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2-3 Newsletter

2-3 Room Summer Newsletter 2015

Dear Parents/Carers

We would like to welcome all of our new children and parents who have started in the 2-3 room this term.

The children have enjoyed a variety of different and stimulating learning experiences over the past few months, which have helped to widen their knowledge of the world around them.


During April, we covered 'Nursery Rhymes' and the children were able to participate in several activities during this topic, such as creating their favourite nursery rhymes pictures. The children enjoyed choosing a nursery rhyme picture that they were keen to paint. They painted their pictures with water paint, which was a great new experience for them, and they all did a fantastic job! We then created nursery rhyme flip books for the children which they love looking through in the story corner. (Rights of the Child 2; To have the opportunity to be actively involved in decision making.)We also sang lots of nursery rhymes during group times.

The children showed a great interest in Peppa Pig, so we introduced this into our planning. The children enjoyed creating a Peppa Pig display board with all of their favourite characters, which included Peppa, George, Candy Cat and Zoe Zebra, with the children choosing to paint their pictures - and they all turned out great!

The children were able to educate the staff about the characters and some of the series that they had watched at home on the TV. (Responsive Care 5; To develop and awareness about what they know through play.)and (Rights of the Child 1; To be consulted with and have their views and opinions heard and acted upon.)We also had a Peppa Pig party for the children at the nursery. They were invited to come in dressed in Peppa Pig themed clothing and had the opportunity to join in lots of party games and take part in face painting. They all had a fantastic day! (Respect 3; To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences.)

The children have also enjoyed baking, exploring messy play and experimenting in the water and sand trays. (Respect 5; To have the freedom to express themselves.)


In May, we covered the topics 'Spring' and 'Messy play'.

Whilst covering spring, we had several group discussions about the change in the weather, as well as talking about flowers growing and baby animals being born. The children were able to participate in several stimulating activities such as hand painting baby animals, painting flowers and planting some fruit plants. They enjoyed scooping the soil up into their individual plant pots and then popped in their seeds, finally watering them. This gave the children a great boost of self-esteem once they began to see their plants grow. (Responsive care 3; To become independent and practice new skills) and (Rights of the child 4; To thrive and be nurtured by loving adults who promote their learning.)

The children have also enjoyed a range of activities when we covered our 'Messy play' topic. They played with crazy foam, which is great because they can mould the foam into different shapes to create a model of their liking. They also played with baked beans and spaghetti, exploring the different textures. (Responsive Care 4; To explore, experiment and try out new things indoors and out.) The children created fantastic pictures, painting with water balloons. This was a great new experience for them, which they loved! (Respect 3; To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences.)They also enjoyed doing a foot painting activity with Tegan, where she held the children's hands as they walked along the paper with their painted feet. This was a fantastic activity because it encouraged positive bonds, and it also widened their imaginations. Some of the children even pretended their feet were "Gruffalo foot marks." (Relationships 2; To feel safe, secure and loved.) and (Responsive Care 5; To develop an awareness about what they know and can do through play.)


During the month of June, we covered 'Mini beasts' and 'Pets'. The children painted pictures of mini beasts, which included ladybirds, bumblebees and spiders. They also enjoyed searching in the garden to find mini beasts. (Responsive Care 4; To explore, experiment and try out new things indoors and out.)

The children enjoyed painting pictures of their pets, or their favourite animals for those who didn't have a pet. They were keen to tell their peers and the staff all about their animals. (Rights of the Child 2; To have the opportunity to be actively involved in decision making.) They also had the opportunity to search for 'spiders' which were hidden in the water tray.

We have all enjoyed the extra garden time we have had with the lovely sunny weather we have been getting, although it has been rather rainy the past couple of weeks.

The children made beautiful Father's day cards and book marks for their daddies, and all the children were happy to talk about things that they do at home with their daddies. (Respect 7; To learn about others and value differences fairness and equality.)

Upcoming Topics

July - Summer and Holidays

August - Flags and Family

September - Autumn and Books

October - Diwali and Halloween



If your child is toilet training, could you please ensure that you provide enough spare clothing in your child's nursery bag.

The weather can be variable, so please make sure that you provide appropriate clothing for all weathers, as well as a sun hat.

Indoor Footwear

Indoor footwear must be provided in the 2-3 room to ensure the cleanliness of the floor in the room and also for the children's safety in the event of a fire drill which we do regularly. We need to evacuate the children as quickly as possible and if they don't have footwear on this could become hazardous.

Parents Ideas Mind Map

We have a parents ideas mind map on display beside the children's art pockets. There is a fresh mind map put up at the beginning of each topic/month to inform you on the forth coming topic - you are all very welcome to put your ideas onto this and we can then implement them into the planning.

Art Pockets

Each child has an art pocket in the hall way, so could you all please ensure to check them and take away any art that is in them so that there is always amble space for new art work which your child creates. Please do not be disappointed if there is no art work in your child's folder, as we do like to display their creations before they go home.

Learning Wall

Our learning wall is displayed in the room. The purpose of the learning wall is to allow you to clearly see what your child/children are getting out of the activities we do at nursery. The learning wall has worked really well since starting it in February. It is also another opportunity for parents to put their ideas on - thank you to the parents who have already contributed.

Show and Tell

The children have been doing 'Show and Tell' since May on a Tuesday and a Thursday. This has been working fantastically since starting it. The children really enjoy doing it and this is a great opportunity for them to form positive bonds and improve their communication skills. It also gives them a great boost of self-esteem and achievement, especially when all their peers and the staff clap and say "well done" to them at the end of their 'Show and Tell'. We will be developing this further to enable the children to have the opportunity to take something in which ties into our topic. The 'Show and Tell' list will be available on the website, as well as being displayed on the parent's information board you will all get a copy home once it is created.

Kind Regards

Kirsty-Anne Chalmers (Room Leader)

Emma Johnstone (Assistant Room Leader)

Vicki Craig (Nursery Nurse)

Tegan Murray (Nursery Assistant working towards level 3)