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3-5 Room Term 2 Newsletter

Summers Nursery Pre-school Newsletter

November 2015 Term 2

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to all the new children who have recently joined us over the past few weeks. We hope you are all settling in well and enjoying your time in the 3-5 room.

We have covered a number of topics in the planning over the first term and have also undertaken many spontaneous activities, taking the children's interests into consideration throughout.

What we have been learning:-

The children were very keen to participate in activities related to our favourite story theme – 'The 3 Little Pigs'. As they were aware, Halloween was fast approaching so they made up a story about 'The 3 Little Pigs and their Halloween party'. In the story the pigs, and their friend, the wolf, had a party in the brick house. The sequel of this popular story had a much better ending as all the animals became friends and co-operated together to organise a party. It was a great opportunity for the boys and girls to use their imagination to write and illustrate the story that can be found in the story corner. Please, feel welcome to come and have a look at it with your childJ (ENG 0-12a – I enjoy exploring characters and events in stories and other texts, sharing my thoughts in different ways).

As the children showed an interest in the Halloween theme, and talked about monsters and witches etc, we decided to attempt a Halloween themed display. We made scary looking pumpkins, collage ghosts and bats, to name a few. We did not forget to have a closer look at how and why Halloween is celebrated in different countries, such as Mexico or Poland, and we compared their customs and traditions to ours. (RME 0-04a – I learn about traditions and customs in religious people lives).

Throughout the Halloween topic, everybody's favourite thing was pumpkin carving, as well as baking a healthy pumpkin cake. The children developed an understanding of size and measurements, as well as talking about healthy and unhealthy foods.

Since the children are keen on baking, we are researching more healthy recipes that will allow us to learn how to use ingredients such as rice flour, beetroots or beans to create some fabulous baking creations. (HWB 0-35a I explore and discover where foods come from as I choose, prepare and taste different foods).

After eating the yummy cake, we remembered to do some exercises to stay fit and healthy. The majority of the children joined the Halloween Zumba with balloons, (along with adult supervision) which allowed them to develop their gross motor skills and spacial awareness. Whilst playing with the balloons, some children noticed how they fall to the floor, but some of the ones they buy in the shops are able to fly in the air. This then gave us an opportunity to talk about gravity and two gases: oxygen and helium. (SCN 0-07a, I can recognise simple types of forces and describe their effects).

Spiders are often not a grown up person's favourite thing, but children love them to bits! They painted spiders on the spider web, which they made by feeding string through the holes in the paper plates. Most of the children were fond of this activity, however it was quite tricky! They exercised their hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills which are essential for writing skills development.(TCH 0-12a, within real and imaginary settings, I am developing my practical skills as I select and work with a range of materials, tools and software.)

Up and Coming

With our winter season approaching, we are looking forward to seeing the changes the season brings to our environment and the weather.
Certainly, we simply cannot wait for Christmas and all the things that happen during this magical time.

Over the next few weeks we will follow the children's interests for our topics. If there is anything your child would like to discover or learn about then please let us know. You can write your ideas on the Parents Mind map. All the suggestions are gratefully received.


We would like to remind all parents to return your child's folders as soon as possible as we are unable to record your child's observations on regular basis if they are not returned in time.

'Show and tell' – could you please make sure your child is provided with a  'show and tell' item, as it is very important to have something on the day. The information can be found on our website www.summersnurseries.com and on the 3-5 room doors.

The weather is cold at the moment, so please encourage your child to wear trousers/leggings instead of shorts. We would also appreciate shoes that are weather appropriate. It is vital for your child to be able to go outside and play.

We are planning many exciting events on the run up to Christmas, so please look out for letters in regards to our Nativity, Christmas shows and party.

Kind regards,

Karolina Kujel – Room Leader

Erin Barnes – Assistant Room Leader

Faye Glennie – Nursery Nurse

Rachel Macdonald – Nursery Assistant

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