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Term 1 News

Term 1 Newsletter -September 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to a new academic year. As always, we have lots planned with all the children, ensuring we provide a wide variety of interesting and stimulating activities. Welcome to all our new families too. We look forward to building new relationships with you all.


We are happy to welcome two new staff members to our nursery. Both Lisa Bruce and Julie-Anne Henderson have joined the team. Julie-Anne will be based between the 0-2 and 3-5 rooms, and Lisa will be based between the 2-3 and 3-5 rooms. Both girls are fully qualified Nursery Nurses and both have made a big impact on the children already.

Staff Training

Staff have been completing training offered by the Voluntary Services Agency (VSA) this term. We have been developing our understanding of observations for Individual Education Plans which are implemented according to the needs of individual children. We have also been learning about dealing with challenging behaviour.

Staff have started to select training for 2017/18. Some of the training selected includes:

  • Quality Interaction Workshops
  • An Introduction to Building the Ambition
  • Observing Schemes


Training is selected for staff in accordance with:

  • Staff need for core training
  • Staff identified developments
  • Staff particular interests

Erin is continuing to study for her BA in Childhood Practices. Attending university whilst doing such a demanding job takes a great deal of dedication and we commend Erin for all her hard work in her studies so far.


All funding applications should have been returned to nursery. If your child is in his/ her pre-school year or is 3 years old before 28th February 2018 then you have an entitlement to funding. Please see myself or Erin for further information if required.

Stay and Play

Please complete and return the attached slip at the back of the newsletter to book a space at our annual Stay and Play event.Stay and Play provides you with an opportunity to watch your child in the nursery setting as well as see how they interact with their peers and the staff. We try to be as accommodating as possible with time slots without disrupting the children or the running of the room.


As you are aware, we have had our annual Fun day and we have raised a massive £414 from the proceeds which are to be donated to Barnardo's. Our final contribution will be made by the end of the year, as we collate all the information from all five Summers Nurseries. So far, St Swithin Street has raised £949, so well done! Thank you to everyone who has taken part and congratulations for your contributions. Barnardo's is such a worthy cause and your help will aid needy children throughout the world. To find out more visit www.barnados.org.uk.

Policies of the term

Our policies of the term this term are;

  • Policy 16 – Baby Feeding Policy
  • Policy 31 – Starting Nursery and Room Transition
  • Policy 41- Health, Wellbeing and Safety Policy

These policies are displayed at the front door for parents to view.


Please make sure your child has weather appropriate clothing at all times. All children should have indoor and outdoor shoes. Clothing should be clearly named to ensure they are always returned to their rightful owners.

Change of details

It is essential that the nursery is provided with up to date contact details such as new telephone numbers, address'. Please write down any changes required and given directly to me or your child's Room Leader.

Interactive learning diary

Congratulations to all the parents who have now signed up to the ILD. We love seeing what all the children have been up to at the weekends. It's great for us to share information via the ILD to ensure your children are continuously developing.


Keep an eye on our face book page for all up to date information including menus, daily activities, show and tell dates and much more.

Development Plans

We are in the process of creating development plans for 2017-18. The plans will be created with the use of parental and staff questionnaires and reports from both The Care Inspectorate and Aberdeen City Council.  

Tax Free Childcare

In April 2017, the UK Government launched its tax free childcare Scheme, which replaces existing voucher schemes. These close to new entrants in April 2018, although existing membership can continue forwards from this cut-off date. Information is available to parents at the following websites.

www.childcarechoices.gov.uk  www.childcarevouchers.co.uk/Documents/CCV_whatshappening_2017.pdf

This is now set up for parents to use, so when signing up please ensure you choose the Summers Victoria Street account.

Trip and Visits

Angela from Abricabeats will now be joining us on a Thursday morning for this term. Angela offers opportunities for dance and drama, helping the children develop their confidence, whilst exploring their creative side.

We have continued to visit our Wee Green Space area which has provided lots of natural play for the children. It also offers opportunities for children to take responsibility, for example risk assess activities, develop problem solving, and show respect for the environment. Wee Green Space visits are only possible with weather appropriate clothing, so please make sure you provide clothing for all weather.

We have visited the Fairy Gardens of Maud this term, which was just outstanding. We read the clues for each fairy house so we were then able to find the next one. This helps the children develop their literacy.  We enjoyed a hot chocolate and a story whilst sitting on a giant toadstool, and then finished off playing in the park which was made of all-natural materials and loose parts.

This term all children in their pre-school year will be invited to the Christmas panto at His Majesty's theatre in Aberdeen. An alternative trip will be organised for the ante pre-school children.

0-2 room

The babies have been enjoying role play in their kitchen this term with their new food and cooking materials. Role play is important for young children, helping them gain an understanding of the roles of people around them. The staff have been getting lots of food "cooked" for them and lots of pretend "cups of tea" made. They have also enjoyed imaginative play with the dolls, proving to be very caring little people.

We learnt about animals we may see at the zoo, doing different arts and crafts which involve a variety of skills, to create a lovely wall display, including cheerio giraffes, painted elephants and collaged lions. These skills have all been used to improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. We also placed the animals in the sand and water trays.

We continue to change around the small world toys to encourage imagination. Children have loved participating in play with the garage, planes and most of all, the spaceship.

There are some free drawings displayed where children have drawn with pencils, encouraging the start of developing their pincer grip.

We are just starting our autumn project as the weather takes a dramatic change. Children have already made acorns using oats and cotton bud printing to create autumn trees with falling leaves.

2-3 room

We have continued to learn about colours, and now that the children have a good grasp of colours, we decided to mix some colours together to make new ones. We put liquid paints into bags and mixed them up together, and some very beautiful colours were created.

Children loved listening to the Rainbow fish story which led to the topic of Under the Sea. They used cutting and gluing skills to create a collage rainbow fish.

We were able to find out about other creatures that live under the sea, such as jellyfish, turtles etc with the use of Google and factual books.

Children have been learning about food preparation and were given the opportunity to bake some cakes for the Fun day. Baking encourages simple science, maths and turn taking skills.

Ring games have been very popular this term. Children are enjoying being part of a group and are learning lots of social skills whilst working together.

Please note the Toddler room bags and jackets are stored in the box in the hallway at the front door at the beginning and end of the day when Toddlers are with the Babies.

New Show and Tell dates are displayed at the front door, on the Toddler door and on Face Book.

3-5 room

We have had such fun learning about fairies this term. We created our own fairy garden, caring for the grass.

When arriving at the Fairy gardens, the fairies had left us a letter and therefore we wrote back, developing the children's writing skills.

We created a little fairyland in our house corner which included many things that helped develop the children's imagination, including wands, dressing up clothes, wings and much more.

When we visited the fairy forest there was a castle ruin in the next field, and this encouraged our next project of Castles. We have enjoyed building castle structures with wooden blocks, encouraging children to problem solve and use measuring materials.

We have added measuring jugs and funnels to the water tray. Children have developed their counting skills by counting how many small containers of water it takes to fill a big one. This is the beginning of early addition and subtraction.

As always, the drawing table has proven very popular, offering a great deal of drawing materials, and materials that can be used for sticking and cutting. The children can be really creative and are often the instigators of what becomes popular throughout the room that day, for example, we have made beautiful crowns and horse tails, as well as watches.

We are currently appealing for anything that could be added to our natural resources. All natural materials welcome, big and small.

All three age groups will be looking at autumn this term as the world around them changes in line with the weather.

Kind regards

Claire Drennan

Nursery Manager

01224 209966



Dates for you Diary

  • Tuesday 3rd October- Tempest Photography
  • Week Commencing 9th October – Stay and Play
  • Tuesday 31st October – Halloween Party
  • Monday 13th December – Ante pre-school visit to the Lemon Tree 
  • Thursday 14th December – Pre-school visit to the panto
  • Monday 18th December – 3-5 Room Nativity
  • Thursday 21st December – Christmas Parties
  • Friday 22nd December – End of term (nursery re-opens Monday 8th January)

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