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Term 2 Newsletter

Term 2 Newsletter December 2016

Dear Parents/Carers

We are fast approaching the end of another term and what a term it's been.

We have a few new children and families started with us and also a couple of returning families back with some new babies. All the families are settling in well.

Staff Changes

We are so happy to welcome Bobbie back to nursery after returning early from maternity leave with wee baby Niamh, settling well into the baby room.

Staff Training

The three girls currently studying their level 3 (Rachel Patterson (0-2), Natasha Cuthbert (2-3) and Rachel MacDonald (3-5)) are all producing high standards of work. All three girls are proving to be enthusiastic about their qualification.

Charmaine and Erin are continuing with their BA in Childhood Studies. It's a huge commitment for both girls and I continue to wish them luck whilst offering help and support where possible.

Many of our staff have also been taking part in day courses including, continuing Building the Ambition in Depth, Wee Green Spaces and Pre-birth to three training.

Trips & Visits

The pre-school room have been enjoying their weekly visit to the green at the bottom of Victoria Street. Children have shown great amounts of responsibility by taking part in risk assessments making them aware of safety, and there is a wealth of opportunity for the children in the grass area including, mathematical knowledge by measuring, problem solving when building, using their local community, respecting the environment and much more.

The 2-3 room visited Dizzy Rascals, where they had a fabulous time. Many of the children and staff had barely recovered by the next day with the use of so much energy. Trips to these areas help the children to develop their gross motor skills, improving balance and body control.

Angela from Abricabeats has been visiting weekly. At the request of one of our parents, a video has been put on the ILD. You will see for yourselves how much the children are engaged throughout the lesson and how much fun everyone is having.

There are many trips and visits to be enjoyed throughout this Christmas term, all of which are in the section "Dates for your Diary". Dates have also been put on the face book page and backed up with all required permission slips.

Care Inspectorate

We have now had our Inspection. We are absolutely delighted to announce that all the areas of our nursery were judged to be "Very Good". My staff and I work exceedingly hard to ensure you and your children receive the best opportunities, and for that to be recognised by an external agency is always very gratifying. I thank all the parents who took part in questionnaires as well as talking to the Inspectors on the day.

I would like to point out that the Inspectors were particularly impressed with the standard of staffing throughout. I am aware my team are a central part to our success and would like to thank them for their dedication and professionalism day after day.

The Inspection will be available for public viewing shortly, and I will also be displaying this in the front hallway.  

Improvement Plan

The Improvement Plan of 2016-17 is going well, and both areas featured highly in our Inspection.

Improvement Area 1 - Transition Procedures

-       The transitions are going well. We are making a real effort to ensure children and parents are better prepared for the change throughout the whole session and not just the move itself.

-       Children have enjoyed having staff visit from the other room before the big move, giving them a familiar face to turn to when they go through for visits.

Improvement Area 2 – Making Use of our Local Community

Erinhas now attended the Wee Green Spaces training and we are hoping she will be able to visit one that is in full use in the near future.

We have contacted the council to approve the area we visit. They are big supporters of the Wee Green Spaces scheme and so far it appears promising. We will be joined at our next visit with a representative from the environmental department. If we are able to be allocated a space then we will receive more support from the local Ranger. Meanwhile much fun is being had getting muddy!

We are focused on the educational side of the outdoor play with use of natural materials as mentioned above.

Interactive Learning Diary (ILD)

Each child has personal information on their ILD. If you are having any problems please contact me and I will assist you. The ILD has been a massive asset to the nursery, allowing parents to remain fully up to date with children's development and activities they have taken part in.


We are delighted with the turn out on our annual BBQ/Fun day. The weather let us down a bit but all in all it was a good day with a great profit raised for the Sunrise Partnership. The Sunrise Partnership helps children who have had a bereavement or significant loss in a variety of ways throughout Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.

We managed to raise a final £1302.04 at Victoria Street, and altogether over the five nurseries, we made £5205.16, so many thanks again for your worthwhile support and contributions to this charity throughout the year.

We are now collecting raffle prizes for our annual Christmas raffle to raise funds for parties.

Pixy Treasures

We are just awaiting arrival of our first batch of pixy treasure bags. The bags are £5 each.

Bags will be sold on a first come first served basis. I have attached a copy of the proof with the order form.

Policies of the Term

Our policies of the term this term are;

  • Starting Nursery and Room Transition Procedure
  • Student Placement Policy
  • Health and Safety


These policies are displayed in the front vestibule for parents to read and comment on if required.


We ask that all parents provide weather appropriate clothing for outdoor play. Fresh air is an essential part of growth for all children. We ensure that all children who are equipped for outdoor activities get a chance to take part.  Please note for children who are going on the walks, it is important to provide clothing that you are happy to get muddy. The children love the experience of the mud slide but it's only possible with your assistance. It would also be beneficial to provide thick, warm socks as welly boots are often not warm enough.

All children must be provided with a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes. Could parents also ensure their children's clothes are clearly marked with their name.

Changes to Personal Details

Please can you make sure that the nursery is made aware of any changes to your personal details so that we are able to contact you. Forms are available from the office if you require to change any of the information we hold. Please note all parents should have confirmed and signed off their contact details form as part of our bi-annual check.


All tempest orders are here. If you have not received yours then please come to the office to collect it.


Keep an eye on facebook to keep up to date with 'show and tell' dates, daily menus and other news.

Please note we will continue to use the website to keep you up to date if you do not have facebook.

Children's Play & Development

As always, we have continued to offer the children a wide variety of activities throughout the term:

0-2 Years

A couple of the baby parents have recently come forward with some fabulous ideas for our planning, including ice play. We used different textures of ice and different colours, and the children really enjoyed it, even though they had cold hands with slushy ice and hard ice.  It allowed the staff to introduce new descriptive language to the children.

We were also given the idea of using kitchen roll in different coloured paints. This created some wonderful pictures and encouraged the babies colour knowledge, so please keep the ideas coming.

We have enjoyed lots of winter walks in the buggies. The children thrive on the fresh air provided and get lots of opportunities to talk about what's happening around them. Buses are very popular with our babies, and they love seeing all the big buses driving past.

The soft blocks have been well used this term, and the children like to jump from one to the other. The blocks allow the children to develop their gross motor skills; they are good at balancing and show a huge amount of trust in the staff catching them as they jump.

2-3 Years

The 2 year old children have enjoyed many different topics this term, including Halloween, Transport, Fruit and Diwali, to name just a few.

They had a great time during a drama experience where they all pretended to be a different type of transport in the garden.  There were lots of cars, buses and aeroplanes being impersonated. The children were able to develop their gross motor skills and control.

Some great arts and crafts have been created; my personal favourite is the robin red breasts that were brush painted. The children copied a picture of the robins and some really looked realistic. Have a look at the boards in the room to see our robin red breasts.

The children participated in helping to carve the pumpkin for Halloween. We scraped all the inside out and then played in it. The children used good descriptive language to describe what they were touching including "gooey, sticky and smelly"

We have enjoyed lots of fruit tasting, as well as using the opportunity to discuss the health benefits of eating a good, balanced diet. Children showed a good understanding of eating well.

'Show and tell' has proved very successful this term in the 2-3 room. Children have developed in confidence as they have spoken about their own items from home.

3-5 Years

We learnt about Remembrance Day this term because the children had been talking about their parents having poppies. It was good for the children to learn an element of history and a small amount of current affairs. Children observed the two minute silence on 11/11.

Recently, we spotted a small bird's nest up in the trees at the Wee Green Spaces area and this started a discussion about birds, and how we could help them throughout winter as they struggle to find food. We then went onto make some bird feeders for the garden which have been attracting a small number of birds for us to observe. This then led onto learning about hibernation. Many children have been able to identify with this through having their own little hamsters.

Children are continuing to develop their knowledge through letters of the week, and they learn about things that start with that letter, how to form the letter correctly and look at putting letters together to form simple words.

The children in the pre-school room have a strong knowledge and understanding of simple literature through the use of a variety of material around the room including newspapers, magazines, fact and fiction books, displays etc.

Children in all rooms will be focusing on Christmas stories, crafts and songs throughout December, and remember in December we like to see lots of Christmas jumpers and t-shirts throughout.

Kind regards

Claire Drennan

Nursery Manager

01224 628862



Dates for your Diary

-      5/12/2016 – 3-5 children – visit old folks at Ruthrieston House


-      8/12/2016 – Pre-school Panto


-      12/12/2016 -Ante Pre-School Trip- BA Stores


-      14/12/2016– Christmas Lunch

-      20/12/2016 – 3-5 Nativity


-      22/12/2016 – Christmas Parties


-      23/12/2016 – Christmas Holidays – Nursery will close at 6.00pm on Friday the 23rd of December 2016 for 2 weeks


-      09/01/2017- Nursery will re-open at 7:30am