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3-5 Newsletter

Summer 2015 - 3-5 Room Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome all the children who have recently joined the 3-5 room. We look forward to getting to know you all!

April – June

Throughout April, we looked at Easter customs and celebrations. We read the story of Jesus behind the Easter tradition, and the children were occupied doing their cards, Easter related creations, decorating eggs and chasing the Easter bunny that left us some eggs in the garden. We then went onto talk about other celebrations such as Diwali - the festival of light, which is celebrated in India. During this Easter topic, we covered RME-0-01a which talks about exploring Christian beliefs and stories.

During the middle of spring, we started off with life cycles. The pre-school children observed stick insects and caterpillars growing. It was great to have a hands-on experience whilst looking at their life cycles. The butterflies got released after 7 days from hatching and the stick insects still remain with us. The children are very good at remembering to spray them with water and clean their tank. (SCN 0-01 - We are becoming aware of how living things depend on each other)

The children were also given an opportunity to learn about the plants. Several of them participated in planting cress. We provided the elements the plants need to grow, including sunlight and water, giving us another good opportunity to care for living things. We looked at SCN – 0-03a which talks of growing plants and naming their basic parts, as well as HWB – 50a  - 'I am learning about where the living things come from and about how they grow, develop and are nurtured'.

We had a visit from the Fire Brigade at the end of April which was kindly arranged by Paul Black, Erin's dad. The boys and girls were allowed to go inside the engine, try on the helmets and use the water hose. That triggered off our 'People who help us' topic, where we developed our awareness on how people serve the community. (Soc-0-16a – By exploring local community, I have discovered the different roles people play and how they can help) We also had a fantastic visit from Zoo lab and the children simply couldn't stop themselves from talking, drawing and imitating the animals they saw during the exhibition.

We all enjoyed getting ready for the Graduation for the school leavers, and were glad that parents appreciated our new formula for the ceremony! Everybody particularly liked the 'What's in the box', slide show and the children's comments about their friends, as well as the 'Shorts and Shades' party at the end!

Whilst waiting for the summer, we have been learning about crocodiles. Most of the children had fun learning about their life habits, favourite food etc. We have been looking for information on the internet and we also visited the library to find books related to the new topic. (Lit0-14a  -I use signs, books and other texts, to find useful information and I use this to plan, make choices or learn new things')

Time was flying unbelievably quickly and then it turned out to be the week of Father's day. Our children made stunning photo frames and beautiful cards! We have received amazing feedback from parents who genuinely loved their gifts.

The topic we are currently studying is about America, due to the fact that the children have noticed that their favourite crocodiles live in America – it also seems like a popular place for holiday destinations to our children!

We made a fantastic display with the USA flag, Statue of liberty, Disney's castle and…a BURGER! Yes, we talked about healthy and unhealthy foods, too, as well as giving the children plenty of opportunities for learning about New York, famous landmarks, and other facts about America.

We've been waiting for the summer impatiently, and here it is, or not!! Hopefully we can provide children with many opportunities to have lots of fun outdoors, even in the rain. We have already planned the water battle and are setting up a swimming pool in the house corner. Very exciting!

Show and tell:

We will continue doing 'Show and Tell' over the summer holidays. You can find out about the current 'Show and Tell' from our website and the letter displayed on the door. Please ask a member of staff if you need a letter for yourself.


Please return your child's folder by Monday the 3rd of August so we can continue with your child's observations.

School leavers:

We wish all school leavers the best of luck in their new chapter ahead, and we will miss you lots!

Have a wonderful summer holiday!

Kind Regards from 

Karolina Kujel – Room Leader 

Erin Barnes – Assistant Room Leader

Faye Glennie – Nursery Nurse

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