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Term 1 Newsletter

Term 1 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers

We hope you all had a fantastic holiday over the summer. We have been lucky enough to enjoy some sunny weather recently which has allowed us to play outdoors even more than usual.

There have been a number of new families join us over the summer and we would like to welcome you all. We hope that you are settling in well and look forward to getting to know you during your time at Summers Nursery.

Staff Changes

Unfortunately Fiona Brown has decided to leave the baby room due to a long term illness. Fiona was only with us for a short period of time and we will miss her lots; she was an asset to our team.  We wish Fiona a speedy recovery and hope to see her back at Summers once she has regained full heath.

Kasia Kobyra from the 0-2 room has left to continue her career with another nursery.  We would like to wish Kasia and her little girl Lenka good luck in the future. They will be missed by all, and we hope they stay in touch.

Staff Training

Rachel Patterson (0-2), Natasha Cuthbert (2-3) and Rachel MacDonald (3-5) are continuing to work hard on gaining their SVQ level 3 qualification. The girls are carrying out a number of assignments and meeting with their assessor once a fortnight for learning and development.

Congratulations to Charmaine Conway who passed her second assessment in her BA - Childhood Studies. Erin Barnes has also been accepted onto a course at Aberdeen University starting her studies this semester. 

Many of our staff have also been taking part in day courses including, Building the Ambition in Depth, How Good is Your Early Learning and Childcare, Food Hygiene and Infection Control.

Trips & Visits

The 3-5 room had a fantastic time at Satrosphere Science Centre when they visited on 5th August. They especially enjoyed a bubble show in which the children got to go inside a giant bubble. The children also learnt about sounds and vibrations through live experiments.

As part of our improvement plan for 2016-17 we have chosen to work on outdoor play. As part of this project pre-school children have been doing weekly walks to various local grassy areas and parks. We have selected an area close to the nursery which we will be visiting weekly. We have already carried out a risk assessment of the area and are appealing for equipment that may help us with our natural play during the outings. Particular items we are looking for would include scraps of tarpaulin or old rope with which we can build hide-outs.

On Thursday 20th October the 2-3 room will be taking a trip to Dizzie Rascals play centre in Laurencekirk. The bus will be leaving the nursery at 9am so could parents ensure they have their child here by 8.30 at the latest. The bus will be back at nursery for 4pm.

Christmas trips are currently being planned. The pre-school children will be doing the traditional trip to His Majesty's Theatre, where we will be watching Dick WcWhttington…………OH YES WE WILL!

The children in their Ante Pre-School year will be visiting BA stores at Broomhill Farm in Westhill. BA stores offer a visit to a traditional Santa's grotto.  Information with dates will follow.

Unfortunately due to Miss K's family and work commitments it has not been possible for her to join us this term. Instead we have arranged for Angela from Acracabeats to join us. Angela has already provided dance classes for the children throughout Miss K's maternity position. The children really look forwards to Angela coming when they are able to enjoy many different experiences through music and dance. In doing so they are developing concentration, balance, coordination and timing.

Stay & Play

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our annual "Stay & Play" sessions. We really enjoy the opportunity to show you what your child does throughout the day and for you to see how they interact within the nursery setting. We are of the view that hosting the sessions with the Babies towards at the end of their daily session was a considerable improvement as this new arrangement avoided the children becoming distressed if parents left after spending time with them in the nursery setting.

Thank you for completing evaluations and as always we will continue to explore ways to improve and develop this activity by taking into account any reasonable parental suggestions.

Annual questionnaires

We have now had the opportunity to evaluate all the annual questionnaires which have been returned to us and would like to thank everyone who completed one. All of our staff have been touched by the kind words expressed by you as parents. We all work hard to ensure we are continuously developing our service to maintain and build on the high standards we set ourselves – it is most heartening that it is apparent from the questionnaires that our efforts in this regard are recognised by you as parents.

97% of parents rated the overall quality of service their child receives as excellent or very good. This is a very satisfying result, but we still aspire to 100% !!.

Comments from parents included:

" Staff are all very approachable, friendly and informative"

"Overall the nursery is one of the best nursery I've seen. Very organised and very welcoming every time you visit. My son loves his nursery and is always smiling. We couldn't have picked a better nursery.

"The story corner is well stocked and readily available for the children".

"I feel like the learning opportunities in the 3-5 room are great, my child have grown and thrived since moving to the 3-5 room".

There was not any one specific area for development highlighted by more than one parent at a time. However our senior team have taken steps wherever possible to address any issues that have been raised by individuals.

We have selected two areas for our improvement plan of 2016-17:

Improvement Area 1 - Transition Procedures

We are looking to develop our transition planning both between rooms and from home. Erin and Claire have been studying the publication "Building the Ambition" and have used this learning to further develop our understanding of attachment and the importance of key workers. We intend to cascade this learning throughout our team to ensure the whole family feels the benefit of improved transitions. Our new ideas include:

-       Designing a form for parents to complete detailing any information that families feel could benefit the next room in getting to know about individual children.

-       Appointing a Transition Coordinator for each child – this will usually be the child's first key worker - having someone in place from the very beginning will help parents and children to feel reassured.  This person may not always be the child's key worker in the longer term but would initially be responsible for ensuring that the transition goes as smoothly as possible and that every support is given to the child during this period.

Improvement Area 2 – Making Use of our Local Community

We are looking to increase our focus on the use of the local community for natural play. To facilitate this Erin will be attending "Wee Green Spaces" training in November and we have already applied to Aberdeen City Council for natural resources to use in this project and have also purchased all the things that we initially need.  The children have assisted us in carrying out risk assessments so they are able to identify risks that they need to be aware of and take steps to mitigate them.


Following on from the success of last year's fun day we again held a sililar event this year on Saturday 1st October from 10am till 1pm. There was a bouncy castle, raffle, face painting, hair pleating, home bakes stall, a BBQ and much, much more.

The event was very well attended and all profits will go to the Sunrise Partnership who support bereaved children in and around Aberdeen. For more information go to www.sumrisepartnership.yoslite.com

Many thanks to all who attended and to those who donated raffle prizes – they were gratefully received.

Policies of the Term

Our policies of the term this term are;

  • Nappy changing, toileting and potty cleaning procedures.
  • Transition to Primary 1.
  • Manual handling
  • Open door policy


These policies are displayed in the front vestibule for parents to read and comment on if required.


We have been particularly lucky with the weather lately and have had a marvellous summer. Please continue to provide weather appropriate clothing, bearing in mind that colder days are approaching and it is essential we have appropriate clothing to allow your children to go on outdoor activities including walks and the use of the garden. We also ask that we be provided with wet suits for all the children.

All children must be provided with a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes. Could parents also ensure their children's clothes are clearly marked with their name.

Changes to Personal Details

Please can you make sure that the nursery is made aware of any changes to your personal details so that you are always contactable. Forms are available from the office if you require to amend any of the information we hold. Please note all parents should have confirmed and signed off their contact details form as part of our bi-annual check.


Tempest photography will be visiting the nursery on Monday 24th October. Times will be allocated in the near future.


We are really pleased with your response to our new Facebook page and hope you're finding the weekly blog interesting and helpful.  We have now started to advertise daily menus as well as show and tell information.

Children's Play & Development

Each of the rooms has been undertaking a variety of planned activities to meet the children's needs and spontaneous activities relating to the children's interests;

0-2 Years

We have been taking full advantage of the weather by going out for lots of walks to the local parks, and having lots of picnics when we are out and about.

We have taken part in lots of exploratory play allowing the children to experience a wide variety of textures.  A parent used our suggestion board to recommend ice play. This was popular with some of the children but not so much with the staff who did not enjoy having cold hands! The children were really intrigued as the ice melted becoming very cold water.

We have been loving lots of bubble play using small machines purchased by Charmaine so the children can make their own bubbles.

We have enjoyed some simple Olympic play, which has encouraged physical activities including some running in the garden.

The parents have been invited to provide their children's favourite stories to allow us to enjoy them with them during nursery.  Links between nursery and home are important and the children are loving showing off their stories to their friends.

2-3 Years

The children in the 2-3 room have gained lots of experiences through learning about the Olympics. In doing so they enjoyed taking part in obstacle courses in the garden and also had a full sub-project on "My Body".

They enjoyed learning about each other's holidays. The Children each spoke about their own holidays and they enjoyed play with the buckets and spades in the sand tray whilst creating many summer pictures including ones made with coloured ice.

The children have enjoyed participating in a variety of dancing activities which encourages their listening skills and their ability to follow instructions. The children are constantly developing their gross motor skills – for example by using the large soft blocks.

We are looking forward to start our transport project, when plan to make junk models and use paint and toys cars to compare different tracks. This activity will also be used to develop colour knowledge.

3-5 Years

The 3-5 room has enjoyed learning about the Olympics too; they did a bar graph as the Olympians won medals. They became really patriotic and enjoyed watching the UK ones adding up.

The Olympics was the perfect opportunity to look at different countries. We learned about different cultures and all the flags of the countries involved in the Olympics.

We have recently had some snails in the nursery; they were really interesting to watch when they were not hiding in the tank. We liked being able to watch the trails they left as well as seeing when they would come in and out of their shells.

We are currently studying Aberdeen City and have created a city map on our wall display printing with a variety of blocks. We have looked on Google maps and street finder at various types of housing around the city including our own houses. We are using the project to develop the children's knowledge and understanding of 2D and 3D shapes.

We will all be celebrating Halloween next.

Kind regards

Claire Drennan

Nursery manager

01224 628862



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