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Cheeky Monkey Room Newsletter

February 2016

Dear Parents/Carers

We would like to welcome you all back after the festive holidays and hope you all had a good break.  We  also welcome all our new Cheeky Monkeys - Kirsten, Madison, Jack, Rory, Rhys and Riley and their families, and a good luck to Ella, Zoe, Ben and Danny who have moved up to the Busy Bee room.

It is great to be back and feel refreshed to start another good year with you all. 

We have been learning about several things over the past few months.

Children’s characters

Many of the boys and girls enjoy bringing in their character soft toys to nursery, so we decided to do a short topic around this area. This opened up the opportunity for discussions at group time, with several of the children sharing the same interests, for example Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol.

During the art and craft experiences, one of the tasks for the children was to have the opportunity to use pens and paper to write a letter to their favourite character. They helped to put their letter into an envelope and posted it to the character of their choice. Some of the favourite characters were Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam and Mini Mouse.

Whilst playing out in the garden, the children showed a great interest in the ice outside, so we decided to freeze some of the constructions toys for the children to explore in the water tray indoors – stickle bricks and Duplo had a whole new experience! (Respect 1- To feel included, appreciated andvalued as an individual)

The children participated in a little quiz, where they were able to recognise and name songs from the children’s TV programmes, such as Fifi, Telletubbies and Rory the Racing Car(Respect 7-To learn about others and value differences, fairness and equality).

As bonfire night was approaching, the children used a variety of materials and paint to create a large bonfire and some colourful fireworks. During this experience, we also took the opportunity to discuss colour recognition with them. (Respect 1- To feel included, appreciated and valued as an individual).


Weather was our next focus, as the children had spoken about the rain and puddles out in the garden.  When getting ready for outdoors, the children were encouraged to dress themselves before going outside, choosing appropriate clothing such as a hat, scarf and gloves for the type of weather. (Relationships 3 – To develop a positive sense of self and feel good about themselves) The children loved being outside and splashing in the puddles!

As we were not experiencing many hot days, the staff planned a hot and cold learning experience using liquids. The children tasted a variety of things which included yoghurt and ice cream. They even felt a hot cloth straight from the tumble drier. From this experience, the children were able to identify the difference between hot and cold.(Responsive care 4 – To explore experiment and try out new things indoors and out)


The lead up to Christmas was a very exciting time for the Cheeky Monkeys.

The children participated in various art and craft experiences, having fun making Christmas Cards, a Christmas gift, a tinsel picture, calendar and stockings. These learning experiences allowed the children to practise their fine motor skills using the scissors, as well as gluing and sticking (Responsive care 2 – To beinvolved with daily and individual routines)

Throughout the month of December, you may have heard the nursery full of Christmas singing. As part of our planning for the children, we encouraged them to put on a singing show. This was great fun and the children enjoyed choosing songs to sing in front of their peers, their favourite being Twinkle Twinkle little star.(Respect 1 – To feel included, appreciated and value as an individual).

Trips and visits

On Thursday the 3rd of December, the children enjoyed a winter trip to Hoodless play barn. They experienced lots of physical play and social interaction, and then we finished the day off with a visit into Santa’s grotto.

On Friday the 18th of December, all the Cheeky Monkeys had their Christmas party.  The children had a great time, dancing, playing games and receiving a gift from Santa.   We also had a visit from Angela from Abricabeats who played some games with the children, as well as involving them in action songs. The bubbles were a great hit also!

On Tuesday the 22nd of December, we had a tasty Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. This was extra special as all of the children from all the rooms joined up into one big group.

Can we remind parents to provide suitable clothing for our Scottish weather to ensure your child has opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Please make sure that you provide a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes.

Many thanks from the Cheeky Monkey team

Amanda Allan (Room Leader)

Alana Henderson (Nursery Nurse)

Nicola Dunbar (Nursery Nurse)

Rachel Andrews (Nursery Assistant)

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