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Summer Newsletter

July 2017

Summer Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers

I would like to start by welcoming any new families who have recently joined us here at Summers Nursery. We hope you and your child enjoy your time with us. I would also like to wish all the children who are leaving us to go into Primary 1 the best of luck! You will all be very missed.

Staff News

My final day at Nursery before my maternity leave commences will be Wednesday the 26th July. As you should all now be aware, Melanie will be covering as Manager in my absence and Nikki will take on the role of Assistant Manger, whilst she continues to work as 2-3 Room Leader. I would like to take this opportunity to say Congratulations and good luck to the girls in their new roles until my return in May/June next year. The girls will assume their roles as of Wednesday the 16th August.

Lauren McKandie has been employed in Melanie's position of 0-2 Room Leader. Lauren has come from a local private nursery and has been based in the 0-2 room for over 2 years now. She is Level 3 qualified and has vast knowledge of the Pre-birth to 3. We would like to welcome Lauren to the team. Lauren will begin her hand over with Mel the week of the 31st July, when the girls will begin to introduce her to you all and will take on Melanie's role as of the 16th August.

We are happy to tell you that Ashleigh Christie has taken on the maternity cover position within the 3-5 room to cover Lauren's absence. Ashleigh took on this role as of Thursday the 15th June and will be with us until Lauren's return.

Ashleigh Thompson's last day before her maternity leave commences will be Tuesday the 29th August. We are also happy to tell you that Katie Barrett will take on Ashleigh's role in the 2-3 room and work alongside Nikki until Ashleigh's return.

Massive congratulations to Lauren Donald of the 3-5 room who gave birth to Logan Stewart Marr on Thursday the 15th June at 11.27am weighing 9lbs 11ozs. Both Mum and baby are doing well and are now at home.

Staff Training

Chloe Taylor is now at the very final stages of her Level 3. Ashleigh Thompson and Samantha Gilchrist are continuing to work towards their level 3.

Louise Glennie and Chloe Grant are at the early stages of their Level 3.

Some of the staff attended Infection Control and Food hygiene training this term.

Sports Day success

Thank you to everyone who attended the annual Sports Day this year in aid of Barnardos. A fantastic 786.16 was raised in total through selling snacks on the day and sponsors. Thank you to everyone who completed and returned evaluations also. Out of the 19 returned, 16 of you rated the morning as Excellent whilst the remaining 3 said Very Good, which we are very pleased about. Some of the comments and ways forward were as follows:

  • "Great day again. Maybe a megaphone would be useful so everyone can hear. Great job well organized."

  • "Sports day was very well organized and the duration was just right. All the children enjoyed themselves. Well done to Summers Inverurie for another successful event."

  • "The amount of time spent planing and organizing was clear, as well as giving children the time to practice beforehand. Many thanks for giving up a Sunny Saturday much appreciated."

  • "Once again I think its fab that the girls from nursery took the time out to organise this event out with their normal working hours. Cant fault the day so well done and thanks for all your efforts."

  • "It was really nice that siblings/cousins were able to join in. We/family struggled to find it! A suggestion might be to flag the section at the Sports centre area it is going to be held at. Wasn't an issue, just a suggestion. Great day and staff were superb as usual."

We always take into account suggestions and ways forward for next year. We did take a headset with microphone on the day which unfortunately didn't work for us, so next year we will ensure it is working beforehand. Great idea about signposting exactly where we are based, and their was a suggestion for a staff race which did take place at the very end of the morning! Well done to Louise who won the staff race!


Thank you to all the parents for coming along to the Pre-school graduation which was held at St Andrews Church. It was clear the children had been practicing their songs at nursery and at home! Again, big thank you to all the completed evaluations that were returned. Out of the 6 returned, 5 rated the ceremony as excellent whilst the final 1 said Very good! Some of the lovely comments were as follows:

  • "The personal reading naming all the children was lovely."

  • "Seeing all the children in the gowns"

  • "Everything was great, wouldn't change it. Great effort made by all the girls, a massive thank you."

Parents Evening

We had yet another very successful parents evening with a great turn out. Thank you all for taking time out of your evening to come along and discuss your child/children's progress with staff. Out of the 14 evaluations returned, 8 said the evening was excellent whilst the remainder rated it as Very good. Some of the comments made and ways forward were:

  • "Very nice touch having wine & nibbles, thank you! Great having the option of times to choose from rather than being allocated a time."

  • "Reassuring to have your support with potty training. The time you take to do these things is very appreciated."

  • "It went well, we enjoyed hearing more about our child's development and how she is at nursery."

  • "The parents evening went very well. The organization and timing was very efficient and allowed enough time for discussion."

  • "Very well. It felt very relaxed and was good to spend some time talking in a comfortable environment without being rushed. The ladies were very clear about current progress and milestones reached and also the key aims for the coming weeks/months."

The report is created using the observations made for each child, which is uploaded to your child's ILD, so feedback is always on going throughout the year. If there are any concerns then please feel free to come forward to your child's Room Leader or myself to discuss at any time in the year.

We are grateful for your level of response from all evaluations. We will continue to take into account the thoughts and feelings of the parents and carers to ensure our nursery provides a high quality of care and education for all of our children.

Trips & Visits

The pre-school room have been enjoying their weekly visits to the Green which is next to Strathburn School. Children have shown great levels of responsibility by taking part in risk assessments, making them aware of safety, and there is a wealth of opportunity for the children in the grass area, including mathematical knowledge by measuring, problem solving when building, using their local community, respecting the environment and much more. There is a timetable displayed on the 3-5 room door which states what group your child is in and what dates they will be going over the next few months.

The 2-3s and 3-5 children enjoyed their Term 4 Summer trip to the Fairywoods of Fedderate on Tuesday the 4th July. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The children enjoyed a play in the park made up of loose parts, going on a Fairy hunt to find the fairy doors and having hot chocolate and lunch on the toadstools whilst listening to stories. I highly recommend the trip to all parents/carers. Great morning out!

The 0-2s continue to go out for their daily walks in the buggies and on the reins. The nicer weather this term has been very enjoyable and the children have played at the park or had a picnic snack on occasion.


The 0-2 children have covered a variety of topics, recently. Zoo animals was a particular favorite, 'show and tell' was very popular and the children had the opportunity to show their peers something from home, and share. The children used a variety of collage to make paper plate zoo animals and used the zoo animal resources in the small world area. The children then went on to learn about Easter and chose some stories from the library bus. As well as participate in an Easter egg hunt. The children also displayed good turn taking skills during a baking activity to make Eater shortbread.

The children swiftly moved onto a transport activity after spotting lots of diggers and lorries out of the window. They used the vehicles and car mat in the small world, went on various walks to spot the different transport, and made track prints using the cars and paint to roll on paper.

The girls and children hope all the Dads and Grandads liked their Fathers day cards also!

The 2-3 children took part in a mini Easter topic, going on an Easter egg hunt, baking Easter biscuits and using a variety of materials and paint to make chicks. After talking about chicks and chickens, the children moved onto a Farm topic. There were discussions about where eggs come from, exploring oats in the sensory tray and they watched clips of chicks hatching from eggs. The children developed their skills using farmyard puzzles and matching and sorting games, and they also developed their literacy skills by having a Farm 'show and tell'.

Talking about all the different farm animals, the children then moved onto other types of animals and showed a particular interest to Jungle animals. They developed their fine motor skills using the threading, using their creations to act as slithery snakes. They also explored the paint with their hands to make hand print giraffes, and used feathers to make colorful parrots. The children even participated in a "Walking through the jungle...." activity, using welly boots and paint to create footprints on paper. The children have just moved onto an 'Under the sea topic' - you will see all the wonderful activities the children are up to on the Learning wall.

The 3-5 children took part in a topic about 'flight' after our nature topic had finished. The boys and girls made lots of parachutes for their toys, using plastic bags and string. They also liked decorating their paper aeroplanes. This prompted the boys and girls to look into how parachutes were used and how they worked. We made an airport in the house corner for the children. They enjoyed packing their suitcases so they could go on "holiday" and they enjoyed making tickets and passports. The children also used the smartboard to investigate how birds wings worked for them to fly.

On Polling day, the children held their own mini election to start our new topic. Two children came up with a suggestion and gave reasons why we should do this as a new topic. After they presented their ideas, the children got to do a vote on a bit of paper. Disney won! The boys and girls have been wanting to learn about how cartoons were made and were keen to ask questions about different parts of Disney stories. The children have also done various arts and crafts and we turned the house corner into a Disney Castle!

is may mean the children will get muddy and wet so we would appreciate if your child is appropriately dressed on their day to go. The nursery does have waterproof trousers we can provide. When at the space we will take a snack and some hot chocolate, we will also ensure the children have running water and soap and access to a toilet. Each parent/carer will receive notice when their child will be going to our space. Any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

The staff continue to take into account the children's ideas and interests, and in response to this, plan topics around them!

Tax Free Childcare

In April 2017, the UK Government launched its tax free Childcare Scheme, which will replace existing voucher schemes. These close to new entrants in April 2018, although existing membership can continue forwards from this cut off date. Information is available to parents at the following websites.



This is now set up for parents to use. When signing up, ensure you choose the Summers Victoria Street account.

Thank you

Nicola McKinlay

Inverurie Manager



Dates for the Diary

Friday the 1st September Tempest Photographs

W/C 11th September Stay & Play (Letters and information will be issued in due course)

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