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Term 1 Newsletter

Term 1 Newsletter – September 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to the start of a new academic year. We have lots of new families to welcome to Summers, and we can't wait to get to know you all.

Lots of the children have moved on to the next age groups, so we hope you are all enjoying your new rooms.

Staff Changes

We have welcomed Steph and Stephanie this term.

Steph Wood has joined our 2's room replacing Kristina while she is off on maternity leave. Steph has worked for our sister nursery in Kintore for the past two and a half years.

Stephanie Reidford has joined our pre-school team. She has been an employee of a pre-school team at another private nursery for many years. Both new members of staff have years of experience with their chosen age groups and are both fully qualified Nursery Nurses.

Lavanya has emigrated due to her husband's career, so we wish her and her family all the best for their future.

Staff Training

Rachel Paterson and Natasha Cuthbert have now completed their SVQ Level three qualifications. Both girls have shown determination and dedication throughout their studies.

Staff have attended training this term which has been offered by the Voluntary Services Agency (VSA). The training focused on the development of observations in relation to individual educational plans.

Training applied for this term includes:

  • Play Games, Think Fit
  • We Need to Talk about Jo – Helping Families to understand and get on board
  • The Adult Role in Playwork
  • Common Induction

Improvement Plan

We are about to create our new annual Development plans. We create plans to ensure the nursery is continually developing and progressing to always offer a high standard of care and education. Parental and staff annual questionnaires, inspection reports and quality assurance reports from Aberdeen City Council will all be taken into consideration before plans are agreed and displayed.

Interactive Learning Diary (ILD)

The ILD's are becoming increasingly popular. It is fabulous to see what the children have been both learning and enjoying while they are not at nursery.

We identify next steps for all children so you can always see what stage your child is at in different areas and how you can help them progress to the next stage.


We will be having a take away coffee and breakfast roll morning on Friday 13th October to raise funds for Thomas, our sponsor child from Sagal. Orders can be placed in advance to prevent any waiting around before starting work. Ask around the office, it's all for a great cause.

This year we will be holding a Christmas fayre to raise funds for Barnardo's. We have all been supporting Barnardo's throughout 2017 and all five summers nurseries have raised impressive amounts so far. The day will be held on Saturday 25thNovember and will consist of raffle prizes, stalls, lucky dip, tattoos, a Santa's grotto and much more. Please see Kirsty or Claire if you are interested in holding a stall. All donations are welcome at the office for raffle prizes, so please give generously to help the children in need.

Policies of the Term

Our policies of the term this term are:-

  • Policy 12 – D and F – Health and Safety –Health, Illness and Emergency/  Exclusion
  • Policy 13 Fire Prevention and Control
  • Policy 15 Food and Nutrition Policy

These policies are displayed in the front vestibule for parents to read.

Changes to Personal Details

Please can you make sure that the nursery is made aware of any changes to your personal details eg telephone numbers, address' etc. We do have forms at the office if you require to amend any of the

information we hold.

Tax Free Childcare

In April 2017, the UK Government launched its tax free Childcare scheme, which will replace existing voucher schemes. These close to new entrants in April 2018, although existing membership can continue forwards from this cut-off date. Information is available to parents at the following websites:-www.childcarechoices.gov.uk


This is now set up for parents to use.

Stay and Play

We encourage parents to attend our annual Stay and Play event. This allows you to spend time with your child in the nursery environment, giving you the opportunity to watch how they socialise with their peers and of course the staff that care for them on a daily basis.

We try to be as accommodating as possible whilst not disrupting the routine of the room and also not disrupting individual children. Please complete the attached slip if you wish to attend Stay and Play throughout week commencing Monday 2nd October.

Children's Play & Development

Find out what we have been learning about over the summer season below.

Trips & Outings

Pre-school room

Angela from Abricabeats will be attending this term on a Thursday afternoon. Dance and drama helps children develop their creativity, imagination and confidence whilst continuously developing gross motor skills and control.

Children are developing and analysing risk, enjoying and appreciating natural materials and making full use of their surrounding community by continuing to use our Wee Green Space on a weekly basis. Please note all children who visit the space should be provided with weather appropriate clothing.

The pre-school room enjoyed a visit to Hoodles last term. We had great fun using all the physical equipment and the staff were all treated to a well-earned coffee whilst the children enjoyed their healthy snack. The children will be visiting the Fairy Gardens in Maud in October. The Fairy Gardens develops literacy understanding as the children follow written instructions to get from one house to the next. There is a magical feel in the forest as the children enjoy a story, having hot chocolate and cake as they sit on the giant toadstools, before playing in the park created with only natural materials.

Babies have been on lots of walks around the local community throughout the summer months.

The children benefit greatly from the fresh air and they often manage to enjoy their snack in the shaded parts of Westburn Park.

0-2 Years

The bubble machine has proven very popular this term. Children have enjoyed chasing the bubbles, both indoors and out, and it's always popular when we do this whilst dancing to music.

We play a game called "What's in the box", where children sing a song related to the item that is chosen from the box. This is always great fun! Children sit intensely waiting for their turn and gleefully join in with different action songs throughout. This activity has a great benefit for concentration and vocabulary.

Our supervised activities in the sand tray this term have included filing it with many weird and wonderful textures, including polystyrene, pasta, rice, shredded paper and much more. Children love to explore different textures and experiment with what the textures are capable of, for example using moulds with the different materials.

We did a little work on colour mixing using the stickle bricks. Children were introduced to painting with primary colours using the stickle bricks and this progressed by mixing the two or more colours together.

The babies have enjoyed lots of group art and craft activities, including sponge painting, brush painting and hand printing. Children are encouraged to work together as part of a group, as well as given one to one time with staff.

In the coming term, children will do lots of activities about Autumn, and Christmas of course.    

2-3 Years

The children have been learning about colours this term. They have done lots of painting activities, including painting with balls and string, as well as learning about colours with different items, where the children sorted them into different groups, as they identified them.

We then progressed onto an activity which allowed children to focus on hygiene. The children washed the little ponies in the water tray. They used face cloths and then brushed their teeth, installing a good understanding of staying healthy.

The children have enjoyed baking cakes this term, developing their mathematical skills. Baking also develops turn taking skills and hand-eye coordination….and of course they tasted yummy!

We have enjoyed learning about summer, including having a summer picnic which included lots of summer fruits. We have talked about the different tastes and individual likes and dislikes. We made a chart with all the information.

The children came to nursery in their short and shades which was very sweet, but also allowed them to take something from home and talk about their shades to their peers.

The children enjoyed some party games which helped develop their gross motor skills.

There have been lots of play with the train track this term, so children have enjoyed some solitary and parallel play by building the train track and moving the trains around. Children are encouraged to take part in play that allows them time to problem solve as a team and on their own. The pre-birth to Three, Respect, 3 states children should "have the opportunity to participate and enjoy a range of experiences"

This term we will be learning about the Jungle, voted by all the parents this time!

Please have a look at our floor book for information and photos on previous topics.

3-5 Years

The 3-5 room have learnt a lot about staying healthy this term. Their health projects have included activities around food, personal hygiene and healthy eating habits. They enjoyed taking part in yoga which encourages an understanding of installing healthy habits from the very beginning that can be continued throughout life. We have planted some of our very own rhubarb in the garden that is coming along nicely and should be ready for tasting in the near future.

We have learnt lots about animals this term, including both jungle and farm animals. The children enjoyed creating farm pictures that they used to sing along with, creating a little Old McDonald sing a long show.

Our house corner was turned into a small farm shop. It contained many pretend fruits and vegetables for sale, again reiterating a healthy lifestyle. Changing a house corner into a realistic shop encourages good role play skills, an understanding of a community and provides literacy and numeracy opportunities. Children use money to buy goods, giving them a good understanding of counting, which is a focus area for early maths

All the children were fully engaged and engrossed with a visit from Farmer Jenkins, who told us all about how the farm works. He took in some animal feed and talked to us about how and when all the animals are fed. This was reinforced with some hay that was provided by Dexter's mum, who has lots to feed her horses with.

We welcome any parents who have interesting hobbies or jobs to please pop in and tell us all about it.

There has been lots of learning about jungle animals this term through the progression of farm animals and household pets. We have learnt lots of weird and wonderful facts about animals, all of which can be found in our floor books in the room. Please take a look at the floor books. They are both factual and highly entertaining, with direct quotes from the children.

Parents have been observing the Show and Tell rules by allowing their children to take something from home on a specific day. Show and Tell gives the children the opportunity to discuss something they know lots about. It connects home and nursery life together and builds lots of confidence in a large group situation.

Our next topic will be weather. We will as always find out what the children already know, and what they might like to know about. Keep an eye on the learning wall to see the progression of knowledge.

Kind regards

Claire Drennan

Nursery Manager

01224 628862



Dates for your Diary

-      Week Commencing Monday 2nd October – Sat and Play

-      Thursday 4th October – 3-5 Room trip to Fairy Gardens

-      Monday 9th October – Photo Day

-      Friday 13th October – Take away coffee to raise funds for Thomas

-      Tuesday 31st October – Halloween Party

-      Saturday 25th November – Christmas Fayre

-      Wednesday 13th December – Panto for pre-school children starting school August 2018

-      Friday 15th December Christmas parties

-      Tuesday 19th December 3-5 Room Nativity

-      Friday 22nd December – End of term for Christmas holidays – nursery re-opens Monday 8th January 2018