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Summer Newsletter

Summer Newsletter July 2017

Dear parents/carers

We have got to the end of yet another academic year. It has, as always been really busy and enjoyable. We are going to miss all our boys and girls who have gone off to school. We wish them and their families the best of luck for the future.

Welcome to all our new children, and as usual at this point in the year, there are lots. We are all looking forward to getting to know all the families.


We are happy to welcome back our summer relief staff. All of them have worked with us previously, with the exception of Maeve. Maeve is currently studying primary school teaching.

Kayla, Holly, Emma, Luda and Khadiza have all worked for Summers before, either throughout holidays, and some throughout term times as well. Khadiza has been away in Edinburgh for the past few years but is returning to Aberdeen to embark on her studies.

Kristina will be leaving to have her baby on September 1st. Rachel MacDonald is also going to study at Aberdeen college, as she starts doing her Highers with the hope of moving on to study primary teaching. We are currently interviewing for both positions and will keep you posted. We wish both the girls the best of luck as they embrace two very different futures. We can't wait to meet baby Smith!

Trips and visits

The 2's room visited MacDuff Aquarium this term. It was brilliant; the children loved looking at the fish. The trip caused a real stir, before and after, with the children now having a real keen interest in sea life.

The 3-5 room did a last minute dart to Hoodles on Friday 30th June. Great fun was had by all, particularly the staff who were promised a free home bake.

The children made full use of the equipment, as did Sally, our mature staff member who found muscles she hadn't exercised for a year or two.

Trips are hugely beneficial to the children. It allows for the exploration of their local community, as well as helping children assess new risk for themselves with guidance from the staff. Many children love going on the bus, as for many, it's not their usual mode of transport.

We have continued weekly visits to our wee green space, as well as a weekly visit from Angela of Abricabeats.

Trips are arranged on different days throughout the year, and we make sure that all children in the pre-school room attend at least one trip in the academic year.


All funding applications should have been returned by now. If your child is in his/ her pre-school year, or is 3 years old before 28th February 2018 then you have an entitlement to funding. Please see me if you have not been given a form.

Pre-birth to Three Evening

We held our annual Pre-Birth to Three evening to give parents a better insight as to what their child does at nursery and why it is important. Wow, what a turn out! Lots of new families who are just starting with the nursery showed up and an informative evening was had by all.


Well, what can I say about Graduation. For all who attended, I don't need to tell you it was emotional for staff (particularly me), parents and even some children.

Hazel and the team put on a great performance with the children in a beautiful setting. The singing was simply outstanding and the poem created by the team was just perfect to sum up each and every child that graduated this year.

Graduation feedback was very positive, and all feedback is taken on board and considered for future ceremonies.

Parents Evening

Thank you to all who attended our annual Parents Evening on the 28th of June.

The feedback from the Evaluation forms was fantastic, with 100% of parents agreeing that they would attend future parent's evenings. Most evaluations expressed strongly the enjoyment that parents have felt when meeting with their child's key worker and receiving detailed feedback on their child's development.

The cheese and wine was a big hit too! It is wonderful to see our hard work appreciated with such kind responses.


We held our annual Sports day on the 3rd June along with our St Swithin nursery. A big thank you to all who attended and especially to those who took part in the races. The staff volunteer their time to hold this event, so attendance from parents is hugely appreciated.

There was lots of competition with Frankie and Geogie's dad taking 1st place in the most prestigious annual event of the dad's race.

We raised a whopping 430.90 collectively on face painting, snacks, tattoos and lucky dip. The sponsor forms collected raised a massive 650!! All proceeds will be donated to Barnardo's once all the annual charity events are complete.

Policies of the term

Our policies of the term this term are;

  • Policy 4 Confidentiality
  • Policy 14 Infection Control
  • Policy 24- Whistle Blowing Policy

These policies are displayed in the front vestibule for parents to read and comment on if required.

Stay and Play

We will be arranging a 'stay and play' week in the near future. It will take place in September which will allow parents to come and see their children in the nursery environment.


We are continuing to ensure your child's safety throughout summer through providing sun cream of factor 50 to protect their skin, as well as continuing to keep their fluids high with water breaks out with snack and meal times. Please ensure we are provided with weather appropriate clothing and a hat.

All children should have indoor and outdoor shoes.

Change of details

We have recently been through all personal contact details. Please remember it is important to be contactable whilst your child is at nursery, and therefore it is essential we always have up to date details. We would also emphasise that it is the parent's responsibility to inform us of any changes and additional information regarding their child's personal details.

Staff training

Rachel Patterson and Rachel MacDonald have now both completed their level 3 training and are now qualified Nursery Nurses.

Natasha Cuthbert is continuing her SVQ level 3 and is very close to completion.

Staff have also been taking part in day courses including: first Aid, Infection control, Dealing with challenging behaviour and much more.

Interactive learning diary

We have been having increased success with parents signing up to use the Interactive Learning Diary (ILD). To ensure you remain up to date with your child's development, registration with the ILD is essential. Management can provide new details for anyone who requires them.

We love seeing the pictures of your child at the weekend. Any learning experiences shared with us on the ILD can be developed further by nursery staff.

Holidays and Leavers

Let us know if you're taking holidays, it's a massive benefit for the nursery to create staff rotas that reflect how many children are expected that day. It also allows staff to take their annual leave.

Please note it is essential to provide us with a four week, written notice period for any child leaving the nursery to guarantee return of your deposit.

Children's play and development

Each of the rooms has been undertaking a variety of planned activities - to meet the children's needs and spontaneous activities relating to the children's interests;

0-2 room

Lots of time this term has been spent exploring the local community. We are taking full advantage of the fine weather by heading out in the buggies and often having some lovely picnics on route.

The babies got some new Peppa Pig books that have proved to be a real hit. The children really can concentrate well when reading books, both in a one to one situation and at group times. The familiar characters keep the children engaged. Story books offer excellent opportunities for language development.

We have enjoyed loads of creative play using lots of different painting techniques that allow children to develop their fine motor skills as well as exploring different textures and materials.

Of course, everyone created a fabulous Father's Day Card. They were amazing, and for lots of Daddies in our Baby room, it's the first of many to come.

It's been a busy time as many of our babies are turning two and we have welcomed lots of new families over the past month. It means it's a wee bit noisier than usual, but only adds to the fun.

We have been, and will continue to learn about summer. The children are introduced to simple changes throughout the environment as the season changes. We have been creating a beach display and making some pictures with sand.

2-3 room

The two's room are enjoying learning about summer and we are reminding the children of the importance of keeping safe in the summer sun. This has progressed to learning about holidays. The room is filled with lots of summer displays for parents to see, including some very messy foot painting that has taken place.

Children have been learning about the flags of different countries, some of which the children have visited. It is an excellent opportunity for children to start having an understanding of the world, and different cultures and communities live that may be very different form them.

The children are big fans of using the "ladies" pens, so lots of pictures have been produced in biro. This encourages a well developed pincer grip as well as encouraging simple mark making with some children already showing an understanding of the purpose of writing. Literacy development is continuously worked on as the children look at stories daily with staff as well as always being available throughout free play times. We have recently purchased some new audio books to provide times of relaxation throughout the day.

3-5 room

The 3-5 room have been focused on their Graduation and the transition to school. Children are well prepared for their next stage as we have talked about schooling, and many have visited schools, and lots of teachers have been to visit us.

We have continued to learn about summer, which has now progressed to farm animals. Children are learning lots about the life cycle throughout the topic, showing a good understanding of eggs, as well as participating in making their own eggs and retrieving them from our 'chicken coop'.

We made cows udders using vinyl gloves filled with milk. The children have shown an excellent understanding of where their own foods come from now.

Some of the children have a keen interest in time. Many have mastered the understanding of o' clock and half past the hour. This is another way that numeracy is introduced to the children, installing an understanding that numeracy can be used for many different purposes throughout their world.

We will continue to learn through the children's personal needs and interests as we collectively choose our topic for the start of the next academic year.

I wish you all a wonderful summer and look forward to taking on 2017/18.

Kind regards

Claire Drennan

Nursery Manager

01224 628862



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