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Newsletter Term 2


Term 2 Nursery Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers

We are fast approaching Christmas, and the colder weather has now replaced the very warm summer we have had.


Thank you to everyone who attended our Coffee Morning on Sunday the 23rd October and donated to this event. We managed to raise £612.65 for our yearly charity – Sunrise Partnership,which is a free and confidential service available to children up to the age of 18 throughout Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire which aims to help children and young people deal with significant loss or bereavement.

Overall, Wee Rascals Too raised £1141.15 for the Sunrise Partnership, which we are all very pleased with, and the total for all of the Summers nurseries raised was £5205.16, so many thanks for your generous support and donations with all the events throughout the year.


Steph, Rachel, Lana and Allana all continue working towards their level 3 and are doing really well.

Claire and Alana have also attended 'Grow Well choices' training this term.

Trips, Visits and Christmas Parties

The Pre-school Busy Bees Term 2 trip will be on Wednesday the 7th of December for all children who will be going to school in August 2017.  It will be to His Majesty's Theatre to see Dick McWhittington.

All Ante pre-school children and the Cheeky Monkeys who attend nursery on Friday the 9th of December will be going to B.A Stores to visit Santa.

The Cheeky Monkeys who attend nursery on Friday the 9th December will also be going to B.A Stores.  Individual letters with details and permission slips will come to you in due course.

Angela of Abricabeats continues to visit the Busy Bees on a Tuesday at 2.15pm throughout Term 2.

The Busy Bee room Christmas party will be on Monday the 19th December.  All children are invited and it will be from 2.00pm – 4.00pm.  Garry Seagreaves the magician will be joining us as well as another special visitor.

The Little Bunnies and Cheeky Monkeys will be having their party on Tuesday the 20th December between 2.00pm and 4.00pm.  Angela from Abricabeats will be joining the party for a Christmas themed dance session!

The Busy Bee Nativity will be taking place on Wednesday 21st December in Kintore Church. All parents are welcome to come and watch, it's a lovely way to end the year.

Facebook and ILD

You were recently invited to provide us with feedback on how you feel our Facebook page is going, so I am pleased to say the feedback received is all positive. Included in the feedback were comments asking to see more pictures of the children and details of what they get up to during their day at nursery.  However, in order for us to continue to maintain the privacy of the children on Facebook, we would prefer to use your child's privately accessible interactive learning diary to place photos of them doing various activities. Here you will find up to date observations, documenting your child's learning journey, as well as photographs.

Improvement Plans

In the past week, we have finalised our numeracy Improvement Plan. We are now moving onto develop literacy throughout the nursery, indoors and outdoors.  We are still working on our Eco-school Improvement plan in order to achieve our Silver award.  We are looking for loose parts to recycle and use in our garden.  If anyone is able to donate items such as tubes, cable reels, pallets etc, then that would be greatly appreciated.


The Little Bunnies have covered a variety of topics this term. They learned about Peppa Pig; a perfect excuse to jump in the muddy puddles and paint pictures of Peppa and her family. They then moved onto learning about 'People who help us'; they used the signs in the garden for a zebra crossing and put together some emergency jigsaw puzzles. As the weather began to change and the afternoons got darker, the Little Bunnies began learning about Autumn, enjoying lots of walks to collect leaves.

The Cheeky Monkeys have been busy learning about 'Senses.'  They took part in various activities such as blow painting, sound lotto, tasting hot and cold foods and textured paintings all in order to develop their senses.  This then led the children onto learn about 'My Body.'  They learnt some body part songs, took part in a Zumba class, created a height chart and discussed different parts of the body.  There was lots of fun throughout Halloween carving pumpkins and dressing up.  This then led swiftly onto Bonfire night. The children had been to see fireworks and staff responded to the children's interests by creating colorful firework pictures.

The Busy Bees thoroughly enjoyed the Doctors topic.  The role play area which was turned into a surgery was especially popular.  The children took to the roles of doctors and nurses, and used the doctor's equipment and first aid resources during their play.  They were keen to learn about Halloween and Bonfire night which resulted in lots of spooky and colorful arts and crafts activities.  The children have now moved onto learning about 'Seasons.'  This was developed after a discussion about Christmas time and when in the year it happens.

The staff continue to take into account the children's ideas and interests and in response to this they plan topics around them!

Policies of the term

Our Policies and Procedures for this term are:

Policy 8 – Dealing with challenging behaviour

Policy 10 – Child protection

Policy 19 – Toilet training


These policies of the term are displayed in the main hallway close to the front door. We would appreciate any feedback once you have reviewed the policies.


Our website gives lots of information to keep you up to date, so please visit   www.summersnurseries.com  for all the current Wee Rascals Too News.

Dates for the Diary

Wednesday 7th December – Pre-school trip to HMT

Friday 9th December – Cheeky Monkey and ante pre-school to B.A Stores

Monday 19th December– Busy Bee Christmas Party

Tuesday 20th December – Little Bunnies and Cheeky Monkeys Christmas Party

Wednesday 21st December – Nativity play

Friday 23rd December – Christmas Lunch

Friday 23rd December at 6.00pm – Nursery Christmas closure for 2 weeks

Monday 9th January 2017 –Nursery re-opens at 7.30am

Kind Regards

Nicola McKinlay

Nursery Manager

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