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Term 2 Newsletter

Term 2 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to all the new families who have joined us over the term. As always, it has been a busy term with lots of fun and learning throughout.

Staff Changes

Bobbie and Kirsty-Anne are both going off on maternity leave at the Christmas break. We wish both girls good luck and look forward to welcoming another couple of Summers babies into the family.

Faye Glennie from the pre-school room will be taking over from Kirsty-Anne while she is on maternity leave. Faye has been with the nursery for many years and has lots of leadership experience to share with her new team.

We are currently interviewing to replace the various positions and will keep you updated with information as soon as we know how we are planning to re-structure.

Relief staff who have joined the team include Kari and Rheagan, who are studying to become primary school teachers, and Maria, who is a qualified Nursery Nurse.

Staff Training

There has been lots of staff training this term due to the new training book being released by Aberdeen City Council.

Some of the training has included:

  • Observation and Assessment Skills
  • Introduction to the Autist Spectrum
  • We need to talk about Jo
  • Introduction to the Curriculum for Excellence
  • Child Protection

I have also attended a two day training course offered by Scottish Autism in the aim to obtain a Level 2 qualification in Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 

Both Karina and Kirsty are currently applying for further qualifications.

Kirst-Anne has taken a short break from her SVQ Level 4 training, but plans to continue this throughout her maternity leave.

Staff must obtain 60 hours continued professional development (CPD) over a five year period to ensure they satisfy the requirements of the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

Questionnaires/Improvement Plan

Thank you for completing our annual questionnaire. We are happy and proud to be able to announce that 95% of people graded the overall quality of the service as excellent or very good, and the remaining 5% agreed the service was good. As always, the main point that comes across in the questionnaires is how the staff in the nursery are very much appreciated by both parents and children. We work hard to create and maintain a healthy, happy environment for the children to enjoy being part of, and we appreciate the positive comments.

Comments included:

“The ladies are friendly, respond well and with care to my daughter. She loves them all and they all feature in imaginative play at home!”

“All are professional, friendly and approachable and knowledgeable about our child and his development”

“Fantastic! Our child always talks highly of them which reflects positive and secure relationships”

“love them!”

The purpose for collecting the information is to identify areas of development required and add these to Improvement plans, providing an improved standard to the children in our care.

Areas for improvement suggested in the questionnaires include:

Plan 1

Interactive Learning Diary (ILD)

We have re-issued account details to all parents who had not yet registered with the ILD.

We have decided to add an activity that children have participated in throughout the day onto the ILD’s, so you are aware of what your child has taken part in. This will be an additional comment and not allocated as one of their developmental observations.

We will be continuing to develop the information we add to personal observations in regards to the health and wellbeing. We intend to try and involve the older children more in their personal ILD’s, for example suggesting that they might want to add photos or specific achievements.

Plan 2

Problem Solving and Investigative Play, including heuristic play

Ensure the children are offered a variety of materials that would encourage open ended play in connection with loose parts documentation that has been offered by the Scottish Government.

Encourage play in a real world context using materials that have been upcycled to encourage imagination.


Since our last newsletter, we have raised funds for Thomas, our sponsor child from Senegal by offering a take away coffee and buttery service on Friday 13th October.

We raised £83.10!

We have had our last charity event for Barnardo’s, our Christmas Fayre. This was held on Saturday 25th November. Thanks to everyone who came and to all those who donated raffle prizes, and all the staff who gave up their personal time to raise money for such a worthy cause.

We will be informing you soon of the grand total that Summers Nurseries have raised over 2017 in aid of Barnardo’s.  Barnardo’s is the UK’s largest children’s charity, helping and supporting children in poverty, child carers and much more. More information can be found out at www.barnardos.org.uk

Policies of the Term

Our policies of the term are:-

·         Policy 4 – Confidentiality

·         Policy 14 – Infection Control

·         Policy 25 – Additional Support Needs

Please feel free to read policies and comment further, they are displayed in the front vestibule.


Stay and Play

Thanks to all the parents who came to Stay and Play. Responses where mostly positive, and to improve next year, it was suggested that it may be beneficial to introduce parents to the older children as they come in, in order to settle them whilst having other adults visit the room.

Tax Free Childcare

Please note we are now fully registered with the UK’s government tax free childcare scheme.  For more information on the scheme please go to www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

Changes to Personal Details

Please remember to keep your child’s details up to date including any medical issues he/she may have.

There are forms available at the office if anything needs to be changed.  We will continue to update these with you biannually.


Information will be displayed on the front door advising parents of actual confirmed/suspected infectious illness if present in the nursery. Please inform us of any illness your child has, and follow the required exclusion period.


We ask that all parents provide weather appropriate clothing for outdoor play. Fresh air is an essential part of growth for all children. We ensure that all children who are equipped for outdoor activities get a chance to take part.  Please note, for children who are going on walks, it is important to provide clothing that you are happy to get muddy. The children love the experience of the mud slide but it’s only possible with your assistance. It would also be beneficial to provide thick, warm socks for welly boots so your children’s feet are warm enough.

All children must be provided with a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes. Could parents also ensure their children’s clothes are clearly marked with their name.


Keep an eye on facebook to keep up to date with ‘show and tell’ dates, daily menus and other news.

Please note we will continue to use the website to keep you up to date if you do not have facebook. Search - Summers Nursery.

Children’s Play & Development

As always, we have continued to offer the children a wide variety of activities throughout the term:

Trips and Outings

Angela from Abricabeats has been attending on a Thursday mornings this term.

Children are being fully encouraged to take part in all creative play to increase confidence and have an opportunity for exploration.

Our Wee space is still being visited weekly and in this weather is becoming increasingly muddy, which just makes for more fun. The environment allows for lots of open ended play in a natural environment.

The ante-pre-school children will be visiting BA stores in December where they will get to meet Santa and get a ride on the sleigh (tractor).

The pre-school children will be visiting His Majesty’s theatre to see the panto, Aladdin, oh yes they will! See Facebook and the attached dates for your diary to remain up to date with all the information needed.

0-2 Years

The babies have enjoyed lots of autumn activities this term; we had some lovely orange playdough that the children used to explore textures and to mould. The playdough was made by the staff, with help from the children, who were able to assist with simple measurements and also with the mixing of the ingredients.

We have enjoyed lots of spooky arts and crafts for Halloween using a variety of material, including paints, collaging and gluing.  The party was fabulous; everyone made a real effort with their costumes.

The children have had a really keen interest in dance, which was particularly fun, especially when we had lots of spiders and pumpkins doing it. Dance allows the children to express themselves, well, and also encourages the development of gross motor skills. A particular favourite dance is ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’

We enjoyed creating some lanterns for Diwali. Diwali is the Hindu festival of light. It is important to introduce children to different cultures at an early age for them to have a good understanding of the world around them.

We learnt a little about Guy Fawkes and made some brightly coloured paintings to represent fireworks, using paints and glitter.

As requested, we would love for all the babies to provide photos of their families to add to the family tree. Some of the children really enjoy looking at the pictures of their families and it provides a connection between home and nursery.

2-3 Years

The children in the 2-3 room have enjoyed learning about Space this term. A particular favourite was playing with rockets in the water (filling them with water) and plastic stars. The children enjoyed counting backwards for the rockets to blast off.

We have been doing some ‘sticky kids’ music and movement, which is beneficial for the development of gross motor skills and control, as well helping to improve communication skills, where children have to listen to the instructions and follow them.

There has been lots of puzzle work, with children showing lots of progression, moving on from peg puzzles to jigsaws, increasing their problem solving skills.

The children in the 2-3 room loved learning about fireworks and Guy Fawkes. They spent time making a little pretend fire, and after some investigation, they proved to have an excellent understanding of their own safety and the safety of others. Children were warning each other that the fire was hot and they would need to be careful!

‘Show and tell’ has been popular this term, helping to build children’s confidence; we have had lots of different things taken in. ‘Take in something blue’ was very popular. There were lots of wonderful toys to be spoken about, including Sully from Monster Inc., Igle Pigle, Thomas the Tank, a balloon, and much, much more. By having an object that belongs to them from home, they are able to connect nursery with their home lives. They can show a sense of ownership and this provides them with lots of confidence to be able to share their thoughts and feelings with their peers.

3-5 Years

Children showed a good understanding of Remembrance days. They designed and made their own poppies, showing an understanding of wearing poppies for people who had fought in wars.

We learnt about weather. There were lots of questions posed by the children that needed answering. We managed to carry out experiments and investigations to answer questions, including “Why does it rain”, “What is thunder” and “How fast is wind”. We investigated the water cycle and now have a good understanding of rivers, rain, evaporation and much more.

Before moving on from weather, we looked at what would be appropriate to wear to ensure we stayed dry. Children enjoyed dressing up in their appropriate gear, encouraging independence and life skills.

We collected rain water and took turns to record the amount of water that was collected. Children are developing simple addition skills, as well as writing and number recognition.

Halloween was great fun. We had a party where everyone got dressed up. Children developed fine motor skills, colour knowledge and pattern making, creating their own jewellery and decorations using Halloween beads and stickies to make the room all spooky.

The fireworks were enjoyed by the children. They were all excited before attending, and many used good, descriptive language to describe their experience. Children used chalks and glitters to create firework effects. We focused on safety too, and the children then developed a bit of understanding regarding the fire fighters and people who help us.

We have been learning the story of “The Princess and the Pea”. Children have enjoyed the story collectively and individually. We set up beds and piled them up to see when we might feel something underneath. Reading traditional stories is a nice way to bond with children. Traditional stories often carry a moral that children can remember and that may influence their future learning. They are not only fun, but also help engage the children’s imagination and gain another understanding of literacy.

Children in all rooms will be focusing on Christmas stories, crafts and songs throughout December.

Remember in December, we like to see lots of Christmas jumpers and t-shirts throughout.

Kind regards

Claire Drennan

Nursery Manager

01224 628862



If your child is involved in any of the dates below, you will have been informed in writing. Please note all children are invited to attend their Christmas parties. Babies who do not attend on a Friday should be accompanied by an adult.

Dates for your Diary

5/12/2017 – BA stores trip

7/12/2017 – Performing Carols for the Old Folks Home

13/12/2017 – Panto trip

15/12/2017 – Party Day

19/12/2017 – 3-5 Nativity

21/12/2017 - Performing Carols for the Old Folks Home

22/12/2017 – Nursery Closes at 6pm and re-opens 7.30am on 08/01/2018

We hope you all have an amazing Christmas and my team and I look forward to welcoming you back in 2018!