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Dear Parents/Carers,

Well, that is summer over with for another year, and I’m sure you will agree it wasn’t one to remember, weather wise.  We hope you all had a nice holiday, if you were lucky enough to get one.

We would like to welcome all our new children and parents to the Little Bunnies room!

Staffing within the Little Bunnies are as follows:

Suzanne (Room Leader and Assistant Manager – day off is a Thursday)

Joanne (Nursery Nurse – has a Friday afternoon off)

Emma (Nursery Nurse – works a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)

Sarah (Nursery Assistant – Day off is a Monday)

Tyler (Nursery Assistant – covering Ainslie’s maternity hours – day off is a Tuesday)

Alison (Nursery Assistant – works a Fri afternoon & any extra shift required)

Ainslie (Nursery Assistant – Maternity Leave)

Since our July newsletter, we have been busy covering several topics:


We did this topic, as a few of the children were away on their travels.  The children participated in various craft activities involving transport, such as aeroplanes, cars, trains and buses, where they used a variety of materials such as paint, ‘stick and glue’ materials, glitter, as well as sponges and paint brushes.  The children enjoyed using the small world cars and dipping them into the paint and rolling them across the paper to make tracks. 

Some of the children made their own mini ‘Wee Rascals’ passports with their photo id on the front, and we also collected materials so the children could do some creative modelling, expressing their enjoyment throughout the activity (Respect 1 – To feel included, appreciated and valued as an individual).  The older children had a turn of using the scissors for a cutting activity, where we observed their fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. (Relationship 2 – To feel safe, secure & loved).

The pop up fire engine tent was up, and the children loved playing peek-a-boo out of it with their ladies and peers.  The train track was also a big hit with all the children, and the older children managed to push the trains around it, as well as assist building the track, managing to link the pieces together.

The children participated in a ‘sticky kids’ dance cd, practicing their gross motor skills and co-ordination. (Rights of the child 2 – To have the opportunity to be actively involved in decision making)

In the messy tray we had sand, coloured water, slime and shaving foam for the children to participate in if they wished.

The Hungry Caterpillar:

This was a busy topic. The children had a food tasting session, tasting foods such as strawberries, watermelon, cheese, smoked sausage and cake (which the children had made previously).  Most of the children tried all the foods, and they especially enjoyed the piece of fairy cake. (Rights of the child – To be involved in daily planning including planning for transitions)

When doing the baking activity, the children helped measure out the ingredients and they stirred it all up - they then helped spoon it into the cases for the ladies to put in the oven to bake. (Responsive Care 5 – To develop an awareness about what they know and can do through play).

We made a new wall display using the children’s pictures from this topic.For the wall display, each child painted a paper plate with green paint and had a choice of brushes, sponges, or their hands to paint with – these were then made into a caterpillar shape on the wall.  The children did caterpillar hand prints and butterfly paintings, and we also cut up fruit and used them to print with. (Responsive Care 4 – To explore, experiment and try new things indoors and out)

We gave a matching worksheet to the older children to see if they could match the three pictures of a caterpillar, butterfly and a leaf - they all did really well, managing to identify the pairs.(Relationships 5 –To grow in confidence and be supported to work through new experiences and conflict). 

The children expressed enjoyment when pretending to curl up in a ball like a cocoon and crawl like a caterpillar, as well as jump up like a butterfly with their arms open wide.  (Respect 5 – To have the freedom to express themselves). 

The boys and girls decorated egg boxes to look like caterpillars, and they went out for a walk and collected leaves which we threaded and hung around the room.  The children also did finger painting and we took the rocking caterpillar down from the loft - this was a big hit!

We read over the ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ story a few times and did counting with the children.  In the messy tray we had cooked spaghetti with green food colouring added, as well as having leaves so that the children could scrunch and crunch them. Some of the children helped make playdough and then they played with it over the course of the week.

At the Zoo:

For this topic, we got the small world animals from the Cheeky Monkeys and had them in the tough spot.  We also concentrated on the children’s manipulative play by doing puzzles, where they demonstrated good concentration and problem solving skills. (Rights of the child 5 – To be treated as individuals and have their needs/preferences met)

The children made paper plate masks, decorating a paper plate with various materials. (Responsive care 3 – To become independent and practice new skills).  We also had foot and hand printing pictures to resemble a parrot, as well as hand print monkeys and giraffe pictures, using corks for the different coloured spots. (Respect 3 – To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of activities). 

In the messy tray throughout the week, we had frozen jelly and shaving foam, sand, mashed banana and water, along with the animals and bubbles.

Our current topic is ‘Animals’.  All ideas from parents are greatly appreciated for our topics, and are very welcome.  The ideas area is situated on the sign in and out unit, so please get yourselves involved.


Now that the weather is taking a turn, can we please ask that you provide appropriate clothing for nursery. We go outside every day and therefore your child will need indoor and outdoor shoes, a wet suit (if possible) for when the weather isn’t nice, as well as a hat and gloves.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your child’s clothes will stay clean and dry when at nursery, so can you please ensure a change of clothing is available in their bag each day - thank you.

As there is a growing number of children within the Little Bunnies room, can we please ask that you take home your child’s rucksack daily, especially if they are not attending the very next day, to allow others easy access to their peg.

Can I ask that all children must have separate indoor shoes for hygiene reasons – slippers/soft shoes are perfect for indoor use and sturdy shoes or wellies for outside.  May we also remind parents to change their children into their indoor shoes each morning and take their jackets off before leaving the room.

Please also check your child’s daily book before coming to nursery in case more nappies or wipes are required.  The girls should also inform you at the end of the day.

Thank you

Suzanne Stephen (Assistant Manager, SVQ 3, undergoing level 4 training)

Joanne Noble (Nursery Nurse – CCLD 3)

Emma Davidson (Nursery Nurse – SVQ 3)

Sarah Lawson (Nursery Assistant – undergoing level 2 training)

Tyler Webster (Nursery Assistant – maternity cover)

Alison Tomlinson (Nursery Assistant)