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Busy Bees Room Nursery Newsletter

Term 3 February 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

January has finally come to an end, so hopefully you have all recovered from the festive madness! It's been lovely hearing about the children's Christmas experiences and what they were treated to. We would like to welcome Madison, Ella, Zoe, Ben and Danny to the Busy Bee room! We hope you are settling into your new routine, and having lots of fun.

What have we been learning about?


In the run up to Christmas, the Busy Bees practiced hard for their Nativity, which was held in the Kintore Church in December. During this period, the children also enjoyed learning about the Christmas Story. (As I explore Christian stories, images and music and poems, I am becoming familiar with some beliefs Christian people have about God and Jesus - RME 0-01a)

They were also very busy preparing their Christmas crafts, including cards, gifts and calendars for all their families to enjoy. (As I explore stories, images, music and poems, I am becoming familiar with the beliefs of the world religions I am learning about - RME 0-04a)

The children enjoyed their Christmas Party, participating in party games(I enjoy singing and playing along to music of different styles - EXA 0-16a)and a buffet snack. We were all engrossed with the magic show with Gary Seagraves – this was thoroughly enjoyed by both children and staff!


We focused on families, with the children choosing to spend time during free play, playing 'mums and dads', which involved a lot of role play, with each child taking on a different character within the family setting. We observed the children embracing their roles with confidence! (I have the freedom to choose and explore how I can use my voice, movement and expression in role play and drama - EXA 0-12a).The Busy Bees enjoyed a variety of learning opportunities , for example, they loved using the counting cubes to count how many people were in their family, as well as putting together a graph with 'How many people live in my house.' (I use practical materials and can 'count on and back' to help me understand addition and subtraction, recording my ideas and solutions in different ways - MNU 0-03a), (I can collect objects and ask questions to gather information, organising and displaying my findings in different ways – MNU 0-20a)

During one discussion, one of the children wanted to 'paint our mums and dads', so the children chose their own paint and did this, using lots of interesting colours. (I have the freedom to discover and choose ways to create images and objects using a variety of materials - EXA 0-02a).

One of the exciting learning opportunities that the children took part in was a treasure hunt. This was after one child commented that, "to get to Nanny and Granda's, we have to use a map." The children then drew their own maps, following the route to find the treasure which was marked with an X. (I can use the signs and charts around me for information, helping me plan and make choices MNU 0-20c).

The children showed a considerable interest in weddings, so from this they discussed what happens at weddings. The answers varied from "they have a long thing on their head" to "the bride is the lady, the groom is the man" (As I listen and take part in conversations and discussions, I discover new words and phrases which I use to help me express my ideas, thoughts and feelings LIT 0-10a).

Each of the children enjoyed taking on an adult's role during group time where they put a nappy on a doll. (I am able to show an awareness of the tasks required to look after a baby HWB 0-51a) They were confident and excited during this, concentrating hard and managing well.

A couple of children commented on how they enjoyed going out for tea with their families, (I enjoy eating a diversity of foods in a range of social situations HWB 0-29a) so from this they designed their own placemats and decorated them with their favourite foods - we hope the children are enjoying using their new placemats at home!

When we returned to nursery after the Christmas break, we had various discussions with the boys and girls, and they came to the conclusion that they would like to learn about animals, so this is progressing well. (I listen or watch for useful or interesting information and I use this to make choices or learn new things - LIT 0-04a)

December Trips

The ante pre-schoolers had the opportunity to go to Hoodles play barn and meet Santa! All of the children on this trip were superbly behaved, with lots of group discussion going on during the bus ride. (I value the opportunities I am given to make friends and be part of a group in a range of situations HWB 0-14a)  (I know and can demonstrate how to travel safely HWB 0-18a).

The pre-school children enjoyed a trip with the Busy Bees from across the road  to see the Peter Pan pantomime at His Majesty's theatre in Aberdeen. It was a great adventure, getting the bus all the way in! We had some scary moments during the panto, but the Busy Bees were very brave and really enjoyed it. (Representing my class, school and/or wider community encourages my self-worth and confidence and allows me to contribute to and participate in society HWB 0-12a A big well done to all those Busy Bees!

On Friday the 11th of December,Claire and Lucy took some of the Busy Bees to Overdon Nursing home to sing some Christmas Carols for the residents.(I am aware that different types of evidence can help me to find our about the world around me SOC 0-15a.)  They performed really well, singing all the songs they had learnt for their Nativity, and it was really appreciated by all the residents and staff. There was even a visit from Santa, who very kindly brought all the children a gift.

Reminders and General News

Our music and dance teacher, Angela, has now changed sessions to a Wednesday morning. The Busy Bees look forward to another exciting term with Abricabeats. This will continue until Miss K returns from maternity leave.

Sharing Day dates are displayed on the Parents notice board, and will also be placed in your child's pocket, as well as being available to view on our website. Please keep an eye out for these!

We request that all child profile folders be returned within a week of taking them home, as it allows us to keep children's observations up to date.

The library bus continues to visit us every second Monday, where the children go on to browse and select different books for the room - these include books about our current topic, as well as factual books and stories.

Any feedback or suggestions regarding the room or topic are welcome, so please don't hesitate to see myself or one of the other girls.

Thank you

Claire Rizza (Busy Bee Room Leader)

Kirsti McCarthy(Nursery Practitioner – level 3 training)

Lucy Gordon – (Nursery Assistant)

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