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Term 4 Newsletter

Summers Nursery - May 2018

Term 4 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers

We hope all the new families who have recently joined us this term are settling in well, and that your child enjoys his/her time with us.

Staff News

Chloe Grant has now left, and we wish her all the best with her new position. Joy Murray has now taken over from Chloe on the 14th May.

Nicola McKinlay our Manager will be coming back from maternity leave on Tuesday 26th June, which we look forward to.

Staff Training

Ashleigh Christie and Rosie Wells are continuing to work towards their SVQ level 3's.

Some of the staff have benefited from attending a course on Schemas. Schemas are described as patterns of repeated behaviour which allow children to explore and express developing ideas and thoughts through their play and exploration. The repeating actions of schematic play allow children to construct meaning in what they are doing. If we can understand what is behind children's play, then we can help them learn through observing these patterns. We are therefore able to give activities/toys which hold children's interests, as well as helping them with their stage of development.

Charity of the Year Coffee Morning

We are delighted to announce that we have raised 1092.50 from our coffee morning. Thank you to everyone who came and helped us to raise this fantastic amount. This will go towards our yearly charity which is 'Befriend a Child', which supports disadvantaged and troubled school age children (aged 4-16) in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Information can be found at www.befriendachild.org.uk

Improvement Plans

We are continuing to work on our improvement plans, focussing on school transitions, helping the children understand what they will be doing at school and who they will be there with. We are also continuing to work on our schema wall, helping the children and staff understand what schemas are.

Trips & Visits

We are delighted to announce that Angela from Abricabeats has just won the Raring to Go award for the Best Baby and Toddler class in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. A huge congratulations to Angela for her award winning music and movement class!

The pre-school room are having weekly visits from Abricabeats on a Monday afternoon during term 4.

The children have also been enjoying their weekly visits to the Green next to Strathburn School. There is a timetable displayed on the 3-5 room door which states what group your child is in and what dates they will be going during the next few months. See also website Wee Green Space times.

The 0-2s continue to go out for their daily walks in the buggies and on the reins.

Please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing for all weathers.


The 0-2 children have covered a variety of topics recently. All of the children enjoyed picking stories from the library bus to take back to nursery.

The boys and girls participated in a variety of dinosaur crafts, such as sponge painted dinosaurs, collage dinosaur feet, as well as dinosaur feet printing. They loved showing their dinosaur 'show and tell' to all their friends and rummaging in the dinosaur 'feely' box to see what they could find. We made salt dough dinosaur feet and then painted them. We also had out the play dough and dinosaurs, too. The children showed good fine motor skills when making their own dinosaur sandwiches for their lunch.

We then moved onto a topic about the Farm, with the children showing a huge interest in the Farm small world, telling us the different noises the animals make, as well as playing with them in the straw, along with the tractors. We had great fun looking for farm animals, and the children enjoyed painting with them. The boys and girls concentrated well, making a collage tractor and farm house.

In between all of this, we made Mother's day cards. The children made beautiful collage flower cards for their mums. We also made our own sheep biscuits, using rice cakes, spreading cheese and adding raisins. They were yummy!

We have now moved onto a topic about Nursery Rhymes.

The 2-3 children took part in a Pets topic, as one of the children was telling us about his dog, which we coloured in. We also made our own gold fish, discussing where they live. We then put our plastic colourful fish in the water tray for the children to play with.

The children made their own pet foot prints and then took them out in to the garden where we made our own pet trail for the children to follow, to find the hidden pet.

The boys and girls loved the vets role play, looking after their pets and making them feel better.

The children practiced their threading skills when using the beads to make snakes, and they also took in a variety of 'show and tells' to share with their friends.

We have now moved onto a topic about the Jungle.

The 3-5 room have been really busy over the last few months. The Pets topic was really interesting and the children got to share lots of information about their animals at home. They were particularly interested in hamsters.

Everyone enhanced their IT skills by playing games about animal care, and the children used their imaginations well to make pretend animal homes with items from the nursery.

We then moved on to our new topic about School. This is due to one of our old students coming in and doing a talk with the 3-5's about his school experiences. This prompted a lot of questions from the 3-5's, which helped start our new topic. So far, we have been learning about school uniforms, our journeys to school, and the boys and girls have done 'homework'. We have also started our 'All about School' sheets which are there to support the boys and girls with their new transition to school. We have added these to the ILD and if there is anything else you want on it, please feel free to comment.

Tax Free Childcare

In April 2017, the UK Government launched its tax free Childcare Scheme, which will replace existing voucher schemes. These close to new entrants in April 2018, although existing membership can continue forwards from this cut-off date. Information is available to parents at the following websites.



This is now set up for parents to use, so when signing up, ensure you choose the Summers Victoria Street account.

Policies of the Term

Our policies of the term are 4. Confidentiality, 12 Health and Safety, 21. Contingencies. Policies are in the front hallway available for parents to read.

Dates for your diary

Saturday 2nd June Sports day Letters and sponsor forms have been handed out for this. If you have not said if you are able to attend or not, please can you do this as soon as possible.

Wednesday 13th June 2-3 Trip to Haddo House This is for children in on a Wednesday, letters will be given to parents for this.

Tuesday 19th June Graduation Photos - Children in that day should be at nursery by 9.00am. If your child does not attend nursery on the Tuesday, and you would like photos taken, then children should be in by 9.45am at the latest.

Wednesday 20th June Graduation at St Andrews Church at 4.10pm Children should come in from 3.45pm.

Friday 15th June 3-5 Trip to Grampian Transport Museum - This is for children in on a Friday, letters will be given to parents for this.

Monday 25th June Parents Evening More information about this will go out nearer the time

Thank you

Melanie Adam

Inverurie Manager



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