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General Term 2 Newsletter

Term 2 November Newsletter 2015

Dear Parents/Carers

I can't believe that's our first academic term passed!

We have had loads of new families who have joined us since our last newsletter. I am looking forward to getting to know you all over the coming years and watching the children grow and thrive in the nursery.


We had our annual visit from the Tempest photographer on Monday 26th of October. Linda the photographer has been coming to us for a few years now and was happy to see some familiar faces again this year. I hope you are all pleased with the pictures; it's fair to say we have a nursery full of potential models!


We have welcomed Fiona West and Nicole Yates to the 0-2 room since our last newsletter. Fern Mitchell has also transferred from our St Swithin street branch to work in the 0-2 room. All three girls are settling really well and have all proven to be great additions to our strong team.

Mary Sommerville has also been cooking for us for the past month now, and has proven to be an asset to the team. Mary is very good at baking and pays particular attention to creating new foods for the children with allergies, and is able to include cookies, fairy cakes and buns for those with special dietary requirements.


We have a student joining us from Aberdeen College this term. Danielle starts on Monday 2nd November and is studying an NC in Child Care and Education. She will work in the 3-5 room, and will remain with us on a Monday and Tuesday until June.

Trips and Visits

The 2-3 room visited the transport museum in Alford in September. They had fun looking at all the old vehicles. We were able to explore the old trains, tractors and farm machinery. We then headed to the local park where we enjoyed a lovely picnic and played on the toys. We were all very impressed with the climbing skills shown by the children as they bravely navigated their way around the climbing equipment.

The Ante- Preschool children will be going on a trip to the Lemon Tree on Monday 21st December to see "A Ladder to the Stars" and the Pre-school children will be having their annual trip to His Majesty's Theatre to see "Peter Pan" on Thursday 10th December. All parents of children who are involved will be fully informed in writing nearer the time with specific details.

We are continuing to enjoy Abricabeats on a Friday afternoon in the 3-5 room, where the children do story based activities which incorporate physical activities. We have been acting out a pirate story for the past couple of weeks and now we are enjoying some spooky Halloween stories.

We have been using our local community recently, taking the children to the shops and post office. The children enjoyed delivering flyers about our charity fun day, posting letters and a trip to the shop to choose a gift for Maria before she left.

Trips like these can offer a wealth of information to the children, where they are able to gain a good understanding of their surrounding community and the world around them, whilst also encouraging an understanding of money, social skills, number recognition and much more.

Stay and Play

Thank you to everyone who attended our 'Stay and Play' sessions. We hope you enjoyed seeing your child in the nursery. We had a lot of positive feedback which included comments such as:-

"I liked seeing the kids playing together",

"I liked observing the class and all the children interacting with each other and staff",

"I love all of it"

"This is such a great idea. It's great to get to know the kids a little better"

We are grateful for all feedback and as always, we use all provided information to improve on the activity the following year where possible.


Well, what a fantastic day the family fun day turned out to be. It was tough getting that BBQ started but thanks to the fire lighters and some helpful parent, we eventually had burgers galore!

The stalls were busy throughout the day. All the children, parents and staff went home really happy. Many raffle prizes were donated and lots of lucky people were delighted to win.

We are grateful to all who attended and really pleased it remained dry for us.

The family fun day raised £730.15 for Save the Children. All monies from events throughout the nurseries will be added together and a grand total will be announced at the end of the year.

Development Plans 2015-2016

We have agreed two development points with the development worker having taking into account parental opinions, staff opinions and the council audit. The areas we have agreed to develop are:-

Plan 1

We have agreed to work on zones within the rooms. We will be creating zones where an individual staff member would be responsible for. This will encourage staff to take ownership of areas ensuring they are well maintained and stocked throughout the day as part of their responsibility. For example if I were in charge of the drawing table it would be essential that I would ensure the area to be well stocked and varied so that children get full use of each area with maximum stimulation.

Plan 2

We will be continuing to work on Literacy and Numeracy throughout the nursery, ensuring that children are well aware of the needs and uses for numbers and letters.

We will ensure we promote literacy and numeracy skills throughout the day at nursery.

Policies of the Term

Our policies of the term this month are 'Unexpected Absence, Confidentiality, Staff Recruitment, selection and retention and Staff Induction, Training and Development.  These policies are displayed in the front vestibule for parents to read and comment on if required.


Please could you remember to bring your child in weather appropriate clothes. Your child will require a suitable warm and waterproof jacket, a hat, scarf and gloves for the upcoming winter weather. Please also remember that all children must have a change of shoes for inside. Strong, suitable shoes for outdoors must also be worn for outside play. We go out rain or shine.'

Change of Details

Please can you ensure the nursery is made aware of any change of details so that you are always contactable. Forms are available at the office if you require to change any information on your child's enrolment form.

Staff Training

Tegan is continuing with her SVQ Level 3. She has been part of an observation on physical play and is now doing an assignment on Theorist.

Emma Yorke has not long started her level 3 and is progressing well.

Other training attended by staff this term includes:-

Communication in the playroom

Individual Education Plans. 

3-5 Room

Please ask at the office or the 3-5 room if you would like to order a nursery tee shirt at £8 or a sweetshirt at £9 for your child. These are optional to wear.

Christmas Jumpers

In Victoria Street we actively encourage the wearing of Christmas jumpers throughout December!! …. which help everyone get into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Holidays

The nursery will close at 6pm on Tuesday 22nd December and will re-open on Wednesday 6th January at 7:30am.

May I take this opportunity to wish all parents and children a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from myself and all my team.

Kind Regards

Claire Drennan

Nursery Manager

01224 628862



Please refer to the attached page for dates for your diary

Dates for your Diary

Monday 9th November – all photos to be returned

Wednesday 9th December – Traditional Christmas dinner with crackers and juice will be served for all children and staff who attend that day

Thursday 10th December – Pre-School children starting school in August 2016 will attend Peter Pan at His Majesty's theatre in Aberdeen.

Thursday 17th December – 3-5 Nativity play at Queens Cross Church

Friday 18th December – 3-5 room Christmas Party for all children at Rubislaw Church Centre. A magician will be present, and a special visitor.

Friday 18th December – 2-3 room Christmas Party for all children. Miss K, our dance teacher will be there, along with a special visitor.

Wednesday 18th December – 0-2 room Christmas Party for all the children. Parents of children who are not in that afternoon are required to stay for the duration of the party. A special visitor will pop in.

Monday 21st December – Ante Pre-School children who will go The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen to watch the show 'A Ladder to the Stars'.

Tuesday 22nd December – the nursery will close at 6.00pm and re-open again at 7.30am on Wednesday the 6th January 2016.

Details will follow regarding events

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