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Summer 0-2 Newsletter 2015

Dear Parents/Carers

We have had a number of new families join us recently, so we would like to say welcome, and hope you are all settling in well.

Since our last newsletter, we have covered a number of topics and had lots of fun partaking in a range of different activities. We have also undertaken activities relating to the children's individual interests. This is ensuring the children feel included in the planning process and also keeps them stimulated throughout their time at nursery. (Rights of the child – to be involved in daily planning including planning for transitions)


Nursery Rhymes

Our Nursery rhyme topic was extremely successful and very popular with the children in the 0-2 room, due to the familiarity of all of the songs.

As a group, we gather together for song times with the CD books and for free singing. We always ask the children what they would like to sing and 'Baa Baa black sheep' is always a favourite! The CD books proved to be a big hit with the children as they were able to look at the stories as we sang along to the song. Many of the children pointed to the pictures in the books relating to the words in the song, showing a great understanding of the language. (Rights of the child – to thrive and be nurtured by loving adults who promote their learning and development)


Spring is always a great topic to brighten up the display boards, and the children loved the art and craft activities to go along with the topic.

We took the children for walks around the local area and to Westburn Park to look at all the beautiful spring flowers.  (Responsive care – to feel connected to their home environment and the wider community) We always ensure we are going out for our walks on different days of the week so all of the children are getting the opportunity to explore the local area.

We used the flowers we had seen from our walks as inspiration for making our wall displays, where we used a variety of different arts and craft materials. The children were given lots of options, using different colours of paint and collage materials as we encouraged them to create spring flowers, after seeing them on our walks. This was a great developmental opportunity for the children's fine motor skills, working with the small materials and holding the paintbrushes/glue sticks.  It is important for the children to have links to the local area, and having the children's artwork taken from inspiration from their walks displayed is a great way of doing this.   

Father's Day

We showed our appreciation for our daddies this month for Father's day by creating cards and gifts. The children used their fingers to make designs on the card in a variety of colours and then selected 'stick on' decorations to finish them off. (Respect – To have the freedom to express themselves) They all ended up looking fabulous and we hope the daddies appreciated the work their children put in. Throughout the activity, we spoke to the children about who they were making the card for, and many demonstrated an understanding of this by saying "for Daddy" or pointing at their picture and saying "Daddy"  


We have recently begun our topic on 'Summer', and have been blessed with some lovely weather throughout, although the past couple of weeks have been rather disappointing! We have had several spontaneous trips to the park for picnics and we have taken some outdoor equipment with us for the children to play with. If we have been unable to get out for a walk, we have had a picnic in the garden, which is always an exciting and new experience for the children. (Responsive care – to explore experiment and try new things indoors and out) We will be continuing our 'Summer' topic over the holiday period and will involve lots of fun, outdoor activities as well as lots more water play.

Children's interests

The children have shown a huge interest in our Peppa Pig picture book and CD. When we take the book out, the children are all keen to gather in the sensory area where they sit and listen to the story. We have had the story on so much that the children are now singing the songs during free play - they will often point to the book to indicate they want this on. These books are great for getting the children interested in stories, for language and literacy skills, and for getting involved in group activities. (Relationships – to feel they belong and have the opportunity to make friends)

The sand tray is always a firm favourite on a daily basis, and we regularly change the toys within the sand to keep the children stimulated. As a new sensory experience for the children, we have ordered in some coloured sand, which has gone down excellently with the children. They have been fascinated by the change and some were even a little unsure at first by the new sight, but soon got stuck in. You may have noticed the new coloured sand already as many of the children have been going home with purple and red sand in their hair! (Rights of the child – to be involved in daily planning)


There have been a few changes within the 0-2 room over the past two months with regards to staff. Jo Scott left in June. Jo moved house near to Kintore so she has transferred to our Wee Rascals nursery.

Kelly Abernethy also left us at the end of June due to relocation. Kelly moved to Portlethen recently and found a new job closer to her house. Both girls will be greatly missed!

We have two new staff in the 0-2 room. Katarzyna Kobyra will be taking over from Jo's hours and will be in the 0-2 room on a Monday and Tuesday full day, and a Wednesday and Thursday morning. We also have Agnes Grisule who will be working part time five afternoons a week. Agnes will be taking over Kristina Donald's hours as Kristina is now working full time. We are looking forward to both girls joining the Summers team and please introduce yourself if you see the girls in the room.

We would like to say a big congratulations to Charmaine Conway and Bobbie Hall for passing their level 3 – they are now fully qualified Nursery Nurses. Both girls have worked very hard  over the past few months - Well done Charmaine and Bobbie!!


Your child's portfolio will have been sent home by now, so we would appreciate if you could add any comments about your child's development or photos from your Summer holidays. 

All children should be provided with both indoor and outdoor shoes. We still have a small number of children who do not have indoor shoes. Also, could parents please provide their child with a summer hat for the warmer weather. These can either be handed to staff to be kept at nursery or placed in your child's bag.

It is extremely important that parents are signing their child out at the end of every session. Please remember to do this. Also, parents must sign in evening meals/snacks if they are providing one for their child. We cannot accept rice or nuts as part of their evening meal.

Kind regards

Kirsty Smith (Room Leader/Assistant Manager)

Rachel Johnston (Assistant Room Leader)

Amber Davidson (Nursery Nurse)

Margaret Johnstone (Nursery Nurse)

Charmaine Conway (Nursery Nurse)

Kristina Donald (Nursery Nurse)

Bobbie Hall (Nursery Nurse)

Emma Yorke (Nursery Assistant – working towards level 3)

Sally Bruce (Nursery Assistant)

Katarzyna Kobyra (Nursery Assistant)

Agnes Grisule (Nursery Assistant)

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