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Term 1 News

Summers Nursery

St Swithin Street

Term 1 -September 2016

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to our latest edition of our newsletter, and an extra warm welcome to new parents and children who have recently joined us.

Fun day

We would like to thank everyone who came out on Saturday 27th August for our Fun day at the nursery - it was a great success! It was really nice to see so many families and extended families coming out and having fun - it really makes it worthwhile for all the hard work the staff have put in, organizing all the activities and giving up their Saturday to help out. We would like to give a big thank you to all the parents who donated prizes for our raffle and bottle stall. We raised 563.45 on the day (which will go towards the Sunrise charity) and are looking forward to doing it all again next year.

Room numbers

Can I remind parents if you require to speak to a staff member in your child’s room directly, here are the telephone numbers below:

Baby room 07597 300510

2-3 room: 07432 604627(please note this is a new number as of Monday 19th September).

3-5 room 07729 426940

Staff Training

Megan MacBeth - 2-3 room, is continuing to work through her level 3 and she is doing really well. Staff have various training lined up over the next term - Infection control, Food Hygiene, GIRFEC, Child Protection, Child Development to name a few.

Tempest Photography

Tempest photography will be visiting us on Tuesday 4thOctober from 9:30am. If your child is not in on that day you can arrange an appointment time with the staff in your child’s room - further details to follow.


Moving into autumn, the weather appears to continue to surprise us! We would very much appreciate that your child has appropriate clothing available for all weather types. This means we can be prepared for the ‘four-seasons-in-one-day’ that we often experience!

Spare Clothes

Please check your child’s bag regularly to ensure they have a constant supply of spare clothes. We only have a limited supply of nursery spare clothes which are used as a last resort. Please can you also ensure that your child’s clothes are clearly labelled with their name, and remember to return any nursery clothes that your child has used - thank you.

Nursery bags

Can you let the staff know in your child’s room if you require a new nursery bag - we have various different colours to choose from.

Dance Teacher 3-5 room

Our dance teacher, Angela, is now joining us every Wednesday morning from 9:30 for 45 minutes and all her classes are theme based.

Show and tell 3-5 room

Please can we ask that no toys or books are taken in on days that are not Show and Tell days. This is due to things getting lost or broken. The dates for Show and Tell are:-

Thursday 22nd September - 'A Favourite Hat'

Tuesday 27th September - 'An Old Item'

Friday 7th October - 'A Favourite DVD / Movie'

Wednesday 12th October - 'An Object from when I was a Baby'

Monday 17th October - 'Objects from Outside'

Indoor shoes

Can parents please provide all children with a change of footwear i.e. slippers, crocs, soft shoes for indoor play.

The Baby Room staff request that parents bring in appropriate footwear for all children who are now confident on their feet. It is important that all children have the appropriate footwear for outside and softer shoes for inside. Providing your children with indoor shoes improves the health and safety within the nursery. Indoor shoes help keep our nursery cleaner whilst ensuring your child's individual comfort and safety.

Interactive Learning Diaries

If any parent has not yet accessed their child’s interactive learning diary and wishes to do so, then speak to myself. All parents have been given a letter allowing them to access with a secure password.

Dates coming up soon

Prior to the nursery closing on Friday the 23rdof December, we will be giving you dates for the following events very shortly, so keep a note of them when they go out, as time creeps up quickly.

- Photographer - Tuesday 4th October

- Halloween parties - Monday 31st October

- All Ante Pre-school children will attend a Christmas trip which is to be confirmed.

- All Pre-School children who start school in August 2017 will attend the Pantomime at His Majesties Theatre.

- All children in the Pre-school room will take part in our Christmas Nativity play at Rubislaw Parish Hall.

- Room Christmas Parties and special visitor.

Christmas closure

Please be reminded that the nursery will close at 6pm on Friday 23rd December 2016 for 2 weeks over the festive period.

Business will resume as usual on Monday 9th January 2017 at 7:30am.


The Baby room made a lovely wall display for summer time where they did lots of hand and footprints for the rainbow and sun on their display. They also went for walks to the local park for a picnic. The staff also made some new sensory bottles for their sensory corner which the children have really enjoyed.

The 2-3 room were learning about their favourite nursery rhymes through songs and stories and made a wall display of Incy Wincy spider. They have also been learning about primary and secondary colours, mixing different colours of paint together to see new colours they can make.

The 3-5 room has been very busy lately with recent topics. They have looked at Summer time, where they did a lovely wall display of the beach. They also discussed what a passport was and where they went on holiday etc. Preschool also had a trip to the Pets corner at Hazlehead park, which led into their next topic about Zoo animals. The children made lots of animal masks and animal paintings, and read the story Dear Zoo, as well as writing a letter to Edinburgh Zoo.

Kind Regards from

Deborah Laird

Nursery Manager

01224 209966


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