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Wee Green Space

Wee Green Spaces is a project to enhance the children's experiences and learning through off-site outdoor play. At Summers we have found our own "Wee Green Space" for the 3-5 room to use nearby the nursery. This space has been risk assessed by staff and children will also risk assess the area. We aim to take 6 children once a fortnight during am and pm sessions to explore and play within our "Wee Green Space." is may mean the children will get muddy and wet so we would appreciate if your child is appropriately dressed on their day to go. The nursery does have waterproof trousers we can provide. When at the space we will take a snack and some hot chocolate, we will also ensure the children have running water and soap and access to a toilet. Each parent/carer will receive notice when their child will be going to our space. Any further questions please do not hesitate to ask or click on the link below to read more about the impact that these experiences have on the children:


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