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Graduation 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended the Graduation at St Andrew's church for the children who are leaving us to go to school.  It was a fantastic ceremony.  It was lovely to see so many nice comments on the evaluations that have come back.

80% of your rated the graduation as excellent whilst 20% rated it as very good.  Comments made were as follows:

  • "Lauren's poem was a tear jerker!"
  • "The kids singing was great and the poems read by staff were lovely"
  • "it was lovely to hear the poem Lauren read out.  It is so nice to feel that there is so much affection towards all the children.  A lovely finish to their time at nursery.  Thanks for the memories."
  • "My favourite part was the poem the ladies made up for each child.  It was evident that the ladies will miss all the kids and it was lovely to see."

There was also great comments about the venue and the times and parking.

Thank you

Nicola and the 3-5 teamsmiley

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