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0-2 Room Term 2 Newsletter

Summers Nursery 0-2 room newsletter

Term 2 November 2015

Dear parents/carers

We would like to welcome all of our new children and parents to the room. We hope you are all settling in well and enjoying your time at Summers. If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to speak to myself or one of the girls in the room - they will be more than happy to help.

We have been very busy in the 0-2 room and the children have been participating in both a mixture of planned and spontaneous activities to suit their age and stage of development, as well as their interests.


We finished off our autumn topic with a leaf printing activity. The staff and children collected up leaves from the garden and then used them to carry out the activity. Kasha provided the children with a range of different autumn colours and encouraged the children to use these to paint the leaves, and then they printed them onto their piece of paper. The children then took their painted leaves and glued them onto the paper to create their mini autumn displays. (Respect to feel included, appreciated and valued as an individual)

Favourite characters

Many of the children have clothes or slippers branded with different cartoon characters and will excitedly point them out and name them. As a result of this, the staff provided the children with character related art and craft, including Peppa Pig, Toy Story, Noddy and In the Night Garden. The children were extremely excited and all chose their favourite character to colour in. These kinds of activities allow the children to share their interests and to have an input. (Rights of the child to be consulted with and have their views and opinions heard and acted upon.)

Music and movement

We continue to encourage the children to partake in music and movement in order to further develop their gross motor skills and also to get them involved in group activities. We have been experiencing various types of music for the children to dance freely to, and everybody has great fun watching each other's dance moves! We also have some more structured dance with action songs, where the children listen to the instructions given by the CD or copy the staff member. The children all participate well, trying their best to copy the actions. Several of the older children know the songs well enough to enable them to anticipate what is coming next. (Relationships to feel that they belong and have the opportunity to make friends.)


Halloween always creates a lot of opportunity for exploratory play and new activities, therefore allowing lots of learning and developmental experiences for the children.

We have had spooky jelly in which staff added spiders to jelly and encouraged the children to explore the textures and find the spiders hidden within. This created a fun game for the children and they were keen to get involved, although it took lots of willpower for the children not to eat the jelly! Even the children who are not too keen on messy play got involved by pointing out the spiders. (Respect to have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of activities)

We have had pumpkins in the room, and as a change to the normal spooky face, the children have been painting them yellow in order to turn them into minions - Charmaine even carved Olaf! The children made sure not to waste any of the pumpkin and after scooping out the insides they explored the different textures with their hands during messy play - some getting really stuck in, while others, not so sure, chose to stand and watch at the side. (To be consulted with and have their needs/ feelings taken into consideration)

We had our annual Halloween party with lots of music and dancing, party snack and some spooky themed fun and games. Thank you to all for the great effort you put in with your costumes.


Charmaine recently attended a course in which she learnt about Makaton, a form of sign language. She took what she had learnt and looked into it further, exploring how she could incorporate it into the 0-2 room. Charmaine had a list of songs and actions to go with it. She has started with 'twinkle twinkle little star' and is continuing to teach the children (and staff) the actions to go along with it. This has been a great learning experience for everyone in the 0-2 room and we hope to continue learning new songs. (Responsive care to develop an awareness of what they know and can do through play.)

Future topics

Bonfire (fireworks) night will be the next topic we will explore. We will be creating lots of bright and sparkly displays within the room and working together to collage a big bonfire to display on one of our boards.

We will follow on with a small topic on St Andrews day which will then lead us into December when we will go all out for Christmas with crafts, decorating, gifts and cards. We are having our Christmas Party on Friday 18thDecember.All of the children are invited to the Christmas party, but please note that if your child does not attend on that day you will be required to stay with them for the duration of the party.


Can we please remind parents that they MUST be signing their children in and out at the end of the day.

If you are providing your child with an evening meal, this must be signed in when you drop your child off in the morning. Please note that we cannot accept nuts or rice as part of your child's evening meal.

The weather is changing dramatically so could parents please provide their children with weather appropriate clothing. i.e. all in one suits, hats, wellies. If your child is not provided with appropriate clothing they will miss out on the opportunity for outdoor play.

Could parents please label their children's clothes and shoes. We have many children with the same items and this saves any mix ups.

Children should be provided with both indoor and outdoor shoes - this is for hygiene reasons.

Could all parents who have not already done so, please return their child's portfolio as soon as possible so the staff can continue to update it.

Kind regards

0-2 room

Kirsty Smith (Assistant Manager/Room Leader)

Charmaine Conway (Assistant Room Leader)

Margaret Johnstone (Nursery Nurse)

Bobbie Hall (Nursery Nurse)

Fiona West(Nursery Nurse)

Fern Mitchell(Nursery Nurse)

Emma York(Nursery Assistant working towards level 3)

Sally Bruce(Nursery Assistant- level 2)

Kasha Kobyra (Nursery Assistant)

Nicole Yates (Nursery Assistant)