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0-2 Room Term 1 Newsletter

Summers Nursery Term 1

September Newsletter

0-2 room

Dear Parents/Carers

We have had a very busy summer, with lots of changes in the 0-2 room. We have said goodbye to many of our babies, as they are now all grown up and have moved to the 2-3 room. They will be missed greatly!

We would like to say a big welcome to all the new families who have joined us recently. We hope you are settling in well and enjoying your experience at Summers. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to speak to myself or one of the girls in the room to help you.

Staff changes

During the summer, we said goodbye to Amber and Rachel. The girls left after being given a promotion at another private nursery – we wish them both good in their new positions!

This has made way for an exciting new team in the 0-2 room, bringing new ideas and experiences to the room.

Charmaine has recently achieved her level 3 through lots of hard work, and now has been promoted to Assistant Room Leader.

Kristina has left the 0-2 room, as she has been promoted to Assistant Room Leader in the 2-3 room. We will miss Kristina, but it is great to see her doing so well. 

Katarzyna is settling in really well to the 0-2 room and the children all love her!

We have two new members of staff starting in the 0-2 room. Fiona West is a qualified Nursery Nurse with many years of experience working with children. Fiona will be starting her new position imminently. Nicole Yates will also be joining the 0-2 room part time on Monday 28th September. We are really looking forward to both girls joining our team.

Topics covered


Thank-you to all the parents who have brought in family photos for our family tree display board. The children get a lot of enjoyment and happiness at pointing to and naming the members of their family. (Responsive care – to feel connected to their home environment and the wider community.)  

As so many of our children have moved upstairs, our tree is now looking a little bare. We would greatly appreciate if any parents, who have not yet done so, could bring in some family pictures to add to our display.


To tie in with our family topic, we also carried out a small topic on pets. This involved some of the children taking in pictures of pets from home, including cats and goldfish, which we have added to our family tree. The children also participated in various craft activities, where they were given a choice of materials such as crepe and tissue paper, paint, pens, glue etc, which they used to create their own pet pictures. Throughout the activities, we spoke about different pets and some of the children were able to tell us what noises they made. This kind of activity not only develops the children’s fine motor skills but also develops their knowledge and language through interaction with the other children and staff. (Rights of the child – to thrive and be nurtured by loving adults who promote their learning and development.)

Physical development

The weather has allowed for us to get lots of outdoor time, and we have used this to our full advantage. The outdoor play gives more opportunity for physical development and enables the children to challenge themselves physically on the equipment, where they can use the climbing frame, see-saw and ride on cars.(Responsive care – to become independent and practice new skills.)

All of the children receive the opportunity to develop their hand/eye coordination during ball activities, with the older children throwing and catching with each other. The staff will also sit with the younger babies and roll the ball back and forth between each other. This ensures that all activities are adapted to suit the abilities of all the children. (Rights of the child – to be treated as individuals and have their individual needs/preferences met.)

Children’s interests/development

We carry out other activities in between topics which cater to the children’s interests and needs.

We took the children out for a walk around the local area, where we stopped at different shops for new art supplies. The children were consulted throughout and got to choose a variety of art materials for the nursery. They chose lots of bright stickers and collage materials, which then led to them creating lots of wonderful creations once back at nursery. (Respect – to feel included and valued as an individual.)

Water play is always a firm favourite with the children, as they all want to get involved when it is out. We decided to make the water play a little bit more exciting with a colour changing bubble bath. The children were provided with a variety of utensils and pots to play with – lots of splashing and creating bubbles left the children rather soaked!   (Responsive care – to develop an awareness of what they can do through play.)

Future topics

Throughout September, we will be focusing on two main topics – ‘Autumn’ and ‘Stories’.

We will be creating a large autumn display in the room and will get the children involved by taking them out around the local area to collect leaves for it.

Stories are always a very popular topic with the 0-2’s, and we encourage the children to take in their favourite books from home and use our song/story time to read each child’s book. This allows for the children to have the excitement of having their favourite story read, along with all the children getting new literacy experiences.

In October we will celebrate the festival of Diwali and also Halloween. Halloween is always lots of fun for the children, with games and spooky activities organised. We will also be having our Halloween party on Friday 30th October, where the children are invited to come in fancy dress.


It is extremely important that parents sign their child out at the end of every session, so please can you remember to do this. Also, parents must sign in evening meals/snacks if they are providing one for their child. We cannot accept rice or nuts as part of their evening meal.

Children should be provided with weather appropriate clothing, as the weather is now getting colder - this ensures they are getting out to play at outdoor time. Children should also be provided with both indoor and outdoor shoes for hygiene and safety reasons.

There are still a few parents who have not yet returned their child’s portfolio. They must be returned in order for the staff to add observations and pictures to them. Thank – you.

Kind regards

(Baby Room Team)

Kirsty Smith (Room leader/Assistant Manager)

Charmaine Conway (Assistant Room Leader)

Margaret Johnstone (Nursery Nurse)

Bobbie Hall (Nursery Nurse)

Fiona West (Nursery Nurse)

Luda Barkovska (Nursery Nurse)

Emma Yorke (Nursery Assistant – working towards level 3)

Sally Bruce (Nursery Assistant – level 2)

Katarzyna Kobyra (Nursery Assistant)