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2-3 Room Term 2 Newsletter

Summers Nursery

2-3 Room November Newsletter 2015

Term 2

Dear parents/carers

We would like to welcome all of our new children and parents who have joined us recently. We hope that you have a happy and positive experience with us.

What the children have been up to this term

During October, the children were able to participate in a variety of activities related to their senses. They really enjoyed creating pictures using tin foil and glitter, and during this activity, the children discussed what their pictures looked and felt like. "Rights of the Child 4; To thrive and be nurtured by loving and caring adults who promote their learning and development."Most of the children were able to tell us how their pictures looked, using words such as "shiny", "bumpy" and "sparkly".

We asked the children to lie down on the floor and close their eyes to encourage them to use their listening skills. The children were given simple instructions such as; touch your nose, rub your tummy and clap your hands. They listened very well and were able to carry out the instructions correctly. "Responsive care 5; To develop an awareness about what they know and can do through play." 

We also used our tasting senses during a fruit tasting activity, where the children tasted lemons, limes, pomegranate seeds, kiwis and oranges which made their taste buds tingle.

We have enjoyed a spooky couple of weeks learning about Halloween and taking parts in many arts and crafts. The children really enjoyed making their own witchy potion, using rice pudding, food colouring and witch and bat sequences. They enjoyed mixing all of the ingredients together with large wooden spoons, with some children choosing to use their hands and get even messier - this was so much fun! "Respect 5; To have the freedom to express themselves."

The children also enjoyed watching the pumpkin being carved and putting their ideas forward about how we should carve him and what his eyes etc should look like. They also really enjoyed it when we turned off the lights and they could see the pumpkin lit up. "Rights of the Child 2; To have opportunities to be actively involved in decision making."  We enjoyed our annual Halloween party on Friday the 30th of October, where the children and staff came in fancy dress and took part in lots of spooky fun and games. "Respect 3; To have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences."

What the children have coming up

In November we will be able to take part in lots of different activities to cover the following topics:-

-       Guy Fawkes, fire works.

-       Diwali- festival of light

-       Saint Andrews day and

-       Winter


We are planning a Frozen themed party for the children on Monday 23rd of November.

In December, the children will be having lots of festive fun to look forward to. They will have the opportunity to take part in lots of arts and crafts, creating wonderful cards and gifts for their parents. The children will also be invited to our annual Christmas party where they can meet Santa.

Some reminders

Winter Clothing

As you are all aware, the winter weather is fast approaching. It is becoming colder, windier and very rainy, so can you all please provide appropriate outdoor clothing for your child so that they can still get the benefit of getting outside in the fresh air. Welly boots, waterproof jackets, hats and scarves etc are vital.

Indoor shoes

It is important that you provide indoor footwear for your child. This is to ensure the cleanliness of the room and also the safety of your child's feet. If there is a fire drill and we have to evacuate the building as quickly as possible, it is important they have footwear on for going down the garden steps, which will be wet at times.

Progress folders

You were given your child's folder home over the October holidays to look through and add things into it at your leisure. We did ask for the folder back for the 30th of October at the latest. If you still have your child's folder at home could you please return it as soon as possible, so that the girls can keep your child's folder up to date with observations.

Art pockets

Each child has their own art pocket displayed in the hallway. It is your responsibility to empty your child's pocket. All of your child's art work will be getting sent home before the Christmas holidays, so could you please make sure you're taking it home.

Lastly we would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.

Kind regards

Kirsty-Anne Chalmers - Room Leader

Monday, Tuesday full day and Wednesday and Thursday mornings

Kristina Donald -Assistant Room Leader

Tuesday to Friday full days

Vicki Craig - Nursery Nurse

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday full days

Tegan Murray - Nursery Assistant (working towards level 3)

Monday, Tuesday full days, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday, Friday full days