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September 2015

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you have all had a nice time off, and those who were away had a lovely holiday! The sun has decided to not give us much of a summer and it feels like winter now! 


We had a very busy, but very quiet summer, as all the school leavers have now left us for school!

We planned several fun activities, and created a mind map each day of ‘what would you like to do at nursery in the holidays?’, so we used this each week to plan all the activities. The children came up with a lot of fun activities to keep them busy busy!

A couple of children were interested in the beach, so we had a discussion, where the children gave their own ideas about what animals they thought they would find at the beach. They then used pens to draw a picture of an animal from the beach - there was lots of effort and imagination put in - from jelly fish to a whale! (EXA 0-05a: Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through activities within art and design.)

One of the children wanted to do an activity with snakes, so we went on a ‘snake hunt’, with each snake having a number on the back for the children to identify, thus developing the children’s numeracy skills. They then drew a picture of their own snakes using the crayons – the children were very proud of them, showing each other their own snakes, as well as talking about all the different colours. (MNU 0-02a: I have explored numbers, understanding, that they represent quantities, and I can use them to count, create sequences and describe order.)

(MNU 0-20b: I can match objects, and sort using my own and others criteria, sharing my ideas with others.)

(EXA 0-05a: Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through activities within art and design.)

Some of the girls asked to draw flowers, so the children used the iPad to create flower pictures, as well as using the chalk to draw chalk pictures of flowers. The children also chose to draw shape pictures too!

As the children were interested in shapes during group time, they enjoyed playing shape corners, with lots of dancing involved! They expressed lots of enjoyment and demonstrated good shape recognition, as well as team work, supporting each other throughout.(MTH 0-16a: I enjoy investigating objects and shapes and can sort, describe and be creative with them.)

The children asked if they could bake a banana cake, so we spoke about what we might need to make a cake, and some of the children made a shopping list for Rachael so she could buy us the ingredients. The children all showed a great interest in making the cake once the ingredients arrived. They all washed their hands before helping to measure the correct amount out. Once it was all poured into a large bowl, each person took a turn to mix up the ingredients.  The cake was ready before afternoon snack time, and they got to enjoy their cake for snack - they all said it was super yummy!

Several of the children asked to play with the dinosaurs, so they were put out for our small world – as well as being dipped into paint to make foot prints. (EXA 0-02a: I have the freedom to discover and choose ways to create images and objects using a variety of materials.)

The children designed their own shorts and t shirts using pens, pencils etc, showing good imagination, choosing interesting colours and producing several designs.(EXA 0-05a: Inspired by a range of stimuli, I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through activities within art and design.)

As the weather became nice and warm, and the sun decided to pay us a visit, we had group time in the garden most days. The children especially enjoyed our music time, where we took out the musical instruments. They suggested different songs to sing, and played along with the musical instruments at the same time, expressing excitement when they had to make the instruments quiet, then loud. (EXA 0-17a: I have the freedom to use my voice, musical instruments and music technology to discover and enjoy playing with sound and rhythm.)

The children made their own ice lollies one afternoon, choosing either orange or black current, and they all got to take their ice lolly home at the end of the day.  (HWB 0-030a: Together we enjoy handling, tasting, talking and learning about different foods, discovering ways in which eating and drinking may help us grow and keep healthy.)

An interesting activity which we did for the children outside was carrot painting. One of the children took a bag of carrots in for Sharing day, so we placed paper on the fence for the children to paint with the carrots, with lots of fun had by all! (SCN 0-15a: Through creative play, I explore different materials and can share my reasoning for selecting materials for different purposes.)

The Post Office

After visiting the post office, the children asked to change the house corner into a post office, suggesting some items to put in it. Thank you to Cassie’s mum, Kim, who brought in a little post office set. The children really showed an interest in playing with it and role playing post office people! As this was such an interest, and the children were always busy creating letters with the envelopes and stamps at the mark making table, we thought the post office would be something to concentrate on as our new topic!

During group time, discussions were had about what the children knew about the post office, what they would like to know about it, and how the children thought they could find out about it.

(SOC 0-17a: I make decisions and take responsibility in my everyday experiences and play, showing consideration for others.) The children participated really well in giving their ideas throughout the topic, as we created different mind maps for different activities.

The children created a little picture and stuck it to a letter so that it could be posted, so in the afternoon we went on a small trip to the Post office in Inverurie. The children expressed excitement about going out for the afternoon on a bus! We all went on the public bus and then walked to the post office from the bus stop. We walked to the sorting office beside Tesco and went to see how many vans the children could see, guessing before we left for our trip to see who would be right! One of the children managed to guess correctly! We then went up to the café at Tesco to have our snack.

(HWB 0-20a: I can describe some of the kinds of work that people do and I am finding out about the wider world of work.)

(SOC 0-16a: By exploring my local community, I have discovered the different roles people play and how they can help.)

The children practiced their number recognition skills - we had a discussion about sending photos, and the children talked about what was possible to send in the post. They then chose an object/toy of their choice to weigh on the scales and tell each other how much it weighed, with lots of good numeracy shown! (MNU 0-02a: I have explored numbers, understanding that they represent quantities, and I can use them to count, create sequences and describe order.)

(MTH 0-16a: I enjoy investigating objects and shapes and can sort, describe and be creative with them.)

Thank you to Grace’s mum, Kerry, for sending the Busy Bees a letter from one of the children from her school. The children were really interested in listening to the letter in which, Andrew, the little boy who had written it, asked the children to draw pictures of dinosaurs for his dinosaur book! The children showed excellent concentration skills, choosing a dinosaur to draw to send back to Andrew. – they also wrote a little letter along with it. (LIT 0-09a: As I listen and take part in conversations and discussions, I discover new words and phrases which I use to help express my ideas.)

The children showed an interest, watching a clip on the iPad about what goes on at a post office, and as a result they were eager to talk about parcels, so the children discussed with each other about what types of parcel they had received in the post at home, as well as the size and the colour of it.CH 0-03a: I explore software and use what I learn to solve problems and present my ideas, thoughts or information.)

Improvement Plan

This is placed on the parents’ information wall in the Busy Bee Room - above the sign in/out sheet.

For our Improvement plan this term, we have concentrated on learning about the community. We created a mind map with the children on ‘what do you think we would see on our walk’? All of the children went for a walk using the walkodiles. We took the camera with us and asked them what they could see on the walk. They all thoroughly enjoyed this, even though it rained, so everyone got a little wet! We printed off the photos and the children cut them out, creating a map with all of our photos, with the children placing these in the order of the events happening, showing very good memory skills.

The children were then asked what there is in Kintore and where they would like to visit. Some suggestions were Asda (wishful thinking!), vet, hairdresser, post office etc. We then decided to write a letter to Peerie Pantry, Kintore Post Office, Donview Vets, Eitelite Hair Studio, and Heavenly Pizza’s, asking if we could come for a visit. So far, we have received a phone call from Peerie Panty and the Post Office. The pantry offered the children to come down and have their afternoon snack there, so we walked down with the children on a Monday, and they had a piece of homemade shortbread and a glass of milk or water for their snack, afterwards getting the bus back to nursery. The Post Office also phoned and offered the children to come for a little visit around the Post Office, so a small group of children on a Tuesday afternoon walked down to the post office in Kintore and expressed lots of excitement during their time there. They took photos so that they could tell friends all about it. They had the opportunity to go behind the counter and see what happens.

(SOC 0-07a: I explore and discover the interesting features of my local environment to develop an awareness of the world around me.)

Sharing Day Dates

Could I please ask that your child does not bring in toys when it is not Sharing day, as things may get lost/misplaced. On Sharing day we ensure that the children’s toys are put in the box and only taken out at group time. Our ‘Show and Tell’ dates are both on the website and available on our Busy Bee door, as well as the parents communication board. Could I please ask that you take your child’s toy home at the end of night so the box is empty - this will also help prevent toys getting lost.

Learning Wall

Please take the time to look at our learning wall to see what your child has been learning about. This wall is always full up with things your children have been doing and things they have learnt during each area of interest.


Could I please ask that you encourage your child to sign in every morning on the signing in board which is situated next to the parent/guardians singing in/out board, this is a good way to develop your child’s literacy skills.

The slippers and jacket pegs change daily, so could I ask that you take home your child’s belongings (slippers and bags) or place them in their box outside the room each night please.

The library bus comes every second Monday during term time, and the children can go on and choose books to keep at nursery.

Thank you

Gemma Gove (Room leader)

Alice Berry (Nursery Assistant – started level 3 training)

Jo Scott (Nursery Assistant – doing level 3 training)