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General Nursery Newsletter

February 2016

Dear Parents/Carers

We would like to welcome you back and hope you are all refreshed after the Christmas break and ready to get stuck into 2016.  

We have had a number of Little Bunnies joining us – Ava, William, Blake, Victoria, Thomas and Ben who we would like to welcome into the little Bunnies room! We also wish Rhys, Jack and Rory the best of luck with moving up in to the Cheeky Monkey room.

Guy Fawkes Night

From our last newsletter in November, the children celebrated Guy Fawkes! Many of the children had gone to see firework displays. When asked if they had a good time watching them, they replied, saying “bang” “loud”. The children made their own interpretations of fireworks displays by using brightly coloured paints and glitter. We also experimented with straws and food colouring in water, blowing the liquid to create a swirling effect. This provided the children with an opportunity to develop their hand eye co-ordination and learn cause and effect. (Responsive Care 4- To explore, experiment and try out new things indoors and out) .


As some of the children had become a big brother or big sister recently, or had gained a new baby in the family, we thought that it would be a good idea to focus on families. The children created family tree pictures using their expressive talents to make their trees. Whilst taking part in this activity, it led for plenty of discussion, allowing the children to talk about their families. They were able to repeat their family members’ names and spoke about where they were, stating “work” “car” etc.

The children also participated in a teddy bear picnic in the room, picking teddies out of the story corner and taking them to join with them at snack. They were encouraged to practise their sharing skills by taking turns with the teddy, as well as swopping toys around so that they could sit alongside all the different cuddly toys.  The children also showed great friendship skills by helping to hand out snack to each other (Respect 2- to develop respect for themselves others and the environment around them).This was a learning experience that the children showed great interest in, allowing us to provide this opportunity many times throughout the next two weeks. 

We also incorporated our learning into raising money for Children In Need, asking the children to wear their pyjamas from home, at nursery, throughout the day. We had a fun filled day where the children participated in party games in the Busy Bee room. This allowed the children to play alongside siblings and participate in large group games. (Relationships 7- To feel that they belong and have opportunities to make friends).


As the weather became a lot colder, and the children had mentioned that it was getting “dark”, “cold” “icy”, we thought that moving on to winter would be quite appropriate (Rights of the child 2- to have opportunities to be actively involved in decision making). We supported the children’s independence by encouraging them to go and collect their own outside clothing, as well as helping them to put on their own footwear. The children tried hard with this and we hope that they showed off their dressing skills at home!

The boys and girls also participated in a winter flashcard experience which encouraged discussion about the weather, clothes we wear outside, and many other wintery objects.  This flashcard experience was great for developing the children’s language and communication skills, and also for helping with recognition of objects from their daily routines and surroundings.  The children also brought the outdoors, indoors. Whilst playing out in the garden they found ice and explored this for a great length of time, feeling it and picking it up. (Responsive Care 4- to explore,experiment and try out new things indoors and out). 

Staff then made ice for the children to explore within their messy tray. This was a great opportunity for them to feel and explore the ice, and see how cold it was. The boys and girls also participated in many art and craft experiences, which included making snowflakes using tissue paper, as well as painting snowmen and sparkly winter outdoor pictures using collage materials.

As the weather was becoming colder and it had been raining heavily, we decided that we would take some of the physical equipment inside.  On different days we took in the slide, climbing frame, the seesaw and one of the ride on bikes. The staff supported the younger children by helping them when required. (Relationships 5- to grow in confidence and be supported to work through new experiences, challenges and conflict).  The older children were encouraged to develop their independence, using the equipment on their own.


The children were very excited about Christmas and talked about “Santa”. All of the Little Bunnies were kept very busy during the month of December, creating their Christmas crafts! Hopefully, you all have your Christmas gifts hanging up in the house, showing them off proudly!

The children also had lots of fun at their annual Christmas party, participating in group games such as pass the parcel, and musical bumps. They had great fun showing off their dance moves! We also had the pleasure of Angela from Abricabeats joining us, encouraging the boys and girls to participate in action songs and dancing. (Respect 5- to have the freedom to express themselves).  There was another special visitor who came and surprised all the children with a gift!  A great time was had by all!

The children finished off the year by participating in free art experiences which allowed all of them the opportunity to have the choice of what materials they would like to use and what activity they would like to participate in.

Free week

Since coming back from the holidays and having the new art boards put up, staff felt ourselves and the children needed to brighten up our room and get busy making it look like normal. They have all been very busy participating in many art and craft experiences, and are busy helping to make our birthday chart.

Over the next few weeks, please take the time to view the children’s artwork, and  when all our room information is back on our walls. We will have new displays going up, and you can also familiarise yourself with your children’s pockets. (Responsive Care 1- to feel welcomed into a warm, friendly and familiar environment).

Kerrie Massie - (Room Leader/ Assistant Manager)

Emma Rowell - (Nursery Nurse)

Megan Pedalty - (Nursery Nurse – completing level 3 training)

Lana Brown (Nursery Assistant)

Allana Morrison – (Nursery Assistant)

-align:justify'>Any feedback or suggestions regarding the room or topic are welcome, so please don’t hesitate to see myself or one of the other girls.

Thank you

Claire Rizza (Busy Bee Room Leader)

Kirsti McCarthy(Nursery Practitioner – level 3 training)

Lucy Gordon – (Nursery Assistant)