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Term 2 Newsletter

Term 2 Newsletter – December 2018  

Dear Parents/Carers

We are nearing the end of another term. We have had lots of new families who have joined us this term. We look forward to getting to know everyone.


Since the last newsletter, we have promoted Karina to Assistant Room Leader in the 3-5 room.

We have employed three new staff members throughout the nursery, including:

Laura Donald in the 0-2 room. Laura has joined us from another nursery and is well on the way to completing her level three training. Laura will continue to study her qualification with her external assessor through Summers.

Louise Thompson has joined our 2’s room. Louise is starting out in childcare, and has had lots of practice helping out with her younger siblings prior to joining us.

Amy Wilkins has joined us from another private nursery. She has started her training and will be transferring it to Summers. Amy has joined the pre-school room.

We look forward to working closely with the new girls as they settle into Summers.

Staff Training

Hazel is continuing her BA in Childhood Studies. She has just submitted her first study skills project.

Karina and Megan are continuing to work through their Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) level 3 Social Services (Children and Young People).

Some staff have attended First Aid this term, and staff will also take part in Child Protection training on Monday 3rd December.

As part of our annual development plan, all staff took part in internal Schema training on Tuesday 27th November.

To add to one of our annual development plans, senior staff will be taking part in their SSSC (Scottish Social Services Council) badges in mentoring. Both Tegan and I have successfully completed SSSC badges this term.

Training is based on needs to cover core training and/or staff interests or weaknesses. All staff take part in 60 hours over a five year period as part of their registration with the SSSC.  

Unexpected Absence

In the event of your child being absent unexpectedly from nursery, please ensure that you contact the nursery prior to the session, or at the latest by 10.00am for morning sessions or 2.00pm for an afternoon session. This saves staff having to call you each day to see if your child is attending. It allows for the preparation of food, staffing and outings.


2018, as ever, has been busy raising funds for our chosen charity. We have had one last push through our Christmas Fayre. The total raised was £717.47, which is a whopping total. I would to thank everyone who has contributed to the charity events over the whole year. We are confident as a company that we have raised a significant amount for the very worthy cause that is “Befriend A Child”  

We have also enjoyed a ‘sing a long’ this term. Everyone paid for a ticket, with profits going to “Befriend a Child”. The 2’s and the 3-5 ‘s all enjoyed performing their favourite songs.

Once we have collated all the totals for 2018, we will let you know the final total for the nursery, as well as the grand total for all of the nurseries together.

Policies of the term

The policies of the term are:-

  • 10. Child Protection
  • 12. Food Safety Management


Parents can view our policies in the hallway.


Please remember that your child is expected to be provided with weather appropriate clothing at all times to allow for outdoor play. Children should enjoy fresh air and natural experiences all year round to promote their play and learning.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for all up to date information, including menus, daily activities, ‘show and tell’ dates and much more.  You can find us at Summers Victoria Street.

Questionnaire Results

Thank you to everyone who completed our annual questionnaire. We handed out 93 questionnaires and 38 were returned (40%). We have had a lot of positive comments, with 95% of the parents agreeing that the overall quality of service their child receives is either Excellent or Very Good, with 65% percentage agreeing that it is excellent.

As always, the parents are so complimentary about the staff. Statements included:-

  • The ladies are always so friendly, helpful, approachable and reassuring.
  • We feel they have made a real effort in helping him settle at nursery
  • Good balance of skills and attributes in the room, the nursery assistants are very caring towards the children
  • Excellent, wide range of skills and experiences. All very caring and professional.
  • I think they are all fab! You can tell they care for the children and go the extra mile to do what they can for them. In my opinion it takes a special person to do that job and I couldn’t be happier with the team.  

Any development areas will be displayed on the ‘you say, we did board’, which is positioned just in front of the door leading through to the baby room.

Development Plans

We have set up three development plans for 2018-19 which are displayed on the notice boards throughout the nursery, also in the hallway, half way up the stairs.

Plan 1

Plan 1 is about Leadership and Management of the nursery. It has been agreed that we would set up a mentor and mentee system within our team. This will encourage good practice throughout, allowing staff with specific skills to be passed on to others in the team. The impact of learning should be evident throughout the ILD’s (interactive learning diary) as children continued to be cared for with a large skill set.

Plan 2

Plan two focuses on schemas. We have created a schema board to try and encourage staff and parents to develop their understanding of schemas. Schemas help us organise and process our thoughts and feelings. Knowledge and understanding of schemas allow parents and carers a better understanding of how children approach their play and what lessons can be learnt through various behaviours.

There are nine types of schemas which include trajectory, rotation, transporting, enveloping, enclosure, positioning, orientation, connection and disconnection, and core and radial

Take a look at the board in the vestibule to fully understand the different schemas. Understanding your child’s play can be a good way of becoming involved and develop learning.

Plan 3

Plan three continues to focus on Heuristic play as we continue to introduce more ‘real life’ equipment into the children’s play. With real life equipment, children can further develop their imaginative skills.

The children are enjoying the use of the china tea set which was slowly introduced and fully risk assessed by staff and children. Taking part in their own risk assessments allows the children to measure risk, which is hugely beneficial throughout their whole lives.


Summers Nurseries are now signed up to receive Tax Free Childcare Vouchers, so when looking, please select Summers Nursery at Victoria Street as provider.

www.childcarechoices.gov.uk  www.childcarevouchers.co.uk/Documents/CCV_whatshappening_2017.pdf

Please remember that all payments made direct to Summers Nurseries bank account should be referenced with the use of your child’s name to ensure successful, easy allocation.

If your child is entitled to funding, please ensure their form has been submitted to guarantee it is discounted from the appropriate invoice. Children receive funding in the term after their third birthday.

We have now distributed our second month of invoices using our new billing system. This month has certainly gone smoother than last, proving that in time the system will be beneficial. We thank everyone for the patience that has been shown to us at this difficult time.

The new billing system also includes other features that allow us to easily send blanket emails, as well as many other communication functions that we will gradually introduce.

Trips/ Visits

We are happy to have Angela from Abricabeats return to the 3-5 room this term on a Thursday at 3:50pm. We alternate the days Angela attends each term to ensure all our children in the 3-5 room get a chance to experience the dance and drama she has on offer.

The two’s room visited the aquarium in Macduff this term. We had a great day, which included meeting all the sea creatures, as well as hearing a lovely story where children were able to hold props. We then went off for a windy walk to Macduff town hall, where we had our picnic lunch, and the children got the chance for a little run around the hall, and sing a song on the stage.

We will be going to BA stores in Kintore with our ante pre-school children on 18th December, where we will get to see Santa and find out if we are likely to make the nice list this year.

The pre-school children who will be starting school next year are off to the pantomime to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at His Majesties Theatre on the 12th of December.

Trip days in the 3-5 room vary throughout the year to allow for all the children to experience at least one trip.

Please note, you will have received a separate letter with permission slips if your child is involved in any of these trips.

We are also continuing to enjoy our wee green space on a weekly basis. The wee green space allows for lots of gross motor development, alongside natural and imaginative play, whilst also giving the children an opportunity to measure risk.

Learning Experiences

As always, our themes can be dominated by our annual calendar. This term has included Remembrance Day, Diwali, Guy Fawkes, Halloween. There has been lots of learning through play for all ages of children throughout a wide variety of themes.

0-2 room

This term, the babies have enjoyed learning about My Body. Throughout the project, children used a book called hop, skip and jump. The children loved copying the book to move their bodies, which supported the development of their gross motor skills, as well as helping to introduce simple literature.

Staff drew the shape of a head for the children to add the facial features into, using pencils. We had some really interesting faces, and lots of the children have now got well developed pincer grips.

We enjoyed baking some short bread biscuits, which encourages simple science and maths. Children help to measure ingredients and blend them together, before the staff pop it in for cooking. Baking also allows for quality interaction with lots of language.

We have enjoyed learning about autumn this term, and the children had great fun in the sand tray searching for leaves that had been buried. They used the spades to dig through the sand and find all the autumn coloured leaves. When we added the buckets, the children loved sticking the leaves into their newly made sand castles.

Children have continued to be encouraged to use the peg puzzles. Often, children work together on the puzzles, and this encourages sharing skills, as well as language skills, and development of fine motor skills.

The boys and girls have loved lots of sensory play, including playing in a big tray of shredded paper, with lots of fun throwing it everywhere. It was a new experience for many and a good way to take part in messy play for those who are sometimes a bit reluctant to get in a mess.

We have new whiteboards fitted in the garden and the children have really enjoyed the opportunity of creating pictures with the pens, and rubbing them out again.

There have been loads of arts and crafts taken place to celebrate Halloween and Guy Fawkes. The children have used a huge variety of materials to create some amazing pictures, including glitter pictures, sponge painting, collaging and much more. Take a look around the room to see all the wonderful crafts created.

We are currently learning about animals.

2-3 room

In connection with our trip to the aquarium, we have very much enjoyed creating many sea creatures in a variety of different ways. Children have enjoyed water play with sea creatures, exploring different textures and colours throughout the project. They have also enjoyed lots of fishy stories that have encouraged the development of some fairly colourful language. We heard a story all about sea creatures at the aquarium, which included visual props, keeping the children engrossed, as well as developing their counting skills.

The two’s room enjoyed learning about healthy eating this term, which included learning the names of lots of different fruits. Children talked about where fruits come from, and were introduced to new descriptive language as they took part in fruit tasting.

Children made a checklist stating what they liked and what they didn’t like. Making a check list introduces simple maths to very young children, and with the use of their own data, helps children to understand very simple addition.

We are learning lots about autumn, and the children particularly enjoyed leaves buried amongst the sand. Children created lots of arts and crafts, and many had the supervised use of scissors. For some, this is the first time they have experienced scissors. Children were successful in snipping the edges of the paper.

We obviously loved Halloween and Guy Fawkes, with lots of activities, and crafts being created.

3-5 room

The children continued to enjoy a project about mini beasts this term. A particular favourite was a mini beast checklist. Children were asked questions about the check list and ticked “yes” or “no” accordingly. Questions included “Does it have legs?”, “Can it Fly?” etc. Children collated all their data, giving them an understanding of both simple purposes of literacy, as well as numeracy and maths.

The children used technology, including books and ipads to explore how to describe different minibeasts. We found out that mini beasts are either insects or arachnids, and we looked at the differences between each. We then decided which mini beasts were insects and which were arachnids.

Due to buying some new traffic lights for the room to be added to our construction area, children had a discussion about road safety. This led us on to how we keep ourselves safe in different environments. The children participated in creating a new set of golden rules for the room. Everyone had an influence in the rule making and everyone has done a great job following them.

Courtesy of one of our parents bringing the staff some sweets to celebrate Diwali, we enjoyed a Diwali party. Diwali is the festival of light, so children enjoyed creating holders for candles using playdough which was then baked.  We also really enjoyed learning to dance in a traditional form that would be used to celebrate the festival.

Children showed a good understanding of Remembrance day. They were able to openly discuss the meaning behind the poppy, as well as showing some appreciation for the poppy itself, painting some of their own.

We, of course have enjoyed loads of different arts and crafts whilst learning all about Halloween and Guy Fawkes.

All the children will be focusing on Christmas for the remainder of the term. We have got a lot to create to ensure everyone has something to take home for their parents.

We will of course be learning the Christmas story in the 3-5 room, as well as learning the story of St Nicholas. Some of the children recently got the opportunity to go carol singing for the elderly people at Short Loanings.

My team and I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes.

Kind regards

Claire Drennan

Nursery Manager

01224 628862


Dates for your Diary

December 12th – Pantomime visit to Snow White

December 14th – Nativity

December 18th – B A Stores trip for ante pre-school children

December 21st – Christmas Parties

If your child is involved of any of these events you will receive a letter prior to the event.

The nursery will close at 6pm on Friday 21st December and will re-open on Monday 7th January at 7.30am after the Christmas break.

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