiene reasons - slippers/soft shoes are perfect for indoor shoes, and sturdy shoes or wellies for outside.  May we also remind the parents that it is your responsibility to take off their jackets before leaving the room in the mornings, and change them into their indoor shoes.

We would remind you to check your child’s daily book before coming to nursery in case more nappies or wipes are required. Although the girls inform you at the end of a night, it may slip your mind in the morning. We only have a limited supply of spares, so we would greatly appreciate that you always check there are enough of these items at nursery for your child.

Thank You

Suzanne Stephen(Assistant Manager and Room Leader, undergoing level 4 training)        

Joanne Noble(Nursery Nurse – CCLD Level 3)

Sarah Lawson(Nursery Assistant – doing level 2 training)

Emma Davidson(Nursery Nurse - SVQ 3)

Tyler Webster (Maternity Cover Nursery Assistant)

Alison Tomlinson (Nursery Assistant)